Join Alaska Mileage Plan And Earn 5,000 Bonus Miles After Your First Flight

Earlier in the year, Alaska offered 10,000 bonus miles to anyone who had both an Alaska Mileage Plan and Virgin America Elevate account, and then linked them. While Virgin America Elevate won’t cease to exist until early 2018, they already want as many people as possible to link their accounts.

Well, for those of you who aren’t members of Alaska Mileage Plan, they have a pretty great new member bonus at the moment. You can earn 5,000 bonus Mileage Plan miles if you enroll using this link between March 23 and April 30, 2017, and complete an Alaska or Virgin America flight by September 30, 2017.


To qualify, the member must book a ticket eligible for earning Mileage Plan miles, and must credit it to their Mileage Plan account. You can receive the bonus a maximum of one time, and it’s not valid with any other Mileage Plan enrollment bonus.

That’s a fantastic enrollment bonus, especially as we don’t often see these any more. Furthermore, Alaska Mileage Plan is as compelling of a program as ever. They’re still committed to awarding a mile for every mile flown, making them one of the few US airlines to have such a policy.


In addition to Alaska having a lot of great airline partners on which you can redeem miles for premium cabin travel, keep in mind that 5,000 miles is also enough for a one-way ticket covering up to 700 flown miles. This even includes a one-way with a stopover. As I explained last year, you could fly from San Francisco to Portland, have a stopover, and then later continue from Portland to Seattle.


Bottom line

If you’re not yet a member of Alaska Mileage Plan but have upcoming travel you could make on Alaska or Virgin America, then this is a great offer to take advantage of. I value 5,000 Mileage Plan miles at $75+, which could be more than the cost of the one-way ticket needed to qualify for this offer.

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)


  1. I signed up on 3/25 but did not know about the link.I used the regular sign up link. Do think I can get the 5000 miles still? Should I call them?

  2. It’s applicable only on Alaska Air flights or any member airline and miles credited to mileage plan?

  3. I just enrolled in Mileage Plan last week and took my first flight with VX on Friday. Is there a way I can avail of this promotion? (I have never flown with Alaska Airlines; my Mileage Plan account only has the one VX flight from Friday.)
    I created my account at 1:15am CDT on March 22. I know the terms and conditions say that account creation must occur between March 23 and April 30, but I know Alaska is known for being more customer-friendly than the major airlines. Do you think they’d credit me the bonus if I asked? (And if so, would a Facebook message be the best way to ask them?)

  4. Do flights on Alaska Air partners count as a flight on Alaska
    Air? For example, would an Icelandic Air flight allow me to collect the 5000 point bonus?

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