Earn Oman Air Gold Status With One Business Class Ticket From Manchester

Oman Air has published a rather interesting deal to celebrate the launch of their new route to Manchester, which launches May 1, 2017. Upon purchasing a ticket and traveling roundtrip to any of their destinations in India or South East Asia, you will receive status in their frequent flyer program, Sindbad miles.

Oman Air Business Class.
Oman Air Business Class.

If you fly in economy, you earn Silver status after just one roundtrip, and if you travel business you earn Gold status. There is very little information about the promotion on Oman Air’s website, but if you actually get all Gold member benefits, that would include two upgrade certificates. 

This could potentially be an incredible deal. The terms and conditions listed are as follows:

  • To be eligible you need to register and book at least 24 hours in advance of your flight.
  • Offer is valid for travel between 1st May and 31st May 2017.
  • Your journey has to be completed on or before 31st May 2017.
  • The offer is applicable for Economy & Business Class journeys between Manchester and any of Oman Air’s destinations in the Far East (Bangkok, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore), in India (Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram) or in Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore).
  • Sindbad members need to complete the entire journey in revenue Business class to be eligible for upgrade to Gold.
  • Sindbad members need to complete the journey in revenue Economy class to be eligible for upgrade to Silver.


Note that you have to register to be eligible.

Let’s have a look at just how valuable this offer can be. Oman Air business class fares to South East Asia from Manchester are quite expensive:

Fares from Manchester to South East Asia in May.
Fares from Manchester to South East Asia in May.

However, fares to India are slightly more reasonable:

Oman Air Sindbad miles promotion

These flights would be enough to upgrade an entire roundtrip ticket from anywhere to/from Muscat. You could apply your upgrade certificates to a future ticket between Manchester and Muscat, which would have otherwise cost $2447.

Oman Air manchester roundtrip

Is it worth the trip?

Given that airfares out of London and Manchester tend to be very expensive, I think this could be very valuable to UK-based readers. Oman Air has one of the best business class products in the world and I had an incredible experience on my recent flights with them. Besides the other benefits of being Sindbad Gold, earning two upgrade certificates could potentially save a lot of money. Economy fares between the UK and Muscat seem to hover around $500 roundtrip:

Oman Air Sindbad Promotion

Doing some simple math, $2800 + $500 = $3200. This means you could essentially get two business class trips between the UK and Asia for $1600 each on one of the world’s best business class products. Otherwise, the upgrade certificates can be applied on any Oman Air flight, so you have a lot of freedom.

Bottom Line

While Sindbad Gold might not be especially useful on airlines other than Oman Air, getting two upgrade certificates just for flying one roundtrip from Manchester is a great offer. If you’re already booked on an eligible route in May, signing up is a no-brainer, even if you’re in economy.


  1. this sounds lucrative *if* Oman Air’s route network actually works for you (and that’s a crucial factor since their limited number of partnerships end up magnifying the importance of their own network)

  2. @Daniel, sorry if I’m missing something, but surely the prices you’ve quoted are for discounted business, but the Ts and Cs require full fare (J) class? If so, the economics of this don’t quite stack up as you suggest? (Sorry if I’m missing something obvious/have this wrong).

  3. @Daniel – sorry – I have now read the Ts and Cs on the Oman Air site, which actually refer to “revenue business class” rather than “J class”. Sorry – I took your shorthand as meaning literally booked in “J” class.

    Will seriously consider this. Thank you.

  4. I was rather hoping Daniel had been dropped from OMAAT. Even though the bar is pretty low these days, he still manages to be the worst contributor.

  5. Be nice. Daniel got (deserved) flack for his lack of self-awareness on cutting others in line to make his flight, but has been fine since

  6. @ Rob — C’mon, have some class. We both write widely read travel sites. Coming to another site and trashing it and saying the “bar is pretty low” is, well, pretty low…

  7. @ Chris — I had the same questions when he originally wrote the post (so you’re not alone), but he also followed with Oman Air, and they confirmed any revenue economy or business fare would qualify. 🙂

  8. @Rob – As someone who has read your blog for years, every single day, I can’t believe the nasty comment you have just written. Seriously lost respect for HfP! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. Although sadly I won’t be able to take advantage of this deal, I appreciate Daniel writing about it. I’m not sure why there’s so much vitriol out there, but here’s hoping for a more receptive and kind environment for all the contributors. (P.S. I did take advantage of the TAP airfare deal, changing my original flight booked out of CAI with Kuwait Airlines, also brought to my attention by this blog. Thanks.)

  10. Rob, is it because Daniel scooped you to this news? Sour grapes!
    Don’t be a prick, we all know you were a ex banker who lives in South Ken. Huzzah!

  11. @Evan @Sean As if there’s any evidence that it was actual Rob who posted that… it’s more likely someone trolling the blog and pretending to be Rob to stir things up.

  12. Doing some simple maths $2800 + $500 does not give $3200.

    Also if $500 is the fare from Manchester to Muscat, that sum does not amount to two return flights to Asia.

  13. @ Dylan — It’s a valid point. The email address used was legit, though of course it’s pretty easy to use someone else’s email. Let me send Rob an email and see if he can confirm.

  14. Folks, my apologies on this. The person posting as “Rob” linked to Head for Points and had the proper email, but upon emailing Rob, he said it wasn’t him. I knew he was traveling so didn’t think the IP looked strange either (he seems to be on Asia in vacation), or else I would have been more skeptical. So no bad blood here, hopefully. 🙂

  15. You can also earn direct Sindbad Gold by status matching with OW, ST or *A if you have one The Sindbad FF service center responded pretty quickly.

  16. @Dong Eon do you get the upgrade voucher when status matching? Or is it a challenge and they give them if you have completed a certain number of flights?

  17. And to think my BA Concorde flight, Class R supersonic class, was only enough to get one silver lol.

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