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Through May 23, 2017, World of Hyatt is offering up to a 30% bonus on purchased points. I believe this offer is available to all World of Hyatt members, but can’t guarantee it, since you do need to log into your World of Hyatt account before they show you the offer (however, all the accounts I manage had the offer).


The 30% bonus applies to World of Hyatt members purchasing at least 5,000 points in one transaction. If you max out the promotion and purchase 55,000 points you’d receive a total of 71,500 World of Hyatt points. That would cost you $1,320, which is a rate of ~1.85 cents per World of Hyatt point.


How does this stack up to Hyatt’s past promotions on the purchase of points?

As you can see, bonuses are typically in the 30-40% range, so this is pretty average.

I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, though they can definitely be redeemed for a lot more than that. I just think that’s a “fair” number.

At the rate of ~1.85 cents per point, you can purchase enough points for a free night at a Category 7 property for~$555, or a Category 6 property for ~$460 , while paid rates at those hotels are often $1,000+ per night.

For example, the Park Hyatt Maldives is a Category 6 property (normally retailing for 25,000 points per night), and rates are often $1,200+ per night:


The Park Hyatt Maldives

There’s even a lot of value on the other end of the spectrum. For example, the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a Category 1 property (normally retailing for 5,000 points per night), and paid rates are often $180+ per night including the 25% tax and service charge, which you don’t have to pay on an award booking.

Hyatt-Regency-Kathmandu-Nepal - 16
Suite at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

You can potentially get even more value out of your points by using Hyatt Points + Cash redemptions.


Hyatt points purchases are processed by, so wouldn’t count as hotel spend for the purposes of your credit card. That means if you buy points you’ll want to use a card that maximizes your return on everyday, non-bonused spend, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited®, Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American ExpressCiti® Double Cash Card, etc.

View from the Park Hyatt Sydney

Bottom line

As is always the case in this hobby, you should crunch the numbers and see if this promotion works for you. There are certainly cases where buying Hyatt points with a 30% bonus could make sense. Personally I wouldn’t speculatively buy points at that rate. I suspect we’ll see a 40% bonus again at some point, though it may be a while.

Do you plan on purchasing Hyatt points with a 30% bonus?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)

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  1. I was looking at your post from earlier on the dailygetaways website and noticed that on May 10th they are selling free Hyatt nights. Looking at the details it seems they aren’t really selling you nights but just depositing Hyatt points in your World of Hyatt account. Looks like the four packages get you 24,000; 30,000; 40,000 & 72,000 points for $260, $330, $415, and $775 respectively. My calculations show a rate of 1.04 to 1.1 cents per Hyatt point here with the 40,000 points for $415 being the (slightly) best deal. Plus it should code as travel. Please correct me if I’m wrong. $312 for a night at Park Hyatt New York (via 30,000 points) is a pretty decent deal.

  2. @ Andy — It’s absolutely a fantastic deal, but it’s more like a lottery than anything. Thousands of people are competing for a few hundred packages. Every year I show up for that promotion at 1PM ET exactly, refresh the page constantly, etc., only to be told that the packages are already sold out. So it’s more like a lottery than anything.

  3. @andy I think you hit the nail in the head, the trouble is that when the Hyatt point come available on the daily getaways next week they get pounded with people trying to get them. I tried with 2 separate laptops (me and my wife) and refreshed every few seconds from about 3 minutes prior to 10 mins afterwards and wasn’t able to snag a single deal. Even the smaller amount ones I had hoped wouldn’t go as fast. Within 5 mins it seemed the whole lot was sold out. Either way will try again but no guarantee it works. Fingers crossed

  4. @Andy, don’t waste your time with the Daily Getaways unless you value your time, energy and frustration very little. The first year, maybe I thought like you, the second I was still optimistic, the third year missed lunch with my wife trying to get points online without success, the fourth year just got mad. It wouldn’t surprise me, if specific individuals are already allotted the purchase who knows. Now I just don’t even look.

    If you are after Hyatt points, just purchase them directly with this promotion which at 30% is pretty good. I would presume there will also be another promotion to purchase points this year too. The best I have ever seen is a 40% bonus, so this is pretty well as good as it gets.

  5. I buy Hyatt points every year because they yield the best value of any points currency when redeemed for Cash+Points awards, so, I just purchased the maximum and paid for it with the Chase Freedom Unlimited for additional 1.5x bonus UR points that are transferable to Hyatt points…

  6. DCS:

    What, you didn’t promote Hilton and rip Lucky for being a Hyatt shill? Is there a pod by your bed like in Invasion of the Body Snatchers?


  7. @eponymous_coward — That’s way over the top. @Lucky did no shill for Hyatt in this post and has not been much of that at all. Also, I already stated before that as one who enjoys staying at Hyatt properties in Asia but does not earn significant Hyatt points through revenue stays, I wait every year for the points to be offered at a discount and purchase the max to replenish my stash. In addition, I have repeatedly said that when the chips are down I am not as wedded to Hilton as people think. I am “an equal opportunity opportunist” who will spend my points/miles with whichever program gives me “best value”, since HH does not always. The year before last I redeemed points to stay at Grand Hyatt Singapore (where I even scored a complimentary suite upgrade as a HGP Plat!) because Hilton Singapore showed only “premium” award availability, with the ridiculously high award rates.

    Finally, you of all people ought to know that I redeem my points for stays at Hyatt and Marriott properties because you were the first to comment after I posted the “Anatomy of my 2016 Year-end Asian Escapade” during which I mix it up a lot!


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