Passenger Threatens To Accuse Uber Driver Of Rape Because He Doesn’t Have iPhone Charger

Given how popular Uber has become, it’s no surprise that we seem to be hearing more and more horror stories of misbehaving passengers. It seems like more drivers are learning to record interactions when they go south, in order to minimize the possibility of any accusations by passengers.

Video has surfaced of an especially crazy interaction that a New York Uber driver had with a passenger. Apparently the passenger wanted an iPhone charger because her phone was dead, which the driver didn’t have. At that point she began disrespecting the driver, so he decided to start recording the interaction. When she refused to behave, he stopped the car and told her to get out.

She refused to get out, and started accusing the driver of all kinds of things, and said that she’ll accuse him of rape if he doesn’t take her to her destination or call the cops. She even told him that Trump will have him sent back to “his country.”

Here’s the video, which has a lot of bad language, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff, I don’t recommend watching it:

Kudos to the driver for how calm he remains through the whole interaction, given how hysterical she is. His commentary at the end crosses the line a bit, though I can also imagine the condition he was in after the way she spoke to him, so I think he deserves some leeway there.

The driver posted an update of the incident, where he says that he met with Uber officials, who gave him an undisclosed amount of money, and also phone chargers for life. Furthermore, the passenger involved in the incident is banned from Uber for life. He also explains that the reason he didn’t call the cops is because he only had one phone, and he didn’t want any lapse in the video footage (which I don’t blame him for, given how she was acting).

Here’s the video update:

Thank goodness that stuff like this gets recorded, so that these people can be shamed for their actions.


  1. Ah never mind. Does the video reverse it. Anyway, I had already seen this in reddit many days ago.

  2. @Credit I think you’re correct, the driver is on the right side. Odd. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to get it all on tape.

  3. Most of these “incidents” are simply viral marketing for the company. Why pay for commercials when you can have writers mention your company for free?

    “The driver posted an update of the incident, where he says that he met with Uber officials, who gave him an undisclosed amount of money, and also phone chargers for life. ”

    Uber even comes out looking generous to their drivers, negating all the recent bad publicity!

  4. Lucky I didn’t realize you to be a PC ***** you say he went over the top at the end. I mean must be nice to be a ***** every person would go off at that ***** after that encounter. Cry me a river.

  5. “…so that these people can be shamed for their actions.” Earth to Ben. As if she gives a fu*k what you or anyone else thinks. If she made false rape or assault allegations she needs to be in jail where she belongs.

  6. Yet there are some people who believe that anytime someone even mentions the possibility of rape that the woman be believed at all costs. Thank goodness he had that video otherwise he’d be in the papers and there would be an outcry about how he should rot in prison for something he didn’t even do.

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