Casey Neistat Reviews Lufthansa First Class

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers (his videos collectively have well over a billion views). Even if you’re not into YouTube, you may remember I’ve written about him a couple of times before. I shared the video of him complaining about how American took away his comped Concierge Key status, and also his incredible video review of Emirates first class, which might be the best unpaid advertisement they’ve ever had.

I think Casey’s videos are sort of lost on many who haven’t seen his stuff before, but the more of his stuff I’ve watched, the more I’ve enjoyed his videos. He’s incredibly relatable, and you can’t help but share in his excitement. While he has been a very successful YouTuber, CNN acquired one of his companies recently for ~$25 million, in hopes that his expertise can help capture a younger and different audience than they’re used to.

Anyway, that’s not really the point of this post, though. Instead, a couple of days ago Casey uploaded a video to YouTube about his experience in Lufthansa’s 747-8 first class from New York to Frankfurt. Based on what he says in the video, it appears he was on a paid business class ticket and upgraded to first class with miles.

While he seems to literally sleep from takeoff until touchdown, the video is still super fun to watch, as it takes place largely in the lounge and on the ground. Lufthansa’s lounge in JFK is quite nice, and it includes a Business Lounge, Senator Lounge, and First Lounge.

Here’s the video, for anyone who is interested:

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Lufthansa first class, so I’m happy to see when others are enjoying the product as well.

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  1. Casey is entertaining and fun to watch, but is as relatable to the average person/traveller as much as you regular travel blogger paying for Aman hotels and Etihad Residence.

  2. Steve: you get someone to pay for your travel in D, C or J booking class and then you use the star alliance upgrade tool (can be done with LH own M&M or can be done with various other miles – like UA MP)

  3. He missed out on the caviar! Or at least he didn’t want to look too snooty by including that in his video.

    The real big surprise here: Wesley Snipes can still afford international first class!

  4. “He’s incredibly relatable…”

    Really? I’m happy to say that I had never heard of this guy before watching this insipid video. I now feel so dirty. And I have an irresistible urge to hunt down one of these youtube pseudo-celebrities and stick his head in a toilet bowl.

    Relatable? This guy is as annoying as that LA douche on Lucky’s Lufthansa flight. He’d be my nightmare premium class cabinmate. He, anything named Kardashian, one of those horrid Housewives, a screaming brat, screaming brat’s parents, the wife of an African dictator, anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” tee shirt.

  5. I just wish to see the video of BA FA Stuart serving Casey in F. I follow your blog not only for its original format but the way you include family and friends feels inclusive and genuinely affectionate.

  6. Bunch of haters in these comments. My favorite part was that Wesley Snipes is a fan of Casey!

    I also think he did FC the right way. If you have good dining and drinks at the airport, you should use that rather than eating so-so food on the plane. Use the fairly short JFK-FRA flight to relax and sleep instead.

  7. I’m with the haters — relatable? Not for me. My honest gut reaction is to feel fortunate I’ve never come across this person so far, and that as annoying as the video is, I now know who he is so I can studiously avoid him.

    If I see him coming I’ll be running the other way or maybe asking to have my flight rebooked. Honestly, he looks like he’s about to hold up a sign to the plane window saying “WINNING” before having a possibly fake drug meltdown / rehab admission for publicity purposes.

    There’s a serious lesson to be learned here: the cultural gulf dividing people who appreciate this kind of vapid z-list celebrity worship and people who are riled by it goes a long way to explaining different attitudes towards crews and service. Read Lucky’s reviews and people’s comments: people from different cultures see things very differently and there is often no “right” way to do things (although having said that, I just feel that behaviour like that in a lounge would be unacceptably bothersome to most other people — surely it isn’t OK?!).

  8. Yeah, Casey is totally relatable!

    Like any guy flying to the south of France…

    In Lufthansa First Class…

    With supermodels and movie stars…

    I could relate more to the Sultan of Brunei.

  9. I watched his Emirates review. And the only thing I remember about it is that he was wearing ridiculous sunglasses the whole time. And I see that he has those on his head, above. So, I. Just. Can’t. BrIng. Myself. To. Watch. This. No way. Are sunglasses indoors his thing? Don’t answer. I don’t want to know. The Emirates video was more than enough for me.

  10. No need to rehash all of this yet again but I do find it funny that last time Lucky had no idea who Niestat was and dismissed him out of hand. Now he is fawning over him.

    He has nearly 8 million subscribers, like it or not he is a bigger star then
    most “movie stars” and certainly more relevant.

  11. I liked it! Thanks for posting. His dress is a little casual… but it was still worth watching to see what Lufthansa offers.

  12. What is interesting to me is that he is perhaps the least “telegenic” video persona imaginable, even though he has a certain charismatic intensity. I doubt anyone would hire him to do what he does and yet he seems to thrive and certainly is a successful You tube presence. I think it is great that more democratic outlets such as You tube and blogs, etc. enable less likely “stars” to emerge and thrive.

  13. Casey may dress very casually but he certainly has the money to afford whatever he wants in life. He has his own style and personally I find him very entertaining. I love the level of snobbery from people on this blog. He isn’t just some youtube overnight celebrity, he is actually a creative movie maker who just happened to be able to use youtube to his advantage. I like Lucky but, ya’ll are a bunch of snobs sometimes.

  14. This guy is insipid … having him on a flight with me would make me feel dirty. The only way it would get worse is if he were to be a Kardashian. If this makes me a snob, so be it …..

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