An Easy Way To Thank Starwood Employees Who Go Above And Beyond

There are many ways to recognize hotel employees who go above and beyond — you can email their manager, mention them by name in an online review or post-stay survey, or just thank them in person (which is often the most rewarding).

However, there’s another way for SPG elite members to thank Starwood employees, and I’d guess it’s a way most of us aren’t familiar with. Starwood elite members can log-in on this website, and should see the option to print elite thank you certificates that can be given to Starwood employees.


After following the link you’ll be prompted to log-in to your SPG account, which will reveal these certificates. As a Platinum member I was given eight certificates, each valid through December 31, 2017.


When you click on the individual certificate you’ll get to a page that you can print out. It contains a unique code that employees can redeem at These can be given to any employees who work directly for Starwood, including those working in the call center, the front desk, housekeeping, restaurants (assuming they’re run directly by the hotel), etc.


In the past Starwood used to send out paper versions of these recognition certificates, though they don’t do that anymore. Back in the day this used to get Starwood employees 500 bonus Starpoints per certificate, so I’m not sure if that’s still the case. Regardless of what the reward is, I’m sure the gesture is more appreciated than anything.

Do note that not all SPG Gold members may see the option to print these certificates after logging in. If you’ve been matched to SPG Gold status then these may not be available to you (for whatever reason)

I had forgotten that these vouchers existed, so I’ll be using these in the near future as a way of thanking exceptional Starwood employees.

Have you ever used these Starwood elite thank you certificates, and if so, what kind of a response did you get?

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  1. Southwest has a similar program for A-List Preferred status flyers. Each year I receive 5 “Kick Tail” coupons that I can give SW employees who give exceptional service. Each coupon has a redemption code and redemption instructions for the employee. I don’t know the redemption value for the employee. It’s nice way to say more than “thanks” when someone goes out of their way to be helpful.

  2. Frequent Flyers of GulfAir also get those and always when we used them, they were highly appreciated, so I think the employees get quite a nice bonus out of them.

  3. Thanks for flagging this Ben… I haven’t used these in a couple of years, so its great to have the option!

  4. Only got one stay booked with SPG for the rest of the year! I’ll try to use them all IF I get good service 🙂

  5. My account only shows the certificates that expired at the end of 2016. I called SPG Platinum to ask what to do, and they said that the program had been discontinued. Any ideas?

  6. I use these coupons to negotiate for upgrades, free drinks. etc at the hotels I’m staying at lol

  7. Nothing says thank you better than US Treasury notes with the face of a dead President on them.

  8. @Christian I just checked and my account has certs that expire Dec 31, 2017 so not discontinued.

  9. I got my gold status through amex plat. I checked just to see and as Ben said I do not have access to these.

  10. LM Kuala Lumpur have an exceptional lady server (Abby) with F+B dept from Reside restaurant
    She’s racked up 8,900 Spg ‘thank-you’ pts in just over three years ..I was happy to push her over the 9k threshold. It’s a fantastic way to reward staff

  11. Hotel workers do not make a lot of money. So the best way to recognize them is by giving them a tip.

  12. As a Hyatt employee, I wish we had these. Can’t tell you how much good service goes unnoticed because lack of platforms like this. Make sure when you get those hotel surveys to make special mentions of staff by name of those who stood out. It really makes their day just by this small gesture.

  13. I confirmed with Starwood that Gold members don’t have access to this type of recognition, whether matched from another program or earned through 10 stays per year. However, you can either email or call SPG, and they will pass on the feedback.

  14. @John, I wonder who do you give these at Gulf Air??

    This airline is among the most horrible airlines in terms of service quality – and I say this with close to 30 years extensive experience in international air travel, including most first, second and third world airlines. Just horrible. There are just a handful of airlines I will never use again and Gulf Air is near the top of this list.

  15. If Starwood cared about the program it would do a much better job of promoting it…but it’s buried in an unknown, unpublicised link; most members would be unaware of it…certainly I was until now but PLT for 17 years. So it’s good of you to mention it.

  16. @Ben, thanks for the tip. I gat SPG Gold through my Amex Platinum, but unlike other folks, I have access to four of these Thank You’s. I also have the SPG Amex, and ~35,000 points. I suspect that having the credit card may be why I was given the Thank You’s. Regardless, I look forward to using them.

  17. Hi ,I am an SPG associate,I received “You made my stay” from a customer ,unique code 277773154861 How can I add this code to my rewards? I am currently employed sat St Regis Singapore. Would appreciate if you could add this to my rewards



  18. @Anthony dude. are you being serious? what website do you think this is? you need more training…

    @Lucky can you please remove his code for the sake of his privacy and protection? also send Anthony an E-Mail explaining what this website is about. Hes confused.

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