American’s Interesting Targeted Premium Cabin Triple Miles Promotion

The big US carriers award fewer miles through flying than before and have also significantly devalued award charts. On top of that, we just don’t see as many promotions for flying as we used to.

Well, American has sent out a targeted promotion which I find pretty interesting. Unfortunately I wasn’t targeted for it, and unless you received an email about this directly from American, chances are that you weren’t either. You can always try to follow this link and enter the promo code, though you’ll likely get an error message, just as I did.


However, some members are reporting receiving an offer for triple AAdvantage miles for tickets in paid first & business class through August 31, 2017.


Here’s how the offer is described:

You’ve been selected to earn triple award miles on First and Business class tickets through August 31.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register before you travel using promotion code PR1TM
  • Purchase and fly on First or Business class tickets on qualifying flights*
  • Earn triple award miles on all those flights through August 31, 2017

This is an exclusive offer only for members who received an email directly from American Airlines. You must register by 11:59 p.m. CDT on June 7, 2017, and prior to travel in order for your flights to count toward this promotion.

Here are the terms & conditions associated with the promotion:

* AAdvantage® bonus mileage offer is only valid for travel on American Airlines marketed flights (operated by American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair or Japan Airlines). Flights marketed and/or operated by other codeshare partners are not eligible for this promotion. Offer applies to purchased published fares in First Class booked in F or A; Business Class fares booked in J, R, D or I. Triple miles will be calculated at 200% of the base award miles earned for the eligible flights (excludes award miles earned from elite bonuses). Bonus miles do not count toward elite status qualification or AAdvantage® Million MilerSM status. Travel flown prior to registration for this promotion is not eligible for the bonus mile offer.


As you can see, American is awarding bonus redeemable miles here, and not bonus elite qualifying miles. Presently American awards five base miles per dollar spent, plus a bonus if you’re an elite member (Executive Platinum members, for example, get six bonus miles per dollar spent, which is a 120% bonus). That means through this promotion you’re earning an extra 10 miles per dollar spent. I value those miles at 1.3 cents each, so it’s like an incremental return of 13% on the cost of a ticket.


Given how mild the premium for first & business class is over economy in many markets nowadays, maybe this will convince some people to just outright pay for business class when they otherwise wouldn’t.

In reality you’re getting a bonus of 13% on the entire ticket amount, rather than just on the incremental difference between economy and business class.

For example, say you’re an Executive Platinum member and an economy ticket costs $200, while a business class ticket is $300. The $200 ticket would earn you 2,200 miles, while the $300 ticket would earn you 6,300 miles. That’s a pretty significant difference in terms of mileage earning!

Were you targeted for some sort of premium cabin mileage bonus from American, and will it impact the types of fares you book?

(Tip of the hat to Hans Mast)


  1. I was offered 2X miles. The offer requires me to fly 4 premium cabin flights and comencing with the fifth flight all flights get 2X miles including the 4 qualifying flights. Doesn’t seem worth the effort. Particularly since as an EXP I wasn’t given the best offer.

  2. @lucky I received a promo code today for double miles for first and business class tickets purchased through August 31st. with code PR1DM. I’m aadvantage gold.

  3. I’m EXP and got the same 2X offer that Rob did above. I already have two biz transcons booked for August, so I’ll probably book another two legs somewhere in order to take advantage. Wish I had gotten 3X, though!

  4. I got 3x. I’m a former EXP that dropped to Gold and is not flying with AA anymore. I’m still not going to fly with AA unless the price is right, which it never is.

  5. Received the email today for 2X Bonus Miles on AA. The problem is- we have purchased about 5 flights already in the front cabin so I am hoping its for the flying dates and not when it was purchased. I registered anyway. (We are current EXP members.)

  6. I’m EXP right at 90K EQMs this year – most on a AAirpass F ticket (or J). I got…wait for it….nada.

  7. I got the offer for 3X miles and no minimum. And on the side they keep sending me emails about upgrading from gold to Platinum (for $1299, for Plat until the end of January 2018 >> LOL). My suspicion is that they’re targeting people who had “potential” to spend and who dropped off. I bought several first class tickets last year, and I completely abandoned AA this year in light of all the terrible changes they made, and the impossibility for upgrades to clear.

  8. I am former EXP platinum who dropped to gold this year after I gave up on loyalty to AA. Received the 3x promotion with min flight requirement. They are also still trying to sell me platinum for $799

  9. I’ve received the upgrade from Gold o Platinum email about 4 times this year. The same price each time despite the same end date. Makes no sense.

  10. I got the 3X email this evening… I am a current EP and on target to maintain this year. Not sure it will convince me to buy a higher class ticket but signed up just in case

  11. I’m a Platinum, with one F and one J trip booked (domestic and international, respectively) and got the 2x offer. Registered. Nothing in the T&C seems to indicate it’s only for travel booked after the offer, so am hopeful.

  12. Got 3x with 4 segments offer. Was downgraded in status this year due to a nice break from the road. I always buy lowest refundable coach in advance when the trip is likely. When it becomes a lock, I change to F nonrefundable. Usually results in a slight up-charge or sometimes a refund. Yes, it requires some work but it’s worth it to me to avoid the upgrade game and get a seat I want. It also means the 60 stickers I have banked are essentially worthless.

  13. Drop off might be a factor in the min required flights. I’ve been lighting up aadvantage with the horrible award redemption options on needed days and routes and much more expensive flights vs last year and competitors. I had 15 personal paid first flights last year by this time and so far have taken 0. I want AA to crash and burn this year (profit-wise) for pissing off people who don’t travel for work and spend more than most do for business. I’m sick to death of the 20k to 50k mileage redemptions in Y on DFW-ORD on flights, and when paying, cost more than United to begin with on mostly planes that aren’t much, if at all better. 89k miles last year, only 1604 so far on AA. Bye bye status

  14. ConciergeKey here. I got the 3x offer. Last year I bought plenty of LAX-JFK or SFO-JFK biz and first tickets. Haven’t bought any this year. Have been buying coach and banking on CK to get me the upgrade. Even as CK the upgrades have been insanely close (I’m always #1 on the list).

    Before this offer I was tired of the suspense of clearing the list and had decided to go back to buying biz/first. This seals the deal.

  15. 3x. I’m a Plat who will have no status at all in Feb. Have severely curtailed my AA spend and don’t intend to resume it. AA made its bed by destroying the program – they could offer 5x and it would make no difference to me.

  16. Agree, probably targeting less frequent members. My offer was 3X. I fly AA once maybe twice a year now (million mile gold status) and focus on maintaining UA Plat status.

  17. Also got the double miles promo, along with a Plat Pro buy up for the new low low price of $1685 (was $1949!)

  18. @CaliCK – Care to share how many dollars you spent on transcons before you earned CK? I spent about $35k in 10 weeks at the end of 2016 on biz flights to Brazil, but didn’t get CK. Am EXP now and have lots of biz travel between JFK and LAX/SFO this year, but it won’t total $35k.

  19. @flightwonk: about $8k in transcon biz/first spend and about $35k in international biz spend

  20. @CaliCK – sigh. I bet I just missed the CK cutoff at the end of calendar 2016. Thanks for the data point.

  21. Yes, I got it and I have no status. But we flew some premium flights end of last year/beginning of this overseas… maybe that had something to do with it?

    “You’ve been selected to earn triple award miles on First and Business class tickets through August 31.

    Here’s how it works:
    website icon Register before you travel using promotion code PR1TM

    Airplane icon Purchase and fly on First or Business class tickets on qualifying flights*

    3X icon Earn triple award miles on all those flights through August 31, 2017”

  22. I’m an EXP who frequently purchases first class tickets already. So, of course, I’m not eligible. I get the logic as they don’t need to incent me to buy the tickets. But it is annoying.

  23. I received my 3x offer last night. Booked 1st class for $115 more than economy 6 hours later they cxld flight ! I’m typing this entry from seat 1C on Delta Airline from Tulsa to Atlanta

  24. I’m lifetime platinum and don’t normally buy business class tickets but I got the 3x email and signed up. Turns out I have a business class flight Monday NAS-LAX and I’m hoping I get 3x. Problem is they have made it so difficult to figure out your mileage you take what ever they give you.

  25. I was able to register and I received a confirmation email; however, the supplied link in the AA email for more information takes me to the bonus offers web page and this is not listed. So I don’t trust that it was applied to my account.

  26. @flightwonk
    Concierge Key is not based on miles, it is a separate program where you pre-pay for travel, sounds like you should look into it.
    Platinum AA Member

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