Last Chance: Register To Buy LifeMiles With A 140% Bonus

As I first posted about a couple of weeks ago, the LifeMiles program is offering a special bonus on purchased miles for OMAAT readers. While they’ve been offering up to a 125% bonus on purchased miles since the beginning of the month, at each mileage level they’re offering a 15% bigger bonus for readers of OMAAT.

Here’s what the bonus chart looks like for OMAAT readers who register:


As a reminder, in order to take advantage of this promotion you need to register, and today (Monday, May 29, 2017) is the last day to register. This is an opportunity to buy LifeMiles for as little as 1.375 cents each.

To take advantage of this offer you have to register on this page by today, and then have to buy miles by tomorrow, Tuesday May 30, 2017.


You have to wait 24 hours from the time you register until you buy miles through the offer to get the better bonus. You should see the better bonus reflected on the purchase page once you’re eligible.


As a reminder, here are some of the LifeMiles award costs for travel from North America:

  • U.S. to Europe in business class costs 63,000 miles
  • U.S. to Europe in first class costs 87,000 miles
  • U.S. to Southeast Asia in business class costs 78,000 miles
  • U.S. to North Asia in first class costs 90,000 miles

Redeem LifeMiles for Lufthansa business class

However, do note that LifeMiles doesn’t always have access to all award availability. Sometimes they don’t have access to some flights in Lufthansa first class, Austrian business class, etc. It varies by the date and route, so you’ll want to check out the LifeMiles online award search tool to be sure. Nonetheless I find LifeMiles to be incredibly valuable, especially for last minute redemptions, and I’ve taken advantage of this promotion many times myself.

So if you haven’t yet purchased LifeMiles under this offer, this is your last chance. Be sure you register, and then wait at least 24 hours before buying miles.


  1. Ben I asked this question on another post about Lifemiles but I don’t believe it was answered. Do you know if the local Avianca office in Los Angeles can book award tickets? Really hesitant to get into Lifemiles with their website being so glitchy and their call center being non existent.

  2. I found lifemiles is THE most difficult program to redeem, second to none. Crappy website, non existing customer service etc. Buying their miles is worse than throwing money in toilet.

  3. Thanks. I registered. It says I’m registered for the “15% bonus”.

    I priced out a 51,000 miles purchase and it offered only a 15% bonus.

    If I wait 24 hours will it offer me a 30% bonus on those 51,000 miles?

  4. LM has its glitches and challenges, it can be frustrating at times but I agree that is has incredible value. I bought again a week ago as I do with most of their promotions, and thank you Lucky for the extra discount!
    One issue right now seems to be that a lot of LH LX OS redemptions North America to Europe error out on their website, even when showing as available. Going the other way seems fine. Since you evidently have some inside contact at LM, Ben, how about checking with those guys what’s up with this and report back to your loyal readers?

  5. Last week I used lifemiles I had purchased from the previous OMAAT promotion to book 2 tickets on ANA First class from ORD-HND and back on Air Canada (through Seoul), excited to try out AC’s 787. It requires flexibility and persistence, but it is possible. There is definitely value to be had. PS: they were having a promotion on Asia so it only cost 82,500 for first class ANA (instead of the usual 90) and 67,500 for the business class return segment.

  6. @Lucky what might be an interesting article is a what would you do type article for if you had to move all your points without a specific redemption in mind. Like an article about which program would you dump all your Chase URs, Amex MRs and Citi TY points into if for one reason or another you were going to close all the cards that would allow you to transfer to travel partners and you don’t know how you may want to use them at that time.

  7. This LifeMiles purchase is processed as airfare spend on a credit card, yes? So I should receive 3X points on a Chase Reserve or similar card?

  8. I purchased 51000 miles initially and wanted to “fill up” with a few 3-for-1 bundles in 5000 increments. After purchasing 2 packages of 5000 (15k ea. received) the number went down to 10750 miles when I wanted to buy another bundle. Any idea why?

  9. I was so excited for this promotion. Have been waiting to capitalize for a while. But impossible to find lh first anywhere and even Swiss and Austrian time out half the time. I think I’ll be booking my end of week flights on mileage plus 110,000 :(. Spent a lot of time trying to learn tricks to finding lh f on lifemiles.

  10. I have been trying to use my LIfemiles for 1.5 years. I have tried numerous free ticket permutations including upgrades on fullfare economy class tickets and have hit barriers time and time again. When I do get availability, I get crazy routings like taking Copa Air from Los Angeles to New York via Panama. I still have 375,000 miles on account as a result and I am UNDERWHELMED every time I hear Lucky extoll their value. So, here’s my question for Lucky: Do you EVER purchase a ticket with LIfemiles more than 2 weeks in advance? Because if I take the position that they are only good for last minute travel, that may help me lower my frustration level. Thanks.

  11. I bought 15,000 last week after registering at OMAAT, and got the bonus described, but I did not get the 3×1 follow-up offer for increments of 5000 miles purchased. What did I do wrong?

  12. @Ferdinand. You should get the email after about 2 days for the 3×1 promo. I got mine today. Also, i had issues paying with Amex card. Not sure if i am the only one.

  13. @ Lucky & others — just like Tolikfox, I had an issue paying with an Amex card for an award ticket today (even though I’ve never had issues previously and it’s even registered in their system). Are we not able to use Lifemiles site to pay for award tickets or buy miles using Amex anymore? Any workarounds?

  14. I registered for the extra 15% offer (so up to 140% bonus) for OMAAT readers — but when I click through the link to buy 100k miles, it’s still only showing 230k with bonus. Does the OMAAT bonus post separately? (I confirmed that I am indeed registered in my “Offers” section).

  15. I maxed out for myself and wife – and booked FC tickets from NY to ICN without any issues on the dates I wanted – Asiana 380, got the confirmation immediately then called up Asiana for my seats. Very smooth and no issues at all. Being based in Asia is perfect for life miles usage.

  16. Hello, I think some of them are confused for this process. I applied this offer by online yesterday and called in this morning to ask agent but they said only 125% not 140%. Should I wait their email or updated for my account to reflect 140% bonus? Can you clarify this for me?

  17. @Tolikox – no such luck. I registered on 5/20, and received the confirmation and bought the miles on 5/21. No 3-for-1 since then.

  18. Nevermind. OMAAT promo is working fine. I’m a ninny and forgot 101k (not 100k) is the minimum for the highest bonus tier. 😉

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