LAST CHANCE (Possibly Ever): SPG Amex 35K Point Sign-Up Bonus

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Update: The below links for the Starwood Preferred Guest cards are expired, but you can learn more about the best current offers here!

Update: The Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express has a limited time offer through 11/1/2017. Learn more about best available offers here.

Well, folks, this is your last chance. The increased sign-up bonuses on the SPG Amex Cards will be pulled at some point during the day tomorrow (Wednesday, April 5, 2017). This increased sign-up bonus has been around since mid-February.

Both the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express are offering sign-up bonuses of 35,000 Starpoints upon completing minimum spend, plus the first year’s annual fee is waived (it’s $95 per year thereafter).


I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each, so to me the 35,000 point sign-up bonus are worth $770, which is a huge sign-up bonus.

At a minimum, Starpoints convert into airline miles at a 1:1 ratio, with a 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points transferred. In other words, upon completing minimum spend you’ll have a minimum of 40,000 Starpoints, which is enough for 50,000 airline miles in your choice of programs.

These cards also come with a slew of perks, including the following:

Access Sheraton club lounges with the SPG Business Amex, like at the Sheraton Park Lane London

You can quite easily earn the sign-up bonus on both the business and personal version of the card. There are a couple of things to note about American Express applications in general:

  • Sign-up bonuses from American Express are “once in a lifetime” nowadays, so if you’ve gotten a sign-up bonus on a particular card before, you generally won’t be eligible for another bonus on that card
  • With American Express, you generally can’t have more than four charge cards and five credit cards at a given time, including both business and personal cards; it doesn’t matter what the split is between personal and business cards, but rather what matters is the split between credit and charge cards (some report being limited to four credit cards, though as a general rule of thumb the limit seems to have been lifted to five credit card)

So, assuming you meet the above criteria, you can be approved for both the SPG Personal Amex and SPG Business Amex.

St-Regis-Doha - 64
Redeem your Starpoints at the St. Regis Doha

Keep in mind that the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs are expected to merge at some point next year. When that happens, we don’t know if American Express or Chase will take over the credit card contract. Given that American Express has historically offered this bonus once per year, it’s possible that this is the last time we’ll see this bonus.

Bottom line

The sign-up bonuses on the SPG Personal Amex and SPG Business Amex are the best we’ve ever seen. If you’ve been considering picking up one or both of these cards, you’ll want to apply today or early tomorrow to be sure you can get in on the bonus; it will be pulled at some point tomorrow.

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  1. I’m in for one. Approved on Sunday. I like how Amex gives you the card # immediately so you can start working on that minimum spend. First personal Amex card I ever opened. Have had this stupid green corporate card for years that earns squat. Hopefully it gets here before my next trip!

  2. Hello , I’m quite new on this and I have on question

    How many years you have to mantiene the card before you can throw it away?
    That’s to know how many years i have to have the anual fee



  3. Hey Ben, when you say the sign up bonus lasts through tomorrow, does that mean you have to apply for the card by tomorrow? Or does that mean you have to finish spend requirement for bonus by tomorrow? Thanks!

  4. RD – you have to apply for the card by tomorrow. You have 3 months from the time you open the card to make the spend.

  5. @ federico — There’s no amount of time for which you have to keep the card. You can cancel it after the first year if you’re not getting value out of it, and still keep the points.

  6. Perfect thanks guys! I actually applied a few days ago and got approved, so then I’ll for sure be good to go for the 35K bonus. I knew I wouldn’t reach the spend bonus but if I only have to have applied, then life is all good.

  7. Is it possible to get 35k points and also use the 5k referral offer? I tried inviting my wife to signup for the card, but the advertisement in the invite just said 25k signup and no incremental 10k points on additional spend of $2k!

  8. Got the biz version, but, as much as I want those extra 35k points, gonna let the personal offer slide because of f’ing 5/24. Now what are the chances of the Marriott Rewards Business card 100k offer coming back this year?

  9. @RD, totally understand your confusion over my comment, so let me explain. Yes, 5/24 only applies to Chase cards. But for those of us who would like to apply for one their cards again, any personal card (and some business cards) such as Amex SPG personal could disqualify us from getting approved by Chase in the future.

  10. Amex is not honoring 35k sign up bonus if your applying via a friends referral link, you get only the 25k regular bonus via referrals. Tried getting Amex to match it but no luck even after several attempts, Better to signup using the public offer.

  11. Waited till the last day to apply, which I just did and got approved. Card should be here in 2 days according to the onscreen message. So, I will have 3 month from today to meet the minimum spend?

  12. @AKTCHI, assuming you got the personal and not the biz version of the card, you have 3 months from today to make the 3k minimum spend to get 25k points. And you have 3 months after that (so 6 months from today) to put another 2 grand of spend on it to get an additional 10k points.

  13. @ AKTCHI — Yep. Typically it’s three months from when you activate the card, but I wouldn’t push my luck.

  14. So with the merger of Marriot and SPG programs next year, what happens to our SPG points if we haven’t used them by then? I’m currently pregnant and don’t think we’ll be getting around to a vacation this year. If I transfer points, will they still be valid if the SPG program is discontinued? I don’t want to sign up and get a bunch of points that could end up useless.

  15. If I used an AU card at an SPG/Marriot property, who earns the stays? The Primary cardholder that the SPG account is linked to, or the AU holder (assuming they have their own SPG account)?

  16. @Lucky and everyone: Waiting for my new card but got my welcome email today and noticed that they have assigned a different SPG number to my new business account.

    Do I need to have different SPG numbers for personal and biz accounts or can I ask them to link both cards to the same SPG number?

    Should the request be made to Starwood or Amex?

  17. @ AKTCHI — You should have the same SPG number linked. I’d recommend calling Amex and seeing if they can update that.

  18. @Rick:This is business card. (I have had the personal one for a while, so not eligible for that.)

    @Lucky Got the duplicate account sorted out with Amex. As you said, one needs to call Amex in such a situation, not SPG.

    I have also managed to misplace / delete my screenshots of this application. Grrr! Can somebody please remind me what the initial spend is on the business card? 3K or 5K?

  19. I have this written on my spreadsheet for the SPG Biz:

    25k after $5k in 3 months, 10k after $3k in 3 months.

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