Instant Approval For 100K Points Plus A Free Night

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Update: The Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express has a limited time offer through 11/1/2017. Learn more about best available offers here.

Update: The below links for the Delta SkyMiles® Credit Cards, Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express, and Hilton Honors™ Card from American Express are expired, but you can learn more about best available offers here.

A bit over a week ago American Express introduced the biggest ever sign-up bonuses on their two co-branded Hilton cards — the Hilton Honors™ Card from American Express and Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express.

Specifically, the details of the offers are as follows:

For a no annual fee card, the 80,000 point sign-up bonus is great, though the card that interests me most is the Surpass Card, given that it offers 100,000 points plus a free weekend night on the first account anniversary.

Even if you don’t value the free night on the account anniversary that much (which you should — it’s worth up to 95,000 points), I think it’s worth going for the Surpass over the no annual fee card, since the incremental 20,000 points should be worth more the $75 annual fee.

Unfortunately I can’t apply for this card at the moment, since I’m maxed out on American Express credit cards. You can typically have at most five American Express credit cards (not including charge cards), and I already have The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card from American ExpressStarwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American ExpressStarwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American ExpressThe Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express and Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express.

So while I couldn’t apply for the card myself, Ford did apply for the Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express. I love how easy it is to apply online for an American Express credit card as an existing member, since you just log-in, and then almost all the information is pre-populated. The application literally takes less than a minute.

Best of all, instant approvals are common, and Ford got an instant approval on his application.

Also keep in mind that if you’re an existing cardmember and are denied for the card (which seems unlikely), it typically won’t count against your credit score.

This really is an awesome card for so many reasons:

  • Even if you don’t value Hilton points that much, 100,000 points plus a free weekend night on the first account anniversary is a big sign-up bonus
  • You get Honors Gold status for as long as you have the card (which gets you breakfast, room upgrades, etc.), plus Diamond status when you spend $40,000 on the card in a year

Use your free weekend night certificate at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

Bottom line

The increased sign-up bonuses on the Hilton Honors™ Card from American Express and Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express are worth considering, if you haven’t applied for one (or both) of them already. You’re potentially eligible for the sign-up bonuses on both cards. I think there’s merit to both cards, though personally I think the sign-up bonus on the Surpass Card is more lucrative.

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  1. How? I can’t believe you haven’t had all the cards you push on this site yet.

    This is not a new card.

  2. I read an article somewhere else that said that Amex may have gotten rid of the 5 card limit for cards. Rumor, of course, but worth looking into.

  3. @ James — News to me, thanks. Last I heard they raised it from four to five, but will look into it.

  4. I’ve only had one card that ever wasn’t instantly approved and that was the Merrill + card for Bank of America.

    Is it actually common for cards to not be instantly approved?

  5. @ Chris — I find that Amex approvals are often instant, but with Chase and Citi it’s much more common to get a pending decision, in my experience.

  6. @ FabinhoBP — The welcome bonus is only available to those who haven’t had the card before. However, there are two types of cards, and they’re considered separate products for those purposes.

  7. Ben, you seem to be stressing “first account anniversary” … is it every annual renewal for the free night as it is with most of these? – Thanks

  8. I just applied for the AmEX SPG card. It it worth it to apply for either one of these also, assuming no issues with meeting the minimum spend limit? Can the point and free night be combined across cards?

  9. @ dale m — Nope, this benefit is just on the first account anniversary. None of the Hilton cards offer a free night on the anniversary without any spend, aside from this offer.

  10. @ Leanna — I’d definitely apply for one of these in your shoes. You can combine the Hilton points across the various cards, if you do apply for multiple Hilton cards.

  11. Does AmEx not treat personal cards differently from business cards when applying four card limit?

  12. Below is what I get, no “plus….” langauge

    Limited Time Offer
    Earn 100,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points
    after you spend $3,000 in purchases on the Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership.† Offer Ends 5/31/2017.

  13. …also if you’re an authorized user on a spouse’s Surpass card does AmEx consider that your one time shot at that card?

  14. @ flying eddie — Being an authorized user doesn’t preclude you from getting the bonus on a card. You’d still be eligible.

    And they don’t treat personal and business cards differently for the purposes of approval. Instead they treat charge cards and credit cards differently.

  15. @ chapman — Hmmm, have you tried a different browser maybe? This is a publicly available offer, so it’s not targeted, or anything. You should absolutely be eligible for it. I just pulled it up and the offer still looks the same to me.

  16. I’m sort of lost, you mention that the free night is more important than free breakfast. I find that the Free night is nice, however, if you stay at Hiltons enough the free breakfast is a very nice perk, it can save roughly $70-90 for a weekend getaway of if you are on vacation and spending a week or longer the free breakfast add’s a very nice perk with the CC.

  17. @ Tony — Sorry, did I mention that? Can’t find where I said that, as it’s certainly not my intention. The free night is a GREAT perk for signing up for the card and keeping it for a year, but long term Hilton Honors Gold status is worth quite a bit.

  18. The 12 people who read this blog who haven’t already had both of these cards will be happy to hear about this. 😉

    Sadly, this is about as good as it gets for miles and points blogs these days. What’s that song about “the party’s over”?

    And make no mistake, this IS the best travel blog out there. If you doubt that, just check out VFTW and it’s endless click bait posts. ;(

    Lucky, I truly hope you have been socking away profits these past few years….

  19. I have had this card in the past and downgraded to the no annual fee card yet I was able to get the upgrade offer for the 100,000 points for spending $3,000 but not the free anniversary night offer. Since I have gotten the bonus on this card before, I was surprised to be approved.

  20. @Chris

    I received an mail offer pre-approval for the Citi AAdvantage card. When I applied through the invitation link I was denied, not pending but denied. Then a couple days later I received an email saying that Citi could not process my application and that I needed to call in. They basically confirmed my cell phone number and approved me for the card.

    So I guess something as small as verifying a phone number can make applications go pending approval.

  21. Lucky,

    Have you done a comparison on which card is better: Hilton Surpass card with this bonus or the Citi Hilton Reserve with 2 free weekend nights?

    I want to sign up for one of these cards and will likely keep one of them long term because of the gold status perk, but would appreciate your insight on which to get.

    Maybe apply first to Surpass card, redeem the free night at 1 year anniversary, then cancel and sign up for Reserve later and keep that long term since you stand to accumulate a free night with 10k in spend for an extra $20 annual fee?

    Thanks in advance

  22. I find it VERY VERY VERY VERY hard to believe that you and Ford haven’t already had this card in the past. VERY VERY VERY VERY hard to believe that.

  23. @ Jim — Well, believe it — it’s true. 😉 I’m constantly maxed out on Amex credit cards, which is why I haven’t gotten it yet. I did get the no annual fee version of this card a few years back.

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