Should You Also Join eHarmony For 130 Avios Per Dollar?

As I wrote about earlier (and as discovered by Frequent Miler), British Airways’ online shopping portal is offering double Avios on purchases this weekend. This includes dating sites. The best of those is, which is offering 150 Avios per dollar spent. That’s an insane deal, and an opportunity to buy Avios for 0.67 cents each.

So as I outlined, I signed myself up for, as did several family members. Dating isn’t usually a family activity, but when you’re earning 150 Avios per dollar, why not? My general philosophy on opportunities like this is that when a great deal comes around, take full advantage of it, so that’s why I tried to buy the most expensive packages being offered.


Some readers asked if I could write a similar guide to the process of signing up for eHarmony, so that’s what this post is about. eHarmony is offering 130 Avios per dollar spent, rather than 150 Avios. That’s a rate of 0.77 cents per Avios, which is still very good. However, in the end I decided not to take advantage of this, despite going through the whole process. Why?


First of all, the process of signing up for an eHarmony account is a bit more time consuming. Not horribly so, but even when fudging things it takes 2-3x as long as signing up for a account.


You actually have to fill out all the written sections, but that’s easy enough to do…


Then you have to take a rather long personality test.


But the real reason I didn’t take advantage of the eHarmony deal is because it’s not quite so easy to scale.

As a reminder, the terms stated the following regarding eligibility for the offer with eHarmony:

Please note: rewards only given on 1, 3, 6 or 12 months eHarmony Memberships.

So when I got to the payment page, I wanted to go with the 12 month plan, since it had the highest total cost (unlike with, I didn’t see an option to unbundle it).


The issue is that when you’re brought to the payment page, you see that you’ll be billed in three separate installments — $47.80 now, and two subsequent payments of the same amount, for a total of $143.40. To me that’s just not worth it, since I’m not sure if the Avios will be awarded based on the first payment only, or what.


The other option was to buy a three month membership, which has the option of paying the full $98.85 upfront.


That’s definitely the better of the two options, in my opinion. However, it just wasn’t worth the hassle to me.

Like I said above, I think these offers are most worthwhile if you can scale them properly. In this case the greatest upside is ~12,800 Avios. However, if the Avios don’t post as expected, if British Airways doesn’t honor the deal, if I need to get a refund, etc., it could be quite a headache.

That’s a risk I’m willing to take for 80,000+ Avios, but not so much for 12,000+ Avios… especially when I’m “only” earning 130 Avios per dollar rather than 150. 😉

Others may still find it worthwhile, but I figured I’d save you guys the time of going through the registration process in hopes of getting a big total, only to realize that the highest you can pay upfront is ~$100 (unless I’m missing something, in which case I’d love to know!).

Anyone signing up for eHarmony today, or is getting all the love?


  1. No, because eHarmony is run by a homophobic christian nutcase, and gays were banned from the site’s “algorithms” until they were sued. I’d avoid solely out of principle.

  2. Wow, three different threads on this topic.
    Sounds a little less than honest when you say that this is just for miles…

  3. How long until You got the shopping notification email?

    I purchased 30 minutes ago and no email yet.

  4. It was worth it for you to go through the whole process and take screenshots and hawk this terrible deal (because we all know points won’t post after bloggers ruin it).

    Why not hit submit at that point. Sounds very “doth protest too much” to me.

  5. What is that double your avios?

    I click but no info

    Will they double them?

    Inkjet is not that bad either for extra miles on top of it

  6. Eharmony is super homophobic. I won’t patronize them even for the miles. They only allowed same-sex profiles after losing a lawsuit a few years ago. If you buy an Eharmony subscription, you are directly financing the religious right.

  7. I forget the exact option offered – but I was able to get it to charge me a single $227 fee for the whole year’s subscription (i.e. no installments).

  8. @ B — My gosh, you’re on a nonstop complaining roll here. It was worth it because I write about this stuff for a living. I do it to determine whether or not something is a good deal, so others can decide if they want to do it as well.

  9. I stayed at an IHG property in October 2016 with the offer on the BA website of receiving 6,000 Avios. After dozens of phone calls, several uploads with proof of requirements and a letter the miles finally posted on February 16, 2017. My favorite excuse was that the BA’s “investigative” team in London was having a hard time reaching the hotel by telephone. I guess they needed video proof that I stayed there. So if you do any of these offers with BA be prepared to fight for the Avios. And be prepared to hear the phrase “no worries” and “Cheers!” until you puke.

  10. It shows an 11.95/mo plan that is not billed in installments. Why didn’t you choose that?

    Ben, we will need an updated Avios guide now (if they finally post)

  11. I purchased the full 12 months and paid upfront for $288. Essentially netting 43,200 in additional avios.

  12. @Nikke — i think you mean 37,362 Avios. eHarmony is 130 points per dollar, not 150 like Match.

  13. @Eric this one is different, it is for eharmony and it is actually incredibly helpful that Lucky laid out his experience trying to get it to work which saved me a ton of time not having to go through the whole process for eharmony only to get to the end and realize it wasn’t worth as many miles as the promo. That being said, I still ended up doing both because of some of the comments especially from Nikke who pointed out there was a way to avoid paying installments. So these 3 posts netted me 96k Avios for my wife, 96k for me from and 37k for each of us from ehrmony. Essentially got 2 round trip business class tickets to Europe for about $1,850. So….thank you Lucky for the 3 posts…and thank you Nikke for your comment.

  14. As an aside…you know you’ve been married a long time when you give your wife a serious look and say “Honey, I just wanted you to hear it from me first, but I spent $1800 today signing up for a and eHarmony account today” and without skipping a breath she says, “Were there some serious points involved or something?” lol

  15. I tried to sign up for promo….it gives me an error message. I tried with chrome and IE. Anyone else have an issue signing up?

  16. Good luck getting your Avios! I’m still waiting months later to get avios from a bunch of shopping I did through the BA portal last year. Never again. I’m skipping this offer…

  17. I dunno, BA has been pretty consistent for me paying out on repeated large eBay purchases. They take forever to post, but I haven’t had a wrong payout yet.

  18. Hey Rob,

    What do you mean they take forever to post? Their site says 24 hour to 5 days to show pending in your transactions and up to 40 days to be credited to your account.

    In your experience does it ever take more than 40 days (if tracked properly?) – spent about $1,000 between two people and really don’t want to wait for 40 days .. or any longer !

  19. There is an option to gift subscriptions on Eharmony. Is it possible to earn points and gift a friend the subscription? This way THEY go through the process, not you, but you still earn the points?

  20. The *real* question is how does Ford feel about all of this? 🙂 Saying only in jest, of course.

  21. @Sean, The transactions usually show as pending pretty quickly, but they don’t turn into completed, actual points posted to your BA account until that 40 days is up in my experience.

  22. BTW be careful with eharmony at least until we have some data points on cashback posting. At least for me the one option that looked like it was a single payment was actually three payments once you clicked through and had to enter your credit card info. I would be worried that cashback would only pay out on the initial payment.

  23. for eHarmony you can pick either pay in full of pay in 3 installments. Just click on the top button which lets you pay in full rather than the installments one. I’ve just done that and it’s worked fine.

  24. @Chris

    Maybe this varies by user but when I clicked the top option which didn’t mention three payments when I got to the credit card info entry screen the fine print there clearly stated it would be three payments. If you were not paying attention you might have missed it or perhaps different users get different options?

  25. I purchased eharmony subscription for 6 months worth of $274 through paypal but didn’t receive any email from British airways eshopping authority. I am feeling weird whether I received the 130*274=35620 avois points.
    Please help.

  26. @Sean

    Please keep up posted and let us know if your $274 paypal purchase convert to pending miles. I am being very cautious after dropping $590 on match.


  27. @Darin eHarmony still works for me. I got a refund for, so should I get this one instead? 0.76cpm instead of 0.67cpm still looks good. This time I’m not getting any add-ons tho.

  28. Is this deal still on? I can access the deal but when I click on “Shop Now”, it say “page not found”. I’m located in Denmark though

  29. eHarmony also has 3-day refund policy. Now that I got refund for the, I’m taking this. If the pending Avios amount is not correct, I’m cancelling this one again. Hopefully it works.

    “You may cancel your subscription purchase at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of purchase to receive a full refund. The easiest way to have your subscription refunded is to give us a call at 844-544-3179 (US & CA Residents Only). Our Customer Care representatives are available from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. If you’re outside of three days from your subscription purchase, you are not eligible for a refund.”

    @Darin @HereForAvios I just managed to get the subscription.

  30. I guess people outside US cannot access it….try using a paid VPN service using US region….I have heard few people were successful doing that

  31. My account was automatically cancelled. It’s been around 24 hours since the purchase was made — no pending transaction was ever recorded in Gate 365. Called customer service and was told that a full refund is already being processed back to my CC. So for those who never got a pending transaction to show up, check your account again as it may have already been cancelled.

  32. I met the same situation as Sean. I paid 3-month eHarmony subscription fee by Paypal and didn’t receive any notice from BA.

  33. got notice my account got cancelled too on eharmony. will need to call and get the refund then. by transaction showed on BA e-shop, though no avios posted.

  34. I received an email saying that my eharmony account is terminated and fees might be forfeited. I might call them tomorrow since i am in 3 day time frame to get a refund…

  35. March 3, 2017 at 11:25 pm
    i just bought e harmony 12 month plan for 323.4$(26.95/m) for some reason mostly due to im living in hong kong,

    well is been a while and still nothing has happened , hope to see results soon either good or bad, if i cannot see the avios in monday im going to cancel my account in monday due to the three day refund timeframe.

  36. I spent $572 at but I only have 34,184 pending Avios when it should be 85,800! Anyone know why this could be?

  37. Hahaha, eHarmony is closing people’s accounts. See the FT thread or this email I got:

    Dear Customer,
    Based on recent review of your account information and activity, eHarmony has made the decision to close your account. We do not disclose the specific reason for our decision, however, for your consideration we can provide some general information regarding such closure decisions.

    The most common reason we may choose to close an account is for a violation of our Terms and Conditions regarding the misrepresentation of personal information, such as name, age, address, marital status or criminal history. On rare occasions, we also may close an account due to specific complaints about the content of a profile, communication, or for any other reason as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

    Here’s the kicker:

    If you have purchased a subscription and we have confirmed that a Terms and Conditions violation has occurred, your subscription dues may have been forfeited.

  38. I received an identical email yesterday however when I checked my balance I saw eharmony gave me my refund. I really wonder what violations I broke that they terminate my account and gave me a refund

  39. I purchased the eharmony subscription Yesterday (March 04), I spent $335.40 for the 12 months subscription and paid through Paypal Credit. Therefore I did not have to spend $300+ upfront.
    As of now, my avios estore is showing 43,604 points pending (I checked frequently in the past 48 hours).
    So far I did not experience account closure from eharmony yet and it seems to me the calculation is correct and I will update everyone if the points actually post.

  40. Date Retailer Status Avios
    03/03/2017 Pending 42,044

    Well it seems that i got some avios pending as well, im from hong kong. I just emailed to cancel my membership,but seems that it got points pending now, i will tell them i wll stay for the membership.

  41. I have the eharmony pending now too

    03/03/2017 Pending 34,244

    on a paypal spend of $263.40 USD

  42. I did eHarmony single payment and my points are now pending on 3/6. Open to hear good ideas on redeptions of 50-100k Avios.

  43. They forced the refund on me claiming I violated terms of services when in fact I provided all real information and did nothing in the 2 days i’ve been a member. I think they realized 130 points a dollar is hard to stomach so they are forcing refund on everyone. Oh well. Shady business people.

  44. @Jason so they only took about 1 business day to post the pending miles ?

    My account is empty 🙁

  45. just got my account closed, and i just received a refund from e harmony, oh well is been fun.

    p.s. when i go to eharmony it says :

    We miss you!
    Your account is currently closed but our arms are always open for you. So bring it in for a hug and restart your membership to find someone right for you.

    no you are not, you just want my cash.

  46. Just received email from eharmony saying the same thing, my account is closed. What a business~

  47. I have received the refund to my paypal account as if this morning (3/7), although I will not be getting 40,000 miles, I did not lose anything right?
    Plus, I learnt how shady eharmony and are, if you publish some offers, you need to honor them, that is just the bottom line of doing business.

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