Earn 50 Alaska Miles Per Dollar Spent On Magazines

At the moment the Alaska Mileage Plan shopping portal is offering 50 bonus miles per dollar spent at magazines.com. This doesn’t factor in the miles you earn for the actual credit card spend for the purchase, meaning that this is an opportunity to pick up Alaska miles for under two cents each, not factoring in the magazines you’re getting. Here are the terms associated with the offer:

Not eligible on automatically renewed subscriptions. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Orders cancelled within 90 days are not eligible. Not eligible on gift card, certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

Mileage Plan miles are among the most valuable mileage currency out there, so picking them up for around two cents each could make a lot of sense. Alaska Mileage Plan has a bunch of unique airline partners, and also allows stopovers on one-way awards, which can represent a great opportunity. For example, you can redeem 75,000 Mileage Plan miles for a Japan Airlines first class ticket from the US to Southeast Asia, with a stopover in Tokyo.

Redeem Alaska Mileage Plan miles for Japan Airlines first class

As an alternative to this offer, keep in mind that through July 1, 2017, Alaska is offering up to a 50% bonus on purchased miles. However, the offer is targeted, so not all accounts will be targeted for the 50% bonus. If you are targeted for the 50% bonus, that’s an opportunity to pick up miles for 1.97 cents each, which is marginally cheaper than this. However, that requires buying a minimum of 50,000 miles (pre-bonus), and also requires being targeted for that offer.


The above magazines.com offer is a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy a smaller quantity of Alaska miles for the purposes of topping off an account, or otherwise great if you potentially have a use for the magazines (whether you order them for a yourself, friends, family, a business, a charity, etc.).

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this Alaska Mileage Plan magazines.com offer?

(Tip of the hat to Running with Miles)


  1. I have expired Magazines.com subscriptions (not auto-renewed). Will I be eligible for the portal payout if I pay to restart the subscriptions?

  2. I have a lot of subscriptions from March, when British Air was offering 80 Avios per dollar spent on subscriptions. I only subscribe to magazines I am actually interested in reading, as there is a limit to how wasteful I choose to be in accumulating miles. But thanks for the pointer, I will check if magazines.com has any of the magazines I wanted but was not able to get in my earlier order.

  3. @David.

    Thank you. The wording on exclusion was a little confusing.

    Time to renew more magazines!

  4. anyone notice how long it takes to see posting of miles. Took advantage of this promotion and still haven’t seen the miles post. Seems usually it only takes 5 business day?

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