$400 Transatlantic Business Class Tickets Still Available (With Free Stopovers)

A few days ago I wrote about how TAP Portugal had ~$400 one-way business class fares from Oslo and Copenhagen to the US, starting for travel in September. That’s an insanely low fare.


On one hand it seems like it may be a mistake fare, while on the other hand TAP Portugal frequently publishes one-way transatlantic business class fares of under $1,000, so it’s not that far off from what they normally charge. So while it seems very low, it’s not entirely obvious that this is an error.

Well, TAP Portugal’s excellent business class fares are still available, three days later. So if you haven’t yet taken advantage of one of these fares, I’d highly recommend doing so. The deal even potentially gets better than I explained last time.

TAP Portugal allows three day stopovers on this fare at no additional cost. So for $400 you can fly from Oslo/Copenhagen to Lisbon, spend up to three days there, and then continue to the US. Lisbon is a great city, so doing a stopover of a few days there is an excellent opportunity to visit two destinations on one (very) low fare.


To book this, I recommend using the multi-city tool on TAP Portugal’s website. Enter the segments individually, and keep in mind that the cheap fare needs to be available on both segments, or else you won’t get the cheap fare (I recommend first using Google Flights to see which dates are cheap, and then using the multi-city tool).


Then on the next page you’ll see all the options. Scroll down until you see “Executive,” which is what they call business class. The fare in many cases will be just over $400.


Of course keep in mind that availability on this fare is more limited than it was before, though there’s still decent availability for travel this fall. For example, here’s what availability looks like from Oslo to Boston in October and November:


We don’t see $400 one-way business class fares from Europe to the US very often, so if you haven’t yet jumped on this opportunity but can fit it in your travel plans, I highly recommend doing so.


  1. @ keitherson — True, but it’s a fairly short flight, and they also have three planes with fully flat beds in business class, which should generally be available to BOS and JFK.

  2. Copenhagen was in 600s when I checked. Could do as little as 1h10min layover in Lisbon or at least as long as six days – priced out osl-lis 10/10 and lis-bos 10/16 for $412 even on TAP website few days ago but still haven’t pulled the trigger

  3. Been trying to rearrange my schedule the last several days to try and fit this trip but I can’t make this work. Would’ve be nice if there were dates available in May but looks like I have to pass this deal.

  4. Lucky, this is a great find! Any suggestions for how to get to OSL from ORD cheaply? Preferably in J?

  5. I just booked CPH-MIA for early Sept for my whole family (2 adults + 3 kids) for $574/pp. Booked with my AmEx Business Plat so after the 50% points rebate it cost less than 29k MR points/person and will earn 8k+ UA miles. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I booked when I read the last post but didn’t know stopovers were possible. Oh well, I guess I’ll visit Lisbon later.

    How do you know which flights might have flat beds Lisbon to JFK?

  7. I cannot see avialblity to boston….does anyone still see these deals? of course Im ready to book and nothing ……help ….Im a cheapskate

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