LifeMiles Is Offering Up To A 200% Bonus On Purchased Miles (In Small Increments)

As I first wrote about early last week, Avianca’s LifeMiles program is offering up to a 125% bonus on purchased miles through May 30, 2017.


The offer is tiered, and you get a bigger bonus the more miles you buy, as follows:

  • Buy 1,000-50,000 LifeMiles, get a 100% bonus (1.65 cents per mile)
  • Buy 51,000-100,000 LifeMiles, get a 115% bonus (~1.53 cents per mile)
  • Buy 101,000-200,000 LifeMiles, get a 125% bonus (~1.47 cents per mile)

This is a pretty solid deal to begin with, but it’s worth noting that there’s a follow-up offer for this deal. If you make a mileage purchase of 15,000 or more miles (pre-bonus) during this promotion, you’ll receive an email within a day or so giving you the opportunity to purchase miles with a 200% bonus.


The catch is that you can only purchase between 1,000 and 5,000 miles with the 200% bonus. That means at most you can purchase 15,000 miles (after the bonus) at a cost of $165, which is a cost of just 1.1 cents per mile. This offer will be available through May 31, 2017.

You can’t purchase more than 200,000 LifeMiles per account per calendar year pre-bonus, so you’ll want to keep that limit in mind before making a purchase through this promotion, so that you can get the most value. In other words, if you wanted to buy 200,000 miles, you might want to first buy 195,000 miles, and then you can still take advantage of buying 5,000 miles with a 200% bonus.


  1. Lucky, you should probably mention that LH F is all but blocked now on Lifemiles and their website has been broken for the past several months.

  2. The 25% bonus (on top of the 100% bonus) seems a bit lower than many of their recent offers. I figure I will hold out for one of those extra 40 or 50% offers. Buying their miles also counts as Avianca spend so if you have their credit card you get an extra bonus that way. Or I suppose you could also double dip that way using another card that has a good travel bonus.

  3. Can we not repeat the 200% bonus, is it one time only? can I purhcase 15000 first with 100% bonus and then after the email purchase in sets of 5000?

  4. Tried to make a purchase in both English and Spanish versions of the website, but it kept erroring out.

  5. Is anyone else having issues finding LH First availability lately? I’m flying BCN-ORD in a week and was thinking of buying Avianca miles for LH First, but they don’t show it available while UA, AC, and LH all show it available. I’ve tried even searching the individual segments and LH seems to not show up.

  6. So, if you don’t need large quantities, you can buy miles for as low as 1.47 points per mile. The smallest increment is 45,000 miles for 1.47 cents by buying 15,000×2 for $495 and then 5,000×3 for $165.

    So if you need, say, 62,000 miles, you could buy 31,000×2 for $1023 or instead you could buy 63,000 miles (24,000×2 plus 5,000×3) for $957.

  7. Yes…please address the fact that LH F availability has been virtually blocked on Lifemiles.

  8. Reading on flyer-talk this 200% is valid only UP TO 5,000 miles so does this mean you cannot repeat that purchase of 5,000 miles a few times? Would be good to clarify this as it makes a biiiiiiig difference šŸ˜‰

  9. “their website has been broken for the past several months.” +1

    For me about 50% of routes error out and don’t allow booking online. significant challenge.
    Let’s not reward Lifemiles for selling half useles miles at a discount.

  10. There’s a local Aviance office in LA near me. Does anyone know if I can walk in to that office and have them book an award trip for me if something can’t be booked online? We all know how useless their call center is.

  11. Yes, I also agree @DC-PHLyer,

    About half of the tickets I try to buy cannot be booked or error out on the LifeMiles page. I first noticed this in March. So if you are buying LifeMiles, be warned, many of the star alliance awards cannot be booked.

  12. When those transactions don’t go through online, you need to call to book. It takes some patience with Avianca call center, but you can get it done. Just enter in your Lifemiles #, press option 3 for Lifemiles dept, and 3 again for Lifemiles transactions.

  13. BTW, some credit cards won’t work with their website. I was trying to purchase miles last night and it wouldn’t take my Amex Platinum. I had to call to get it done. Most online transactions that do not go through is due to this credit card issue. But if you call, they can get things done using the same cards that didn’t go through online.

  14. If you are having trouble booking more than one sector then screen shoot availabilty of each flight and then email the customer service centre with the screen shoots and details on the flights you are chasing.

    They will call you back within 48 hours and complete the booking.

  15. I normally take Cathay to Asia and this August, tickets are pretty expensive, 2200 CAD for Econ; 2900 for PE. Think it’s worth it to take advantage of Lifemiles now? I’d essentially be buying and redeeming..

  16. I normally take Cathay to Asia in August but the tickets seem rather expensive this year. Econ is 2200 CAD and PE is 2900. Is it worth buying the miles and redeeming it into tickets?

  17. Still waiting for the Invitation of buying 200%. Does it come via email? I bought 15000 already with 125%.
    Can anyone help?

  18. @Spike

    You don’t have to wait for the email – just wait one day or two after the first purchase of 15,000 miles, and then just go to same page and select the buying option 5,000. It will simply show a 10,000 bonus.

    @Jennifer Chan

    I can see a couple good redemption in both business and first throughout August. Try to search the flights you want to book; once you have a redemption option, buy miles.

  19. I bought 5000 with the 200% bonus twice and then the system reverted to just 115% bonus when I tried to purchase a 3rd batch of 5000 miles.

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