First Image Of Qatar Airways’ New “Super Business Class” (Sort Of)

Since early 2015, Qatar Airways’ CEO has been promising a new “super business class” product, and that after we see it there is “really not need for first class.” While they’ve pushed back the release date on this product over and over, it looks like the product will finally be introduced shortly.

Qatar Airways will be unveiling their new “super business class” at ITB Berlin this year. There’s even a countdown on Qatar Airways’ website about the big reveal, which will occur at 11AM Berlin time on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.



While Qatar Airways is tight-lipped about the new product, it looks like by adjusting the lighting on the “reveal” picture they posted, you can get a sense of what the product will look like. It’s not a great picture, but is better than nothing. MYT332 on changed the contrast on one of the pictures Qatar Airways posted, which revealed the following:


Qatar Airways’ new business class will feature fully enclosed suites, though they’re not the first airline to announce such a product. Delta is also introducing fully enclosed suites in business class on their A350s, so it remains to be seen how Qatar Airways’ product compares.


In my opinion Qatar Airways already has the world’s best business class product, so if they improve it even further, then they are taking business class to the next level.

I can’t wait to see this product, and hopefully to fly it sometime soon. The product should take flight on one of Qatar Airways’ new 777-300ER aircraft, to be delivered this year.


  1. Didn’t you just write an article stating that your favorite Biz product is the Korean Apex suite? Here you say it’s Qatar and link to an article saying that your favorite is Reverse Herringbone… Make up your mind! 🙂

  2. I find this very funny considering the fact that the CEOs of Qatar and Delta have always had a lovely feud with each other. But anyways Do you know which aircraft will be retrofitted? Because their 77Ls and 77Ws need a real makeover in J class. I would imagine that they wouldn’t touch their 788s or A350s (yet) since they already have a pretty good reverse herringbone.

  3. @ Joey — Hah. Favorite hard product is the Apex Suite. But most well rounded product, accounting for soft and hard product, is Qatar Airways, in my opinion.

  4. Hey Lucky, I’ll be going to ITB Berlin on Thursday and Friday (I hope the strike doesn’t take effect) do you know if Emirates and Qatar will showcase the products at their stands for the duration of ITB?

  5. @ Lucky agree with you in your answer to Joey.

    The hard product only goes so far: see AA’s seats on its 77Ws, where the experience is so often spoiled by crAAppy service. Excellent seats, bad business class experience.

  6. we flew DFW/DOH/DEL in october 2016 – 777 on the longhaul and 787 on the shortish flight to DEL – by far the best biz class i’ve ever been in as far as personalized service (and comfy pajamas) – service even on the middle-of-the-night flight to DEL was efficient and friendly, right there when you needed them (as e.g. SQ at its best) – cannot wait to see the improved service

  7. Flying a 77W in October, ORD-DOH. Wondering if I might be in luck and have the new J product? Hope so.

  8. “really not need for first class.”

    Well, that explains the quality of service in the al-Safwa lounge then. Maybe the whole lounge will be turned into an aviary for the Sheiks’ falcons. As a bonus it should help remind any passengers with lap children to keep them quiet.

  9. I hope these new super business class seats are better than the ones on the A350s. I usually fly Etihad US-Indian subcontinent and decided to give Qatar a try. The seats were extremely uncomfortable and the blankets too short. I’m only 5’9 but they didn’t cover my feet.

  10. All the hype about enclosed suites – I don’t care what the seat looks like – what gets my goat is when I can’t fully extend my 6’6″ frame once the seat is flat. If getting those extra inches means I can be seen drooling in my sleep from the aisle, fine by me!

  11. Wow Qatar airways actually updated their website to remove the sneak peak on the left. Yesterday it was right there and now its nowhere to be seen !

    @Eugene Don’t worry, it’s not there anymore

  12. Agree with BusyBee, flew the A350 and found the J seat disappointing and not as comfortable as the B787 one. (Not to mention majority of the fleet is still B777s and A330s with 2-2-2 J configurations.) Also service is declining. Champagne on the bar at the back of the cabin was never replaced when it ran out! Chocolates downgraded to Godivas. No more sit down menu in the lounge. Sad!

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