Preview Now Available For 2017 Daily Getaways Packages

Daily Getaways is a promotion sponsored by the U.S. Travel Association, which has been offered the past several years as a way of encouraging U.S. tourism. The promotion has consisted of all kinds of travel packages, including offers on car rentals, hotel stays, loyalty program points, and theme park admission. Here’s an example of some of the 2016 travel packages.


About a month ago we learned that Daily Getaways will be returning in 2017 — the packages will go live starting next Monday, April 10, 2017.

Well, Daily Getaways has now released previews for their first two weeks of 2017 packages, and we should soon learn about the packages for the other three weeks.

For the week of April 10-14, 2017, Daily Getaways packages include:

  • Monday: $50 Alamo gift certificates for $25
  • Tuesday: MGM Las Vegas getaway packages, ranging in cost from $475 to $1,750
  • Wednesday: IHG Rewards Club points packages, starting at ~0.57 cents each
  • Thursday: Discounted admission to Busch Gardens and SeaWorld for only $45-50
  • Friday: Packages of 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for $175


For the week of April 17-21, 2017, Daily Getaways packages include:

  • Monday: 10,000 Best Western Rewards points for $55
  • Tuesday: Omni Hotel getaway packages ranging in cost from $160 to $335
  • Wednesday: Universal Studios Hollywood front of line admission tickets for $139
  • Thursday: Caesars Las Vegas getaway packages, ranging in cost from $315 to $1,500
  • Friday: Loews Hotel getaway packages, ranging in cost from $275 to $1,300


Bottom line

I’ll share more details on these packages closer to when they go “live,” but overall they seem quite niche to me. The MGM, Caesars, Omni, and Loews packages will be worthwhile to some, though personally I don’t see myself buying any of them.

I’m not really into theme parks, though I know others quite like those deals.

Meanwhile the bonus on purchased IHG Rewards Club points isn’t significantly better than what they otherwise offer during a promotion. When IHG Rewards Club offers a 100% bonus on purchased points, that’s a rate of 0.575 cents per point, so this is actually marginally more expensive.

There’s way to get outsized value out of the Wyndham Rewards promotion, though personally I wouldn’t pay $175 for a “free” night at a Wyndham property, without even having the opportunity to earn points on the stay.

In subsequent weeks we may see some worthwhile offers to buy hotel points, though the good ones tend to sell out almost instantly (like with Hyatt points, at least in the past).

Are there any Daily Getaways packages that interest you guys?


  1. Already staying at Loews Coronado in May, so if i can buy one of these and subsidize my trip – why not?

  2. There may be some opportunities for Wyndham Go Fast or Best Western with those points, though you’re not exactly a go-to guy for that kind of coverage and analysis as a die-hard Starwood/Hyatt loyalist who would rather pay $200 a night than venture outside that comfort zone. 😉

    Ric Garrido at Loyalty Traveler probably has the lowdown as far as that goes. He seems far more willing to consider the “exotic” chains.

  3. I’m a big fan of Best Western, but it doesn’t look like a good deal to me. You would be paying more than the cash value of a stay in most cases.

  4. I think it’s hilarious/outrageous that some of the hotel offers (I’m looking at you, Delano…) do not include the resort fee. What a crock of s**t.

  5. I was just looking recently at the Hyatt website for a two night stay in Las Vegas and I glanced at the prices for the New York New York property. I think the 2 night stay cost less on the Hyatt website than what is being offered here. Maybe there are some added items that we don’t see here… Hmmm..

  6. Phil,

    It is much cheaper to sign up for an Mlife account ( and then look at hotel prices through their portal. Even as a base member you should get lower prices than what is on the Hyatt website.

  7. @MBP- Thanks!!! I appreciate that… Will I still get the all important Hyatt credit for a stay? Gotta get my 60 nights. 🙂

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