Great Deal: Buy A Fairmont Gift Card With A 15% Bonus Tomorrow

The major hotel chains sometimes sell discounted gift cards, which is a great way to lower the cost of hotel stays. Twice in the past year or so (last April and November) Fairmont has offered a 20% bonus on gift card purchases for a three hour period. Fairmont is now back with their latest gift card promotion, which is good, though not quite as good.

Per Fairmont’s Facebook page, you’ll be able to buy a Fairmont e-gift card with a 15% bonus on Friday, May 12, 2017, from 1PM until 3PM EDT.


Historically each person can only take advantage of the promotion once, though you can purchase up to $5,000 worth of gift cards under the offer, which would lead to a $750 bonus.

Each gift card can be worth at most $2,000, so you’d want to load your shopping cart with a few gift cards if you wanted to maximize the offer.

You can choose whether you want to buy gift cards in USD or CAD. While you can use the gift cards in currencies other than the ones they’re issued in, the conversion rates used for those purposes may be unfavorable.


The gift cards don’t expire, and you don’t have to stay at a Fairmont hotel to use a gift card — they’re also valid for restaurant and spa purchases.

Fairmont has some fantastic properties. For example, the Fairmont Pacific Rim is spectacular, and I’d love to stay there again at some point. This offer is quite tempting, as it’s essentially a 13% discount on Fairmont purchases.

View from the Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver

Bottom line

The 15% bonus deal isn’t quite as good as the 20% bonus deal we’ve seen in the past, though this is still a very nice discount on a Fairmont purchase. If you have some Fairmont stays coming up, then I’d seriously consider this. Since Fairmont gift cards don’t expire, it’s tough to go wrong if you stay with Fairmont at least semi-frequently.

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. @ QR @ Brandon — I did this last year with Amex, and had the hotel apply the gift card to my folio, then charge the balance to my Amex, which worked fine. Not sure if it would work with Citi, but as long as you’re charging some portion of the bill to an Amex then FHR should be okay.

  2. I buy ‘life experiences’ gift cards from Costco (online) – $100 for $74.99. They can then be redeemed for Fairmont gift certificates $100 for $100 but are valid at Canadian properties only. Essentially a 25% discount available year round…

  3. I used my gift card from a previous offer like this at the Savoy last year. They gave me the prevailing exchange rate with no fee.

  4. Lucky – thanks for this.

    We have a trip to the Kea Lani booked, and so I bought a bunch of cards to cover the costs. We did the same thing last year, and one thing to make sure is that they handle the prepaid deposit on the room (if any) correctly. Also, make sure that they process them immediately – my wife stayed at the Orchid and the front desk lost them. It was a nightmare to fix by phone from the mainland.

  5. Hi Greg,

    I bought a Fairmont e-certificate during this promo & am now trying to use it (since the Fairmont card is history). They issued me one cert (with a barcode) for the purchase price & another representing the 15% discount.

    HOW do you use the e-card for a room deposit – how is it handled “properly?” Also I don’t get the concerns with the front desk? I also plan to use mine in Maui so help please! A Fairmont rep said I had to put the room deposit on my cc then get reimbursed when physically at the property?

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