World Of Hyatt Promotion: Earn Double Points Through June 30, 2017

Last October we first learned about World of Hyatt, which replaced Hyatt Gold Passport as Hyatt’s loyalty program. The program kicked in as of March 1, 2017, and has gotten a mixed response.

Well, the first World of Hyatt promotion has just been announced, which is called “Double Points for Being You.”

Details of Hyatt’s double points promotion

Through this promotion, World of Hyatt members can earn double base points for all stays between April 1 and June 30, 2017, starting with the second stay. Here’s what Jeff Zidell, SVP of World of Hyatt had to say about the promotion:

“Built on the idea that loyalty starts with understanding, World of Hyatt brings more rewards and benefits for doing the things members love to do—from trusted hotel stays to shared dining experiences to deserved spa treatments,” said Jeff Zidell, senior vice president, World of Hyatt. “Our first World of Hyatt promotion celebrates our members with double points when they stay, so they can enjoy meaningful rewards like free nights and room upgrades even more quickly.”

You can take part in the promotion by doing the following:

  • From now through June 30, 2017, register at
  • Make a reservation on and complete your second eligible stay during the promotion period, April 1 through June 30,2017, to begin earning double points
  • Provide your World of Hyatt membership number at the time of reservation and check-in


How good is Hyatt’s double points promotion?

World of Hyatt members ordinarily earn five base points per dollar spent, meaning that during this promotion members will earn 10 points per dollar spent, starting with their second stay. On top of that, you can earn more points if you’re an elite member (the numbers below are starting with your second stay):

  • Discoverist members will earn 10.5 points per dollar spent (10% bonus on base points)
  • Explorist members earn 11 points per dollar spent (20% bonus on base points)
  • Globalist members earn 11.5 points per dollar spent (30% bonus on base points)

I value Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, meaning the return offered starting with your second stay is ~16-17%, depending on your status.

So this promotion essentially offers an incremental return of ~7.5% on Hyatt stays, since that’s what I value five points at. That’s certainly not a reason to book Hyatt over a competitor, though perhaps it will prevent people from booking away from Hyatt.

Earn double points at all Hyatt properties, including the Hyatt Regency Baku

Other ways to earn free nights at Hyatt hotels

Keep in mind that in addition to just earning points, there are other ways members can earn free nights through the World of Hyatt program:

  • World of Hyatt Globalist members got a free night valid at any Hyatt hotel when the program was launched
  • Each year you get a free Category 1-4 night when you qualify for Explorist status, and a free Category 1-7 night when you qualify for Globalist status
  • You get a free Category 1-4 night after staying at five Hyatt brands, and another free Category 1-4 night after staying at another five Hyatt brands

Redeem your free Category 7 night at the Park Hyatt Sydney

How does this compare to past promotions?

As a point of comparison, Hyatt’s last global promotion (which they ran last fall) offered up to 75,000 bonus points after 25 nights. That’s the same promotion they also ran a couple of times before that.


For those who were able to complete that many stays, that was probably a much better promotion. In order to earn 75,000 bonus points through this promotion you’d have to spend $15,000 starting with your second stay, which I suspect most people won’t do. However, the previous promotion was also most useful in specific increments, so wasn’t great for those who aren’t frequent guests.

Bottom line

I’m just happy to see any promotion from Hyatt. Ultimately this promotion isn’t anything to get too excited about — it amounts to an incremental return of ~7.5% on Hyatt stays starting with your second stay — though it’s better than nothing.

What do you make of Hyatt’s double points promotion?


  1. Definitely not something to get excited about. I participated in the Stay More, Play More promotion last year, and leveraged that in a bump in status to Diamond, and three nights’ stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney. That was worthwhile to me, but I’m not seeing the same value in this promo.

  2. 20 hotel nights so far this year. None with Hyatt. 15 of these nights were on the same Westin which is across the street from a Hyatt Regency. Since they decided to destroy their loyalty program Hyatt won’t see a single penny from me. I will still only stay at their properties using points.

  3. Because the wording says double “base points” is it safe that this also counts towards status?

  4. Major bummer, was hoping for the 75k promo again. Never thought I’d say this but I think I’m just going to stay with Hilton.

  5. Agreed. It’s not a huge promotion but it’s a nice little bonus if you’re going to stay at a Hyatt anyways.

    @Patrick: No, these points will not count toward status. The offer terms state that the points earned for this promotion are considered “bonus points”, and per the WoH Ts & Cs: “Bonus Points are not considered in evaluating a Member’s qualification for elite status”.

  6. It says you need to make the reservation on, does that mean that a reservation made via the Citi Prestige concierge wouldn’t count even though its considered an eligible stay for point accrual purposes or does it apply to any eligible stay?

  7. I check in for a 6 night stay in Berlin on March 30th. Looks like I’m screwed here. Thanks for nothing.

  8. @ David — In practice it would be considered eligible. The point is that it has to be a qualifying stay.

  9. I was starting to think Hyatt didn’t really need to offer much with the changes to the loyalty program and the pending sale oder the company. So this is nice to see something- like you say a 7% rebate. Won’t drive me to Hyatt but will be nice to get a little something.

    Hyatt usually counts the checkout as the qualifying date. So checkouts starting in April should qualify.

  10. @Susan How do you use the extra points from a Stay More promotion to get Diamond – I thought only nights/stays count?

  11. Reminds me of the good ol’ Diamond Amenity Bonus days…still not sure this is worth going back to Hyatt for…

  12. Amazing deal. If only Hyatt had more properties in Europe. I’m going on a European road trip next month and there are no Hyatt hotels in any of the cities I’m stopping in. Bummer, but at least I have until the end of June to take advantage of this.

  13. I have the same question as a few earlier commenters. Do you know if my stay from March 30th to April 2nd will count as my first eligible stay since my checkout is during the promotional period? I can’t find the answer in the T&C’s. Thanks for your help!

  14. @Mishas – to get the full 75k points in the Stay More Play More Promotion, you had to stay a total of 25 nights at a Hyatt. I made a number of mattress runs to have enough stays to qualify for Diamond. It was the nights I stayed at Hyatts as part of that promotion that tipped me over to Diamond. The 75k points I earned along the way were what allowed me to stay at the Park Hyatt on points.

    I paid cash & points for my stay, but was able to leverage it to stay at cheap properties, so the expense was worth it to get Diamond and enough points for 3 nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney. I was upgraded to an Opera Deluxe Room, and got three free breakfasts each day (staying with my parents), so the retail value of the three night stay was close to $4k.

  15. @Mark – MGM stays DO count in this promotion, however they need to be an “eligible” rate, which essentially boils down to non-comp’d rooms booked either through,, the hotel’s website, or by calling the hotel directly.

  16. @Josh: So booking through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts does not count? It is a non comped rate and I would normally earn points that way

  17. I checked out of a stay on 4/1 and registered before that stay. Does that count as my first stay? I have about 30 Hyatt Nights in NYC through 6/30, so should be able to earn a lot with this promo. Probably get an extra 50-60k points out of it.

  18. Would a “double your points” purchase mean that points will double for the actual spent money or double the double points?
    Im going to stay in Tokyo for $203 per night using the “double your points” options. The normal rate is $157.
    Im using the Hyatt credit card to purchase.

    $203 x 7nights = 1421 points
    1421 points x 5 = 7105 points.
    7105 x 2 = 14210 points
    First question: Is it worth it to do double your points option?
    Second question: does this promotion double the double points or would it just add another double from the initial price?
    My guestimate is either 21,315 (14210 original points + 7105 double points) or 28420.
    Thanks for your help.

  19. Does booking a Hyatt affiliated hotel (ie, MGM, Mandalay, etc) through Virtuoso count in the promotion? Thanks!

  20. Can the double points be combined with the 3X Hyatt credit card offer?

    Does that translate to $1 = 30 points? (5x2x3)

  21. @ Lucy Mao — The triple points are just on base spent. So the triple points from the card come in the form of three World of Hyatt points per dollar spent, and don’t increase any of your other points earnings.

  22. The ToC say:
    “For the purpose of this offer, an “Eligible Stay” is defined as any stay where a member is paying an Eligible Rate for at least one night of their stay.”
    But it doesn’t say what an eligible rate is…
    Are P+C stays ok?
    Are discounted rates (AAA, prepaid, etc.)?


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