The Cheapest Swiss First Class Fare I’ve Ever Seen

Over the past few years we’ve seen airlines introduce more discounted premium cabin fares. This trend has primarily impacted business class, while in many cases international first class has continued to be outrageously priced. However, there are a few exceptions, as some airlines have even started publishing excellent first class fares, at least on a promotional basis.

Swiss has a fantastic first class product, and it’s also one of the toughest first class products to book with miles. Ordinarily only Miles & More Senator members can redeem miles for Swiss first class, while it’s not bookable for non-elite members, and those who have miles with partner programs.

Last year there was a brief period where Swiss first class was bookable with partner airline miles, so I managed to fly Swiss’ 777-300ER first class from Zurich to Los Angeles, which was a great experience. However, that’s extremely rare.

With that in mind, nowadays the best way to book Swiss first class is to just find a discounted fare on them. Swiss offers a decent number of discounted first class fares, and I’ve written about them in the past. However, at the moment they have some of the best companion fares I’ve ever seen.

If originating in Brussels and traveling with a companion, Swiss has roundtrip first class fares of under 2,000EUR per person to destinations like Beijing, Dar es Salaam, Delhi, Dubai, Mumbai, Muscat, and Nairobi. Those are some fantastic fares that can be issued through June 29, 2017, for travel between July 1, 2017, and January 15, 2018.

It’s not often we see international first class fares of under 1,000EUR one-way, so that’s pretty incredible. Business class fares are good as well, largely under 1,200EUR roundtrip.

Booking one of these will allow you to use Swiss’ excellent first class lounge in Zurich, which is one of my favorite in the world. It’s stylish, has a beautiful outdoor terrace, an incredible restaurant, and best of all, private bedrooms.

These are the nicest bedrooms you’ll find at any airport, in my opinion.

Availability with these fares is exceptional, so you should more or less have your pick of dates if taking advantage of this offer.

Anyone plan on booking a Swiss first class fare using this great companion offer?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)


  1. When business class is 4 euros cheaper than economy… ideas where to credit for status run?

  2. Swiss and Lufthansa first classes usually give quite good miles on any of *A partners.
    So choose whichever will make you closer to elite status, and Miles and More is always a good option, to redeem later for another Swiss first 🙂

  3. LX’s flight out of Beijing has a terrible schedule. It departs roughly before 7am. So You probably need to arrive at the PEK airport before 5:30 to check in and clear immigration.

  4. In January it was possible to book Swiss First Class round trip from Warsaw to JFK for around ~2200USD for summer holidays 🙂

  5. Note that on those routes, only the A340 and A330 are used. So it’s not the same product as in the 777.
    Beijing is the best of all those offers as it gives you the most miles and it’s on the A330.

  6. Sale Fares also available ex-LON for a couple of hundred pounds more.
    HKG and BKK also valid from London.

  7. That’s a good deal, especially it’s going to shanghai and Beijing, too bad Singapore is not on the list…

  8. Really wish there were some good premium fare sales that weren’t all companion fares. None of my friends share my points/miles hobby, and I tend to get comments of “You’re so brave!” when I book trips to places outside the US…..

  9. One note, the companion fares are usually fully locked in, no changes and no cancellations . Swiss also has a great deal on business from YUL to NRT these days, 3700 CAD RT or 2800 USD. They have pretty good deals every now an then. I paid 2200 CAD for a business ticket to Berlin last year through ZRH.

  10. I learned from LH Upgrade-chart, that it is possible to upgrade from a P-Fare C-Ticket to First with miles. Not on LH but only with LX! Which is kind of unlogic, as you can’t book First on LX with miles (unless you are HON, not Senator).
    So for those who are keen to try LX First in the future, a good C-Fare will also get you there.

  11. It is a very good deal in F but mind that PEK and PVG are usually operated with a 343, which has a VERY old F class product which is not even comparable to F on the 77W. In this regard, if it is not for the miles, C might offer better value.

    It is a different story with the 333 operated routes where F is much better but still not as good as on the 77W.

  12. Swiss business class may be better than nearly any US based first class offering. great product and service.

  13. So does that mean we may be seeing another review of SWISS First come around? And with Ford this time too?!

    And aren’t HKG and BKK operated by the 77W? If so, then they get the latest F Product. There’s some decent fares ex-LON and ex-MAN I’ve found, which are all under the promotion. It’s only a shame about European Business Class, but I’m sure that others agree on that front too!

  14. All very well but how do I get a good 2 x business or first class fare from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, flying out mid-Janurary, returning late March ?. Should I wait for a Thanksgiving sale or book now ? .
    I see I can get good fares to Singapore or Hong Kong etc. but then it costs almost the same again to from there to Oz.
    Is the my best option to find a good fare ?.

  15. If you want to fly Swiss first or business and you live in Switzerland, the best option is to always start the trip in MXP (Milan, about 280km away). You will fly back to ZRH, but you will pay at least half the price most of the time if you had flown directly from ZRH. On the way home, just say you want to pick your bags up in Zurich.

  16. SWISS First is an unbelievable product.
    If you live in Switzerland and want to fly with SWISS First or Business class, always start the trip in Milan (MXP). About 280km away from Zurich.
    You will have an extra trip over the Alps (not a bad view if it’s nice weather), and you will pay 50% less than if you had started your trip in Zurich.
    On the way back home, just say you want to pick you bags up in Zurich instead of Milan.

  17. Agreed on the Milan fares. They regularly has insane specials for C and F. Also, remember that you can upgrade lower fare business class tickets with M&M points, but you have to pay an extra 20k miles per segment. So it does take a lot of miles to upgrade.

    I’m just hoping the A340 retrofit will be completed before June 2018 for NRT as I has a business trip there.

  18. Hi Ben or anyone else who knows,

    Do any of the routes under this promo operate using LX’s 77W which is from my understanding their best F product ?


  19. Having been on all F products, I would simply avoid the A340. The 777 is just an evolution of the 333. There are actually some things I prefer on the 333 in F.

    Most of the quoted routes operate the 333, I don’t think any operate the 777, on a regular basis anyways.

  20. Yes, none are 777s. Beijing & Shanghai are usually A340s. The rest are 333s.
    777s are used for the following Swiss routes:
    San Fran
    Hong Kong
    Bangkok (sometimes I think but not sure)
    Miami (more 777 flights in the Northern Hemisphere Winter)

  21. Hi Zvi,

    seems to be over – was up to June, 29th!

    While searching for the first class flights………I saw that they had same fabulous prices for business class (eg. BRU-PEK at EUR 1.200 !!) – that’s really amazing.
    Finally did not book……was too tight between June, 27th (publ. by lucky) and the final booking date June, 29th.

    But I hope to get more of that kind of tariff information – be it for STAR ALLIANCE or also SKY TEAM (my favourite alliance).

    From time to time the airlines do such offers (could already pick some of them with LH and CHINA SOUTHERN – also KLM)………but you don’t always know about that special offers, unless you are searching all of the airline websites weekly.


    That’s why we are all following ONE MILE AT A TIME….

  22. Thanks, Martin.
    I somehow missed the 29th of June deadline.
    Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Appreciate. 🙂

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