Act Fast! $30 Off A Hotel Through Travelocity

If you follow along much here at OMAAT, you know that there is basically a running debate as to which cellular provider offers the best international data plan. On one side is T-Mobile which offers unlimited, albeit possibly slow, data at 120 countries around the world. Ben recently switched to T-Mobile and he seems to love it. On the other is Google’s Project Fi, which has $10 per gigabyte data both home and abroad. Tiffany is a big fan and I recently switched myself.

Well, it seems that T-Mobile might just win the day. It turns out that there is a little discussed feature called T-Mobile Tuesdays. This is an interesting program where their subscribers get some pretty awesome discounts on random stuff like e-books, movie tickets, and even pizza. Obviously, I don’t know too much about it as I’m not a subscriber.

tmobile tuesdays

But it turns out that today’s T-Mobile Tuesday deal is available to everyone and it’s pretty good. For a limited time, you can save $30 off a Travelocity hotel or flight + hotel booking, with no minimum.

Save $30 at Travelocity

Here are the terms of this T-Mobile Tuesday deal.

Coupon code value: $30.00 off

Redemption Period: Beginning at 12:01 am CT February 28, 2017 to 11:59 pm CT, July 31, 2017.

Travel Period: The travel dates must be between February 28, 2017 and December 31, 2017 (inclusive)

Region: Valid in North America only

Code: TMobileTuesdaysTravel

The key is that there does not appear to be a minimum spend requirement, so this can be especially lucrative for cheap hotels. In fact, you might end up with almost free lodging in some parts of the world. Las Vegas and Reno come to mind.


Even better, it seems that you can use this on multiple bookings, though might need to use a unique email address and credit card number each time. I would plan on using this soon, well before the posted expiration date just in case T-Mobile decides to change their mind.

Bottom line

T-Mobile Tuesdays can be a great deal for T-Mobile subscribers. This week the offer is for $30 off a hotel or flight + hotel booking at Travelocity and its available to everyone. With no minimum spend required, you might get a really cheap room.

I think it’s awesome that T-Mobile is sharing this offer with everyone. It’s a great way to showcase this cool program and possibly lure in some more subscribers.

What did you book with your $30 off coupon?

(Tip of the Hat to Chris)


  1. Is this valid for multiple stays if so would be a great tool for mattes runs through mlife hotels in vegas for Hyatt.

  2. After having to download the t-mobile app, the code i was given didnt work. Travelocity’s website says “Please provide a valid coupon code” and won’t accept it.

  3. I know Lucky (Ben) is in the middle of a large adventure but I’m concerned if this blog is shifting away from elite travel posts. I think it’s lovely that travelocity is saving people $30. I do not think that most people that read this blog give a flying rat’s butt. I know that a few people are posting while Ben is attending to other matters but their interests and style of writing have no interest for me. I come to this site for Ben’s writing style and experiences. I hope this is temporary (and the news of his adventures breaks soon, I’m SO curious).

  4. Apparently this was pulled prematurely. Told repeatedly, “Please provide a valid coupon code.” Finally tried the sample hotel listed here, only to get the same message. Sigh. Congrats to those who got in!

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