10 Of The Best Hyatt Hotels For Redeeming 2 Free Nights

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The Hyatt Credit Card offers a sign-up bonus that includes two free nights at any Hyatt hotel in the world upon completing minimum spend. That’s a fantastic sign-up bonus, especially when you consider some of the five star properties in Hyatt’s portfolio, some of which retail for over $1,000 per night.

Availability using these free night certificates should be the same as points availability, so as long as a standard room is for sale, it should also be bookable with these certificates.

One way to really stretch your redemption opportunities with these certificates is to have a spouse/friend/travel companion apply for The Hyatt Credit Card as well. If you do, then you’ll potentially have four free nights to redeem at a hotel of your choosing, which feels a lot more like a vacation than just a two night getaway.

Furthermore, keep in mind that World of Hyatt is a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner, so you can transfer points earned on cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® CardInk Business Preferred℠ Credit Card, etc. Hyatt charges at most 30,000 points per night depending on the category of hotel you’re redeeming at, so I consider that to be a good use of Ultimate Rewards points.

With that in mind, in this post I figured I’d look at 10 of the best Hyatt hotels for redeeming your two free nights, in no particular order:

Park Hyatt Maldives

This is easily my favorite Hyatt resort in the world, and I’ve visited twice now. The private island that the Park Hyatt is on is stunning, so if you’ve never been to the Maldives, this is a great property to visit. The base rooms at this hotel are standalone villas, and if you’re a Globalist member, you receive an upgrade to a villa with a plunge pool subject to availability.


For our last stay, the paid rate would have been a crazy $1,930+ per night, but we redeemed 25,000 points per night, as this is a category 6 property.


Park Hyatt Sydney

This is arguably Hyatt’s most luxurious city hotel. I don’t think there’s another city in the world where a Hyatt is by far the best hotel in the city. There are certainly cities where a Hyatt ranks as one of the top few hotels, but in Sydney the Park Hyatt simply has no competition. I love everything about this hotel, from the rooms, to the location, to how intimate it feels, to the staff (especially the concierge team).


In high season, this hotel goes for $1,000+ per night, or can be booked for 30,000 points, as it’s a category 7 property.


Park Hyatt Vienna

The Park Hyatt Vienna opened just a couple of years ago, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite Hyatt properties. It’s a beautiful hotel with a great location in a charming city.

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 14

The Park Hyatt Vienna is a category 6 property, so would cost 25,000 points per night if paying in points.

Park Hyatt New York

New York is one of the world’s most expensive hotel markets, and is a market where Hyatt has greatly expanded their footprint the past several years. Hyatt only has one true luxury property in New York, which is their new flagship Park Hyatt. The hotel is located in the One57 building, and features beautiful rooms and a great pool. Personally I also quite like the location.


This is a category 7 Hyatt property, so if redeeming points it would cost 30,000 points per night. Paid rates are sometimes over $1,000 per night.


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world, and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is my go to property when there. I’m not going to argue it’s the world’s nicest hotel, but they did a great job with the renovation, and in my opinion it has the best Grand Club of any Hyatt property in the world.

Grand-Hyatt-Hong-Kong-Grand-Suite - 2

The hotel is a category 6 property, so a free night redemption would cost 25,000 points.

Park Hyatt Paris

This might come as a surprise, but I haven’t stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris. Along with New York, Paris is one of the most expensive hotel markets in the world, so having access to a great hotel there on either points or using a free night certificate is a good option to have.


Rates at this hotel can approach $1,000 per night. It’s a category 7 property, so a free night would cost 30,000 points.


Andaz Maui

Hawaii is a favorite vacation destination for many Americans, and while I personally don’t make it out there very often, I know people who flock there every year, and sometimes even more often than that. The Andaz Maui is generally regarded as one of the best Hyatt options there, and I plan on visiting later this year. I love the Andaz brand, and the hotel also has the advantage of only being a few years old, when most hotels in Maui are quite a bit past their prime.


This is a category 6 Hyatt property, so a free night redemption would cost 25,000 points per night.

Hyatt Ziva Cancun

This is on a slightly different wavelength than most of my other recommendations, but Hyatt has opened a few all inclusive resorts in Mexico, and they can be a great use of points or free night certificates. The Hyatt Ziva Cancun looks nice, and has 16 restaurants, bars, and lounges, where you can enjoy the all inclusiveness of this place. 😉 I don’t remember the last time I’ve done an all inclusive vacation, but I know this is something that many enjoy, and it’s also much closer to home than some of the other properties. Maybe it’s time I give it a try soon.


The Hyatt Ziva Cancun is a category 6 property, so a redemption for two adults would cost 25,000 points per night.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts

The Park Hyatt St. Kitts should be opening later this year, and promises to be one of Hyatt’s best properties in the Americas. While Hyatt has plenty of great resorts in Asia, it’ll be nice to have a luxury property closer to home. For those on the east coast, this is also much closer than Hawaii.


The Park Hyatt St. Kitts will be a category 7 property, meaning that a free night would cost 30,000 points.


Park Hyatt Tokyo

I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw “Lost in Translation” and then really wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. To be honest, at this point the hotel is a bit past its prime (so some may prefer the Andaz Tokyo), but it’s still every bit as special of a property as it ever was.


This is a category 7 Hyatt property, so a free night redemption would cost 30,000 points.

Bottom line

The Hyatt Credit Card offers a generous sign-up bonus of two free nights upon completing minimum spend, which is valid at any Hyatt property globally. Hyatt has a lot of great hotels, so there are so many options with how you can redeem those free nights.

If you’re traveling with someone, I think the best way to maximize this is to have them also apply for the Hyatt Card, and then you can get four nights at a Hyatt property. Then Hyatt is also a transfer partner with Chase Ultimate Rewards, so if you want to extend your stay even further, you can transfer points and book more free nights.

Keep in mind that anecdotally the Hyatt Card is pretty easy to get approved for — it’s not subjected to Chase’s 5/24 rule, unlike many other Chase cards.

If you’ve applied for The Hyatt Credit Card, where did you decide to use your free nights?

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  1. @Lucky: any particular reason you chose the Ziva Cancun over any of the other Ziva/Zilara options? Just curious because we’ve been to the Ziva Los Cabos and are weighing our options for our next all-inclusive trip. Thanks.

  2. Others that we have stayed at for people to possiblly consider = Hyatt Zilara, Grand Hyatt Tokyo (we actually preferred it to the Park Hyatt Tokyo), Park Hyatt Milan (not our favorite Italian city but still worth considering), and the Grand Hyatt Kauai.

    We are staying at the Park Hyatt Mallorca in about 6 weeks, so I am hoping it is the type of place that might be on a list like this someday too 🙂

  3. All of these are excellent, though I would add the Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires, which is excellent and also a great value.

  4. The sad thing is when Hong Kong has tons of excellent properties like the Peninsular, 2 Mandarin Orientals, Shangri-La, Ritz Carlton, W, Conrad, Four Seasons etc etc and someone’s “go-to” is merely a Grand Hyatt.

  5. Do you have to stay at the property before the expiration date or just book it? I have 2 nights set to expire Aug 2017 – can I book night for May 2018?

  6. Anyone had any luck actually booking free nights at Andaz Maui? Seems like availability is severely limited these days.

  7. @ henry LAX — I’m not sure what’s “sad” about that? When I’m in Hong Kong I’m usually out and about, so I don’t want to spend $500+ per night on a hotel. Why not get a really solid hotel on points, rather than paying a lot more for a property that’s ultimately marginally better?

  8. Park Hyatt Mallorca looks INCREDIBLE! During the summer months, rates are around 700euros, so that also is a very nice option.

  9. I used my two free nights at the Park Hyatt in Sydney, and since then, I’ve made a visit to the Park Hyatt Sydney an annual visit. I’m redeeming my Globalist free night for another stay there this July. It’s my favorite hotel 🙂

  10. “rather than paying a lot more for a property that’s ultimately marginally better?”

    So Mandarin Oriental, Langham, and Four Seasons, all of which generally compete in the Park Hyatt space, is just “marginally better” than Grand Hyatt now ? if you say so

  11. @Lucky – no Park Hyatt Zurich? It’s a fantastic property (I stayed there on your recommendation) in an expensive hotel market

  12. @lucky – Applied for the card last month and my SO will be applying this weekend. We’ll have 4 nights at PH Sydney! For these certs, as long as there is a standard room available, I can redeem them right?

  13. I’m using my two free nights at the Andaz Amsterdam this summer. Currently the rates are $425 per night, has anyone been?

  14. @Lucky:

    Typo or too much copy & paste:

    “The Park Hyatt Vienna […] would cost 25,000 points per night if paying cash”?

  15. A great selection: yes, add PH Milan, wonderful hotel in a perfect location in a great city.

  16. when i search for award nights for Ziva and Zilara, they don’t show up. How do I book these?

  17. I’m not sure I understand the logic of this post. Several times you include a Category 6, but if a free night certificate can also be used for Category 7s, shouldn’t you always instead use 25000 Hyatt Points (or UR) for the 6s and save the certs for 7s, which cost 30000 points?

  18. @ Stannis — There are a few different ways to look at “value.” The point of this post was to share a variety of great properties where you can redeem these certificates, rather than just the most expensive. Just because a property would otherwise cost 30K points doesn’t necessarily make it a better place to visit than a lower category property, especially since the certificates are only valid within a year of the date they’re issued. So I was looking at the “10 best” list as a selection of the properties that I find most interesting, rather than just “10 Category 7 hotels.” Hope that makes sense.

  19. @Josh I’ve stayed at the Zilara in Cancun and the Ziva in Los Cabos. We’ll be doing the Ziva in Puerto Vallarta in January. If it helps, we enjoyed the beach (and a little warmer temperatures) in Cancun better, but like the resort/food in Los Cabos better.

  20. As far as Hyatt all-inclusives in Cancun, they have both the Ziva and the Zilara. The Zilara is adults only. I used my free nights to stay there and I can’t wait to go back. The Ziva is more appropriate for families.

  21. You are missing the Andaz in Tokyo 🙂 One of my best hotel experiences. We all preferred it to the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

  22. I reached out to Hyatt on Twitter asking about Explorist upgrades at PH Maldives, and they said it would be space pending. In your article you say only Globalists would get the upgrade. Any idea which is correct?

  23. @Rick M – just stayed at the Andaz Amsterdam just 2 weeks ago. Used one of my Globalist confirmed suite upgrades and got a fantastic room. Great living room area, cool bathroom with a big soaking tub and separate stand-in shower, spacious, unique decor. We loved it. Property is in a great more quiet neighborhood but easy 10 min walk to heart of everything. Amsterdam rules. Breakfast buffet was great too although pricey if paying for it. Free to Globalists though. Fun bar at night too. You’ll love it there.

  24. You may want to check the fine print. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think any of these hotels you mentioned qualify for the free nights anymore. Hyatt recently changed their free nights to limit them to a category 1-4…. It’s very limiting.

  25. @ Becky — That’s for the annual free night certificate, and not for the two nights you get upon completing minimum spend.

  26. I’m staying at the new Andaz Scottsdale. Not the best use ever, but it fits my travel plans. I’ve seen rates close to $600 a night for the standard room, and at least they let you book the “large” king.

  27. I can certainly appreciate the fact that since certs expire and points don’t, the value is skewed. In fact, the expiry is the reason I don’t have this card yet. I still feel there is some missing “math”. Maybe a Venn diagram where you find the intersection of desirable properties with high cash rates that are Category 7s! Lolz

  28. Used ours to stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome. Pretty disappointed actually. They really don’t seem fond of families there.

  29. I’ve stayed at the grand hyatt in hong kong and wasn’t that impressed. I was unable to check in early and ended up spending a lot of time in the lobby after a long flight. It was also the rainy season which did not help anything. Not sure about the renovations. Maybe those happened after my stay since I was there two years ago. I also stayed at the conrad in hong kong which was ok but the room seemed really small and The JW Marriott Hong King. The marriott by far was the best and the lounge was outstanding. I didn’t even mind the fact that it was a paid stay! Didn’t stay in the park hyatt in tokyo, but I did spend a couple nights in the Andaz and other than being in a quiet area it was a nice property.

    The Park Hyatt Shanghai gave me a great room and if its not cloudy out the view is amazing. Tke Park Hyatt in Beijing is also quite nice but getting a cab in the evening can be tricky. Still these properties were miles better than the Grand Hyatt

  30. Ben – good list. In fact, great list.

    I have stayed at almost all the properties listed above. Would swap out Park Hyatt Tokyo with Andaz Tokyo instead (which is better than Grand Hyatt Tokyo too – I have done all 3 recently). Also would throw in Grand Hyatt Martinez in Cannes into the mix – one of the few aspirational redemptions for French Riviera.

    On the same page with everything else.

  31. @ farnorthtrader – I completely agree with your assessment of the Park Hyatt Vendome and I experienced it as part of a couple! The staff were perfunctory in their interactions and the package booked required real effort to be acknowledged – great location let down by a tired suite and poor attitudes. In contrast, there are insufficient superlatives to adequately describe our our two stays at the Park Hyatt Sydney in the past month – gorgeous staff, amazing position and views, excellent restaurant experiences and perfect rooms.

  32. @Lucky . Obviously you have not stayed at The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong over the last year else you would not rate the property so highly . It is utterly shocking ,impossible to avoid the noise from the contrustion site opposite. It is surprising you rate this property to your readers given it offers sleepless nights. I had to check out and move to the Upper House and have stayed there every time since . No longer will I support the Hyatt property given the exorbitant rates that come with unforgiving and relentless noise . Even as a free night I need to sleep and the Grand Hyatt is simply NOT an option ,actually I am finding Hyatt less and less a hotel chain of choice there are so many better options and now the atrocious WOH loyalty program reinforces the appropriate decision to abandon.

  33. For the Ziva and Zilara (at least in Cancun), you can book the rooms online because the Points/FreeNights options will automatically show if available – there’s no need to call in to Hyatt even though the page incorrectly says so. You can confirm this by putting in random fall midweek dates and seeing the online availability.

    The difficulty is in finding availability on desirable dates because only the most basic King room can be booked this way and there are not that many.

  34. I split my free nights. I used one for the Park Hyatt New York, and then used the second for the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. Both hotels were pretty amazing. Although i think my wife and i enjoyed the Grand Hyatt New York more than the Park Hyatt. The outdoor rooftop patio there is amazing.

  35. Great list. My personal favorites are the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez – fabulous boardwalk for sunbathing and arriving just at the end of the film festival, the hotel was filled with celebrities – for those that care; Park Hyatt – @ farnorthtrader – yes I can understand your feeling – it is clearly not a place for children – however, for those that want true luxury in a sophisticated setting, it is perfect; Park Hyatt Milan – great Christmas market in season nearby; I will use my free nights on the Park Hyatt New York – I can’t deal with the price but I might consider using one free night in conjunction with two paid nights – just for the experience. I considered the Zilara for our 50th wedding anniversary trip prior to our visit to the new Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya. I like the idea of all inclusive – however really superb dining is a big part of our vacation. Not sure the all inclusives are appropriate for that – wound up booking the J W Marriott – Cancun. Can someone who knows fine dining talk me into rethinking that and booking the Zilara?

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