Great Deal: Buy Marriott Gift Cards For 20% Off

Daily Getaways is back this year, which is a five week promotion intended to promote US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.


Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested. Today at 1PM ET you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Marriott gift cards for 20% off.


Daily Getaways is selling three types of packages for Marriott gift cards, as follows:

Number Of PointsPackage CostSavingsNumber Of Packages
$100 Marriott gift card$8020% off1070
$250 Marriott gift card$20020% off252
$500 Marriott gift card$40020% off200

Each person can purchase at most five gift cards, including two $100 gift cards, two $250 gift cards, and one $500 gift card. Typically this Daily Getaways promotion sells out very quickly, so if you’re interested, you’ll want to be on the site at 1PM ET and ready to click.

These gift cards don’t expire, and can be used at most Marriott family hotels, including Ritz-Carltons. These gift cards will be issued by email within a couple of weeks of when you make your purchase. They can be used worldwide, though the exchange rate used for them might not be great at some properties outside the US. The one catch when it comes to redeeming them is that they can only be used to settle a bill at the actual hotel, so you can’t typically use them for pre-paid rates.

These can’t yet be used at Starwood properties, though I imagine that will change at some point in the future, given Marriott’s takeover. I’ve long been a Starwood loyalist, and I’m certainly going to be making more Marriott stays going forward, given that I’ve been matched to Marriott Platinum.

I’m tempted to take advantage of this promotion, given that it’s an opportunity to get 20% off Marriott stays. There’s not an opportunity cost here in terms of credit card spend either — Daily Getaways purchases are coded as travel, so you can earn triple points on travel for the purchase with several cards (which is also what I’d earn if paying for a stay directly at a hotel).

I feel like this is an offer where it’s tough to go wrong.

Do you plan on trying to pick up Marriott gift cards for 20% off?


    “eGiftCard may not be used for deposit, advance purchase or to secure a reservation.”
    Does this indicate not work with prepaid rates?

  2. Does this code as a Marriott purchase for the purposes of using the SPG Amex for bonus SPG points? Or does this code under more general travel and using the CSR would be better?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Sorry but the term mentioned above eliminates all savings:
    “eGiftCard may not be used for deposit, advance purchase or to secure a reservation.”

    I got suckered into some BW gift cards this way and can never use them.

  4. How long are these cards guaranteed against fraud/draining, etc? I’m wondering if they’re safe to buy today to be used on a trip at Christmas. CardCash only guarantees against fraud for 45 days

    “eGiftCard may not be used for deposit, advance purchase or to secure a reservation.”
    What does it mean by “advance purchase”? You can’t book and pay for a room with an eGiftCard until you actually arrive at the hotel on the day of your stay? That can’t be right. Never used one of these before so I’m a little confused.

  6. @tim – These Marriott e-certs are considered first-hand gift cards which means only you and the authorized seller have the codes. Any problem with the card and you can go directly to the seller and fix the problem. Sites like “Card Cash” are selling, at best, second-hand gift cards sold to them by previous owners so the chance/danger of codes floating around ripe for unauthorized use is far greater. Hence their limited guarantee. As long as you don’t share the codes of these e-certs with anyone, they should be safe for as long as you need them to be. (no expiration date)

  7. @dev yes, you can, I’ve done it before, it just requires a competent front-desk person… the person who did it for me ended up charging BOTH my credit card and the gift card, so I had to reach out to the hotel manager who promptly fixed the problem and gave me 2000 courtesy points. So it may be a little challenging but it’s 100% allowed and can be done.

  8. I logged in at 12:55 pm and the cards became available right at 1 pm. I tried buying each of the denominations but they were all gone by 1:01 pm.

  9. By some miracle I was able to get one of the $250 cards but I must have hit “Try Again” 50 times.

    I was on the site about 10 seconds after 1pm; you really have to logon right at 1pm on the nose if you want a prayer at getting one of these things it seems.

  10. Thanks Lucky, got a $500 and a $100. Will help me save $120 on upcoming stays.

  11. I logged in exactly at 1pm and chose $500 taken to next screen entering all my information. When I got to bottom with e mail I entered it once and when ready to re-enter email I was BOOTED OFF! There were no problems with my internet connection–I simply was booted.

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