I Just Bought 264,000 LifeMiles

Through today, Avianca’s LifeMiles program is offering a special bonus on purchased miles. For readers of OMAAT, that bonus is up to 140%, which is an opportunity to acquire LifeMiles for as little as 1.375 cents each. The real out of pocket is even lower than that, given that buying LifeMiles typically qualifies as an airfare purchase, and therefore you can earn 3-5x points on some credit cards for your purchase.

The LifeMiles program isn’t perfect, and there are plenty of downsides to the program (they don’t allow stopovers, changing tickets can be complicated, they don’t have access to all Star Alliance award space, etc.). However, I still find it to be one of the most practical programs for booking last minute premium cabin awards.

For example, last year I redeemed a few hundred thousand LifeMiles, including for travel in ANA first class, Lufthansa first class, etc. At a cost of 1.375 cents per mile, it’s tough to go wrong.


Well, I was a bit low on LifeMiles, as I had just ~11,000 miles in my account this morning. With the promotion ending I decided to top up my account. In order to maximize the bonus you need to buy at least 101,000 LifeMiles before the bonus, which gets you the rate of just 1.375 cents per mile.


So I decided to take advantage of the offer as I’m sure I’ll be able to burn through that many miles this year. I decided to buy 110,000 LifeMiles, which got me a total of 264,000 miles with the bonus. While $3,630 is quite a bit to speculatively spend on miles, that should roughly get me a couple of roundtrip tickets to Europe or Asia in business class, which I consider to be quite a good value.


If you want to top off your LifeMiles account, make sure you do so today. Hopefully you already registered for the OMAAT special bonus, because if you didn’t, unfortunately it’s too late to take advantage of it this time around.

Did anyone else decide to top off their LifeMiles account with this promotion? How many miles did you buy?


  1. Another title for this piece could be “I have too much money, and I spend it on fun-currency and then pretend that I’m a miles guru”.

  2. Finally the OMAAT blogger discloses something to the readers to give a sense of “How did I have those miles to redeem in the first place” account on his flight travels.

    Will he now blog about better credit card offers available away from his site to earn trust from his readers? Maybe then those readers might actually willingly use his referral links to signup for regular credit card bonuses so that he may afford to buy miles like this next time without a guilty feeling.

  3. Question: For the first time, I purchased some miles last night and it gave me a message saying that they would process my information soon. Checked today, no charge to my Amex as of yet and no miles credited. Is the transaction supposed to me immediate?

  4. I bought 105,000 miles last week which gave me 236,000. Booked a return SYD-BHX with three sectors business class and one sector first. Pretty good I think 🙂

  5. I don’t think anyone should sit on lifemiles, but them and use them.

    Great example here is say BKK-Europe, one way can be $600 in economy , but using the life miles you could go in business class for say around $1000 if you use them right.
    I think this is where they have a good use.

  6. This is about as cheap as LifeMiles have been since I became a fan a few years ago, but for those new to the program, writing a check north of $3,000US might take some throat clearing. For starters, why not just open the new Avianca credit card for $149 and collect 60,000 LM?

  7. Is it unethical that Lucky doesn’t disclose his financial relationship in these transactions in which his readers buy miles?

  8. Haters gonna hate. Lucky is advertising a pretty sweet deal for which OMAAT readers get a bonus on their purchase. I don’t think he has to disclose much. It may be inferred that he gets a commission (who cares….it’s not like he’s selling you a box of broken glass and calling them diamonds!!). It’s a good deal if you know how to use them. Making smart purchases is part of the miles game….it allows you to travel in first and business class for a fraction of the price. Lucky has said before that about 50% of his travel is on revenue based tickets (I’m assuming this also includes miles purchases).

  9. Can’t argue they aren’t worth the money, I just have a hard time parting with almost 4K. Once I get ready to plan my honeymoon, this seems like a good way to score LH F for two people.

  10. I always worry about a devaluation. Since I have so many points in so many places, hard to see me paying for these as it doesn’t take much of a devaluation to make it not such a good deal.

    I took out the Life Miles card for me and my wife and will buy 3k miles so we can book a one way to Europe each.

  11. I bought 101000 miles(first time buy miles that large amount,i usally just buy 2000 avios miles in groupon), it seems to be a nice way to support the web and since i need it at sep from north asia to europe and that 150% it aint going to show up till cyber monday or probably ever will come out again well i bite the 140%, still thanks for the promo lucky.

  12. I’ve been buying LM for years, they are my go to currency for transatlantic business class flights on LH, LX and OS. Bought again this time, of course, so thanks to Lucky for the additional discount!

  13. Agreed with st, Lucky needs to disclose his financial gain in each paragraph since st contributed into Lucky’s earnings by being tricked into buying the miles.

  14. Why do people complain about Lucky? Stop reading if you don’t like it. If you can’t afford it, wait until you can. I ended getting the same package as Lucky. $3333. I used up most of them on 3 business booking during high season to asia on EVA air

  15. @ktc

    “Tricked into buying miles”

    Please elaborate….. I’m genuinely intrigued by your interpretation of being tricked!!

  16. Too bad the Lifemiles website was broken last night so I couldn’t purchase miles! It kept telling me that they already had my information and would process it soon. Probably the same message @tolikfox got! Still haven’t received an email receipt or a charge on the credit card. Guessing this isn’t going to process 🙁

  17. Am I missing something? I thought a Business Class Ticket to Asia is 75000 Miles each way, so how are you supposed to do “several Roundtrips” with roughly 300 000 Miles? Even for Europe it is 60 000 Oneway…

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