American Is Offering A Mystery Shopping Portal Bonus

Online shopping portals can be a great way to pick up additional miles & points for purchases you’d make anyway. Just for following a specific link you can earn bonus points in addition to the ones you’d earn anyway for credit card spend.

At the moment the American AAdvantage shopping portal is offering members a mystery mileage bonus, which is valid for purchases through June 30, 2017. To see what kind of a bonus you’re targeted for, follow this link and log into your AAdvantage shopping portal account.

I’m told that the promotion offers “hundreds or thousands” of bonus miles, so you’ll want to log in and see what kind of a bonus you were targeted for. My account was targeted for 1,200 bonus AAdvantage miles after spending $300. I value AAdvantage miles at ~1.3 cents each, so that’s like an incremental return of ~$16 on such a purchase.

That’s a nice bonus, especially when you consider that this is in addition to whatever bonus the AAdvantage retailers usually offer. At the moment, select retailers are offering up to 25 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent.

The $300 spend requirement is based on cumulative spend, meaning you just need to spend that much over the course of the promotion; it can include multiple transactions with multiple retailers.

The bonus miles should post within 8-10 weeks of when you make the purchase.

Bottom line

This is a very nice additional bonus that’s worth being aware of. You’re not going to want to take advantage of this offer just to earn the miles, though I’d always encourage people to shift as much spend as possible to online shopping rather than in-store shopping, given these bonuses.

What kind of a shopping portal mystery bonus were you targeted for?


  1. 2K for $500 spend, I’m definitely in (will combine with Sierra Trading Post Amex offer and stock up on some wine with, and shampoo on 🙂

  2. 2K on $500. I use the portals a ton for all my shopping so will prob hit it, but wont go out of my way.

  3. its basically 400 points per $100.

    Some users get 2x, 3x , 4x or max 5x of the same points & dollar spend

  4. Lol. Title should be Shopping Portal Mystery Bonus, not Mystery Shopping Portal Bonus.
    Mystery shopping is another area of earning. I see most understood as they are commenting but I found it funny as I had to read to clarify we weren’t switching to mystery shopping to earn. Thanks for the great info you provide!

  5. 1,200 for $300 spend.

    I have shifted almost all my spend online so I constantly get bonuses for meeting spend, even though I don’t pay attention to bonuses.

    I’ll hit this bonus easily because my family is buying my brother an Apple Watch for his birthday this month.

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