SAS Backtracks On Their Generous Hertz Promotion

Last week I wrote about the exceptionally generous car rental promotion that SAS is running. SAS EuroBonus is celebrating their 25th anniversary, and is offering 5,000 bonus points per rental with Hertz. As the terms were originally published, there was no minimum requirement for how long your rental had to be — any rental qualified.

As I explained, this opened up opportunities to acquire SAS EuroBonus points for a fraction of a penny. I gave the example of a place that has cars for $22.60 per day all-in, meaning you could earn SAS points for just under 0.5 cents each.


I suspect some people are just taking advantage of this promotion casually, and are crediting Hertz rentals that they’d make anyway to SAS EuroBonus instead of to another program . However, others are probably going out of their way to rent Hertz cars. If you live near a Hertz location that has reasonably priced rentals, this is a great opportunity.

I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but the terms of this promotion have recently been modified. Specifically, the following addition has been made to the terms & conditions:

  • For Domestic US & Canada rentals there is a minimum rental requirement of 3 days.

Meanwhile for rentals in the rest of the world, a one day rental still qualifies. Hopefully this promotion is honored for those who have already made reservations prior to this change in terms. If the correct miles don’t post automatically, sending a screenshot of the original terms might be effective.

However, the terms & conditions do note that “Hertz reserves the right to change or remove this promotion at any time.” The terms also state “recourse to the courts is not permitted.” Of course just because they say that doesn’t mean you can’t take them to court. Whether or not that’s worth your time, though, is a different story.

So it’s also entirely possible that they try to backtrack, which would be unfortunate. This is at least worth being aware of, if you were someone who was going to make dozens of rentals through this promotion.

Has anyone taken advantage of this promotion so far?

(Tip of the hat to askmrlee)


  1. Am I missing something here? What does this have to do with the guy being dragged off that United flight? ; )

  2. I cannot say I am surprised. I was thinking I might do this but decided to wait and see how thinks shook out. Unfortunately this community is now so large we can easily move the needle witness AS/Neiman Marcus and BA/dating site deals that collapsed. Probably still hackable for some though.

  3. Does anyone have a pdf or screenshot of the old terms, that they might be willing to share. I made 6 bookings (4 already completed), under the assumption I would get 5,000 Eurobonus points each, but unfortunately, do not have a screenshot.

  4. There could even be more odd cases elsewhere. Last week, I had a NZD 1 rental from Wellington to Auckland. I can’t see any such rates next week, though. This is no error rate, but happens when they have too many cars down in Wellington, because tourists rented them at Auckland and drove them down to Wellington, where they took the ferry to Soth Island (you can’t take rental cars from one island to the other, in NZ).

    I don’t have a SK account, so I didn’t post my miles there – but it should have worked!

  5. I called Hertz to see if they will honor my (20) bookings as they were done prior to change. rep said they sent info to promotions dept and will get back to me shortly. I am hoping one of you have a screen shot with out the 3 day minimum rental requirement.

  6. I’ve still yet to find a single city where this promo is valid for me (New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden – all say not valid) – how are you all finding them!

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