Here Are The Airlines Changing Terminals At LAX In May 2017

As I’ve explained before, Los Angeles International Airport is about to go undergo a huge game of airline “musical chairs.”

This is all being prompted by Delta — they’re vacating Terminals 5 and 6 and moving to Terminals 2 and 3, so that they can be closer to their partner airlines and have more consolidated operations.

Of course in order to facilitate this, a lot of other airlines are having to change terminals as well.


Over a five day period in May, about one third of airlines operating out of LAX will change terminals. Per a press release from LAX:

Over a five-day period in May, one-third of our nearly 70 airline partners will relocate their operations, many of them to new terminals but others to new ticket counters in their current home. The moves will take place the nights of May 12, 14 and 16. Each airline will complete its relocation overnight, and start their operations in their new location the following morning.

So here’s what the terminal assignments will look like as of May 17, 2017, which is under two months away:


Essentially we’re seeing Delta move to Terminals 2 and 3, and as a result we’re seeing nearly two dozen airlines vacate those terminals and move to Terminal 5, Terminal 6, or Tom Bradley International Terminal.

As a point of comparison, here are the current airline terminal assignments:


So with these changes we’re seeing Aer Lingus, Avianca, Hainan, Qatar, and Volaris move from Terminal 2 to Tom Bradley International Terminal. Some will still have check-in facilities at other terminals, though the flights will depart from there.

That’s fantastic news, since it means passengers on Avianca will have easy access to the excellent Star Alliance Lounge


Passengers on Qatar Airways will finally have easy access to the oneworld Business Class Lounge and Qantas First Class Lounge (for those who are oneworld Emerald members).

Qantas-Lounge-LAX - 13

So if you’re flying out of LAX in mid-May or beyond, make sure you know what terminal you’ll be leaving from.

Bottom line

LAX is going to be a confusing mess in mid-May, as we’re seeing airlines change their terminals overnight. Tom Bradley International Terminal will get even more crowded, though there’s also a lot to be excited about. More airlines departing from Tom Bradley International Terminal means easy access to better lounges.

Selfishly I’m just most excited about being able to use the Qantas First Class Lounge before flying Qatar Airways on discounted business class tickets, without having to clear security twice. 😉

(Tip of the hat to @get0ffdanutzz)


  1. Given that Aer Lingus pax will have gone through pre-clearance in Dublin, does their location at Bradley not seem a bit of a waste? Surely those gates are the ones most under pressure.

    I had read elsewhere that they would be moving to terminal 5, as they have interline agreements with JetBlue.

  2. Too bad to see Air Canada leaving T2 – I’ve gone through there for many years now and it’s always been easy and a nice place to hang out except when they renovated it a couple of years ago (which seemed to take forever). Is T6 OK? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

  3. @ Charlie McMillan — Indeed, T2 is nice, and T6 is a bit of a dump, at least as of now. Definitely not going to be as nice. Will also miss their Maple Leaf Lounge, which is one of the nicer Priority Pass lounges in the U.S. I’m sure they’ll open another one at T6, but I doubt it will be as nice.

  4. @ Alan Costello — Etihad does the same with Pre-Clearance. Yes, perhaps it is a bit wasted, but at the same time the bigger issue is the lack of capacity at other terminals. Keep in mind that TBIT is being expanded over the next several years, so will become even bigger.

  5. “Selfishly I’m just most excited about being able to use the Qantas First Class Lounge before flying Qatar Airways on discounted business class tickets, without having to clear security twice. ”

    And being able to work productively on your computer on the flight as well. Oh, wait.

  6. So Virgin Australia check-in is even further away (terminal 2) from TBIT than it already is?

  7. Can I go from T2/3 to TBIT airside (i.e., don’t go through security again at TBIT)? If so, how? Thanks in advance.

  8. 100% agree on the excitement over the move of QR to TBIT. The Air Canada lounge was so depressing after the time I spent earlier in the Qantas F lounge.

  9. @Alvin you know that stupid ban us on for US bound flights from select cities right? And not departing the US? He’d have no problem using the Qantas lounge and on Qatar’s flight to get work done on a laptop

  10. Ben, Aeromexico doesn´t seem to be moving from T2 to TBIT from what I can tell on the new diagram from May 17th, 2017. Am I missing something?

  11. @ Jose — I can’t read, apparently. Post updated. Sorry about that, and thanks for the heads up.

  12. AC will have a new Maple Leaf Lounge in T6. Odd you and others think so highly of the current one in T2 since most AC elites find it the worst MLL in the system and when NZ was operating from that terminal opted to use their lounge next door.

  13. I have the same question about the lounges. I read something from LAX’s FB page (I think) where it said they’re planning a new lounge in each terminal (exciting), but for now I guess it’ll just be nuthin. That’s okay with me though–it was nice to have a remodeled lounge in T5, but you can bet the new ones will be impressive. I’ll happily sit on my hands.

  14. AC to T6 is better for Star Alliance connections on UA which is next door in T7&8 and a new huge United Club in T7 which I assume will be used by AC for the time being.

  15. sigh .. I’ve got an AM flight on Delta during that transition period
    can’t wait for something to go wrong and get dropped off on one side and then find out it’s still on the other side
    Thanks for positing Lucky

  16. > What about the Delta lounge?!?

    Same thought I had. Big fairly new SkyClub in T5 as I recall… have they built one out over in T 2-3?

  17. Why are we allowed to use First class lounge flying Business class? Not complaining but it’s good to know… flying LAX-DOH in Aug Business class.

  18. Is there any business class lounge in T6 other than the old Alaska Boardroom?

    It doesn’t seem like there’d be anywhere near enough room for the elites and business class pax from AC and Virgin America together with all the Air Canada elites and business class passengers (they have 12 flights a day from LAX, and I think some of those are even on widebodies).

    Unless they’re planning on constructing an opening a new lounge in 2 months, I don’t think it’s going to work very well.

  19. Makes sense that Virgin America is relocating to T6 with Alaska but I’m assuming that means their lounge is going to close? Hopeful there will be a new lounge option for PP members over there or the Alaska Boardroom is going to get crazy.

  20. Most updated map via lax website shows Aer Lingus staying in T2. Anybody know if Priority Pass will have a lounge in T2 once AC moves out?

  21. Hope there will still be an air side transfer option for people transferring from a Delta flight to a Virgin Australia flight.

  22. Travelling thru the then-‘new’ Tom Bradley, a year or three ago with BA, I was surprised how small it was for an ‘international terminal’ compared with BA’s home base T5 at Heathrow.

    Great lounge though, complete with ‘fire pit’. Had to be in L.A.

  23. @AlanCostello – Aer Lingus wouldn’t gain much from being with JetBlue, as B6 only offers service to 5 destinations out of LAX, all of which are on the east coast of the US. Aer Lingus flies directly to three of them (JFK, BOS, MCO) and will add a fourth later this year (albeit at MIA rather than JetBlue’s focus city at FLL.) The only other destination for B6 out of LAX is Buffalo, and EI can offer connections to BUF on JetBlue out of BOS, JFK, or MCO (which would be a pain, but still faster than connecting at LAX.)

    Now if JetBlue eventually builds up LAX, which is a possibility since Long Beach quashed the proposal to add immigration/customs, this could change. But at least for now, JetBlue’s expansion plans are really limited at LAX – I think they’re only getting two gates in T5.

  24. @Michel Albert Cote I am very interested in what happens as well. I am really upset with the move unless a PP lounge opens in Terminal 2 or 3 for me to use in August when I fly Delta and have a 3 hour layover in LAX. At worst, I guess if the Maple Lounge re-opens in T5 or T6 I can walk on over for my early morning layover for breakfast as the TSA lines shouldn’t be too long before 6. Anyone hear anything about the future of PP in LAX?

  25. “Can I go from T2/3 to TBIT airside (i.e., don’t go through security again at TBIT)? If so, how? ”

    Last August while I transited through LAX, all terminals are connected airside. The trick is you have to go to Terminal 4 and take 2 escalators downstairs. From there you can go to any terminals in any direction you want. Hope it helps.

  26. I was told that if you are connecting to a Virgin Australia flight in TBIT, From 13 May transfer buses will operate from both Terminals 2 and 3 . You will need to show a boarding pass at the Bus Gates located at Gate 35 (T3) and Gate 22 (T2). Not sure if these connecting buses will be just for Virgin Australia passengers or for anyone connecting to an international flight at TBIT.

  27. On the LAX website I saw Aer Lingus was not moving to TBIT. Is it really moving or not? I am flying Aer Lingus from LAX this summer.

  28. Following all the changes is there a lounge in Terminal 2 that you can pre book?

  29. Hello, I just want to ask something’s, my husband and I are flying to Ecuador and we have a connecting flight in LA airport arriving at terminal B, and change plane from china southern airline to Copa airline in January 14,2018 which terminal do we need to go and check in, also pls help us if the costumes and immigration is busy coz we only have at least 2:30 hours before the flight from Copa is it enough time to go check in. I’m a bit worried about having a trouble of getting late coz of the immigration your help would he much more helpful

  30. I will be flying in to LAX terminal B at 19:40 via China Southern Airline and connecting my flight at 21:45 to Boston via Delta at Terminal 2.
    I bought all under one ticket. Do I need to collect my luggage and check in again at Terminal 2? When do I clear the immigration , at LAX or Boston?

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