AMAZING DEAL: Join A Dating Site And Earn 150 Points Per Dollar!

Wow, now this is a heck of a deal. Last October I wrote about how you could earn 76 British Airways Avios per dollar spent on a membership. At that price just about everyone should join a dating website, in my opinion. 😉

However, it gets much better than that, as Frequent Miler has discovered. This weekend only, the British Airways shopping portal is offering double Avios on all purchases.


As luck would have it, even the dating websites qualify for that. This includes the ability to earn:


That is insane. 150 Avios per dollar spent is the equivalent of picking up Avios for ~0.67 cents each.


Do note that the terms state the following:

Please note: the stated reward is for first-time paid subscriptions only

Meanwhile the eHarmony terms state the following:

Please note: rewards only given on 1, 3, 6 or 12 months eHarmony Memberships.

With the most expensive membership seems to be $274.25, so if you’re earning 150 Avios per dollar, that’s a total of 41,138 Avios.


Meanwhile with eHarmony you can get a 12 month plan for $251.40, which would earn you 32,682 Avios.


This is a heck of a deal, and at these prices I’ll gladly join both sites (with Ford’s permission, of course) for a total of 73,000 Avios for $525.

You have to complete some personality quizzes, etc., before you can join. If you actually put effort into it, I imagine it’ll take about 30 minutes or so. However, if you just push buttons and fudge things, it should only take a couple of minutes (at least that was my experience when trying to complete the quiz so I could find the pricing, since they don’t show it to you upfront).

If you’re interested I’d recommend taking advantage of this sooner rather than later, as I wouldn’t be surprised if the offer gets yanked.

So, who else is ready to find their perfect match earn some Avios?


  1. If I don’t have a BA avios account, can I create a new one and do this? Does the account have to be ‘matured’ to take advantage of this deal? Thanks!

  2. Oh yes, and then I will have to explain to my wife that I just did it for the Avios. 🙁

  3. If you select the non-bundled plans, you can add the add-ons to it separately (which are free in the bundled plan). Ups the total to 548.57 on match

  4. When I check out through for a full year of the bundled services it comes to $215.88.

  5. Nice find, I’ll have to consider it, I was looking for some ways to get more miles to use my Travel Together Ticket. I see it as a money maker because I could get 73,000 miles and then use 73,000 Chase UR for cash. Now to see if any of my friends would like a free account.

  6. Well, I think you can create multiple fake accounts and earn infinite miles like that??
    Am I missing something??

  7. Guys who went through the process until the end, the question. What are the payment options for Is there PayPal? Since it’s a US website I’m afraid they won’t accept non US credit cards.

  8. Why is this limited to dating sites? ebag purchases are 24/1 avios. And you can resell the product. Am i missing something?

  9. Thanks Trevor went with un-bundled service. Also at least for Match I didn’t have to go through the quizzes as after setting up the login creds there was a subscribe button at the top which is what I clicked and was able to pay without doing any quizzes. Zero interest in actually using a data site but the points were too good to pass up.

  10. I tried this once and told my GF I would join using her email so she could be sure I was in it just for the point and not to find another woman.

    Now she is Jet-Setting around the globe with some rich guy she met online. 🙁

    Seriously, what is the guarantee that after spending this money, they won’t devalue the points in a few months? Either use the points fast or avoid it.

  11. Those doing the unbundled package, are you not worried about this: “Please note: rewards only given on 1, 3, 6 or 12 months eHarmony Memberships.” Might the extra services not count?

  12. @ lucky – Ah you’re right, I’m a moron. Ok going in on the “basic” 12-month with all the extra services… bringing the total to $636.50!

  13. Do I just click the offer through the Avios portal? Then subscribe and purchase? It doesn’t say anything about the Avios match offer on the site.

  14. only $240 for the 12 month basic for me. Can I cancel right after I got the miles? Thanks for posting!

  15. Got a annual subscription for $548

    Do you think it’s possible to “sell” the subscription to someone who would use it…maybe at half price? And just transfer over the email/password to login…

    Could REALLY make this a good deal.

    And does anyone know how long, on average, the Avios take to post? The BA online store shows that I ‘visited’, which seems promising, but nothing yet in the transactions.

  16. @ Mike — That’s correct, it’s a shopping portal, so they use cookies to track it. You won’t see anything about it on

  17. I was blocked twice, with two different e-mails. They did not accept my register. I’m from Brazil but I chose an US zip code.

  18. I also cannot login once signed up.

    It says “There is a problem with your account. Please contact customer care at 1-800-92-MATCH.”

    Anyone with the same problem?

  19. Interesting; but sadly already have a membership. What does Ford think of your joining a dating website 🙂

  20. Hmmm I keep getting: Page not found
    We are sorry we couldn’t find the page you were looking for.
    This page will automatically return to

  21. @Matt I am set to USA and keep getting same…

    Page not found
    We are sorry we couldn’t find the page you were looking for.
    This page will automatically return to

    Has anyone found solution to this?

  22. Has anyone tried setting up multiple accounts with different emails? Is there any limit?

    Because if you sign up for the basic 12 month package on Match and then sign up for all the add on packages, it brings the total up to $536 for me. That would be 80,400 Avios. If you were able to set up 4 accounts, that would be 321,600 Avios for the price $2,144.

    I see no need to sign up for the Eharmony package at a lower rate if you can do unlimited Match accounts and still get the bonus.

  23. Got an error with match.

    Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status

  24. yep – may have been an error. Good luck getting this one honoured but then again, you may just meet your next partner.

  25. Good news my points are reported as pending!. Bad news they appear to be paying out only on base subscription not any add-ons.

  26. Looks like they killed the deal. Maybe too many signups were costing them too many points. I don’t think I want to bother with the eharmony deal and their nonstop battery of questions. You can get better deal by using the 1.5x Chase unlimited to buy gift cards. And British Airways availability on American Airlines seems to be difficult. I’ll pass.

  27. $500 gift card at Simon Malls on 1.5x Chase Unlimited for $3.95 fee would yield UR points for $0.53/point once liquidated. So you’d be buying 750 UR points(transferable to British Airways) for $3.95. A bit more time consuming though than the above deal but a bit higher of a yield.

  28. Some more “data points” on this: (150 miles per dollar) was shut down by the time I tried it.
    I signed up for two eHarmony (130 miles per dollar) profiles for members of my family. I received a BA notice re miles posting, but then eHarmony issued an unrequested refund to my credit card for both.
    The Norton (90 miles per dollar) subscription went into effect, but no word on miles yet.
    I placed orders with ValueMags (80 miles per dollar) using five different credit cards, and none of them went through. The error message was “call us on Monday” (i.e., after the promo was over.
    My order with MagazineLine (70 miles per dollar) went through, with a BA notice re miles posting.

    Net result: 66,000 miles for $900, and around three hours of my time.

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