Amex Is Extending The Pay With Points 50% Refund For Some

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Earlier I wrote about how some major changes are being made to one of my favorite benefits of The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express. A 50% rebate on select Pay With Points redemptions was introduced as a perk as of last October, and it allows you to get up to two cents of value out of each point.

Unfortunately it looks like this was too generous, as this perk is being changed as of June 1, 2017:

Using the Pay With Points feature for discounted business class tickets has been a great value

If you only recently got the card, there’s at least some good news. Per Doctor of Creditif you opened your Amex Business Platinum Card between October 2016 and May 31, 2017, Amex will honor the 50% refund, with unlimited points, for one full year from the date your card was issued.

It’s not surprising to see this move, given that credit card issuers are often required to give advance notice of changes to new cardmembers. Unfortunately this isn’t of any benefit to longtime cardmembers, who won’t get this benefit beyond June 1, 2017. So while the extension isn’t terribly exciting, it’s at least worth being aware of, in light of how lucrative the benefit is.

Too bad the rest of us get just over a month of advance notice of these changes. Oh well, I guess it’s a benefit we only had for a few months anyway…

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  1. Does this apply if I upgraded from the business gold card to the platinum. I upgraded the card after Amex announced the 50% points and 1.5x points

  2. Avrinder, I did the same thing. Just spoke with a rep and they said it counts as a new card from when I got it, so yes, should still be good for a year from when you upgraded.

  3. I’m not interested in AMEX anymore. I’ll keep the Everyday card just to keep my MR points alive but I think I’m done with everything else. I absolutely hate the AMEX lounges now, they’re all showing the incredibly heavy use. I’ll just hit an airport restaurant now and expense the cost to my company… The only other benefit that was much good to me was the hotel status, but I can do without that as well.

    You know when you do something that completely disgusts you when you look back on it? Kind of how I feel about my last 21 years as an AMEX cardholder…

  4. It’s not extending. By law the card benefits have to stay the same for at least one year. Oct 1 is the time they launched that benefit. So for whoever applied from then on till they change are protected by the law that whatever benefits they signed up with will stay for at least until the end of their first membership year.

  5. In general this is typical Amex crap. All this bonus did was put them at parity with Cap 1 Spark for Biz with $.02 value per point anyway, so to walk it back is lame. Vast majority of our travel is domestic, so with the FF point/seat availability these days (none), I will now move about $30k/month of spend to Cap 1. We will probably downgrade the Amex, unless we feel strongly about keeping the Sky Club for just one person. Bye bye Amex.

  6. I just spoke to American Express, they informed me that since I paid my AF in March, the 50% refunds with points will be extended to March 2018. Did anyone else get this response from Amex customer service?

  7. gene…
    I am trying to get that reply from AMEX. I paid my AF in Feb. and was looking forward to the 50% bonus… Might have switched to Cap 1 had I known they were gonna cut the %. Did they give you grief getting that change?

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