GREAT Deal: 650 Bonus Business Extra Points On Your Next Flight

American’s Business Extra program has a fantastic promotion at the moment, valid for both new and existing members.

What is the Business Extra program?

For those of you not familiar, this program is run in addition to AAdvantage, meaning you can double dip — you can earn miles with AAdvantage and points with Business Extra for a given flight. Reader Sam F. wrote a post last year sharing all the details of this program, which is a no brainer to join.


Through this program you earn two points per $10 spent on eligible flights, so you don’t earn points as quickly as you would with AAdvantage, but I don’t think anyone expects that to be the case. The cool thing is that you can credit points from multiple people to your Business Extra account, and over time rewards should nicely build up.

You can redeem your Business Extra points for all kinds of things, ranging from free flights, to upgrades, to nominating someone for AAdvantage Gold status, to Admirals Club memberships.


American Business Extra promotion: 650 bonus points with one flight

The Business Extra program is celebrating their 20th anniversary.


As part of that, they’re offering 650 bonus Business Extra points if you register for the promotion by March 31, 2017, and take at least one flight within 30 days of registering. 650 Business Extra points is enough points for a confirmed one segment upgrade on a flight within or between North America and Hawaii or the Caribbean.

To take part in this promotion:

  • New members should register for Business Extra with the promotion code BX20UPGWELCOME
  • Existing members should register with the promotion code BX20UPG


You just need to register before taking your flight, and your flight needs to be taken within 30 days of when you register. The 650 bonus points should post to your account within six to eight weeks of qualifying activity.

It could make sense to wait to register, given that registration is open through March 31, and then you have a month from when you register to take your first flight. So if you wait until March 31 to register, you’d have until the end of April to complete a flight.

If you have a flight during this period, then it’s an absolute no brainer to register for this.

How does the free one segment upgrade work?

This promotion is marketed as offering a free upgrade, though in reality you’ll get 650 bonus points in your account, and can choose how you want to redeem them.

However, if you want to redeem the 650 points for a BXP1 (which is the code for the one-way upgrade), there are a few things to be aware of:

  • The upgrade is valid for one segment
  • Tickets booked in the following fare classes aren’t eligible: B, N, O, Q or S
  • You’ll need to request a paper certificate, and then present it at check-in
  • Upgrade availability should be the same confirmable space that’s usually available

I use BXP1s once in a while to confirm upgrades on domestic transcons when I’m not otherwise sure I’d clear, which is why I find these to be quite valuable.


Can anyone register for Business Extra?

Sam F. addressed this when he wrote his guest post about Business Extra. This is intended to be a small business program, though there’s no verification of any sort. If you sign up for the program you can state you’re a “travel manager,” and you’ll just need to enter very basic details. There’s not a lot of info required, and no verification.

I certainly know a lot of people without businesses who are Business Extra members.

Bottom line

If you’re flying American before the end of April, you should consider taking advantage of this offer. 650 Business Extra points for taking just one flight is a generous offer, and this is a program that in practice just about anyone can sign up for. For those of you who haven’t yet registered for Business Extra, hopefully this is your motivator.


  1. Looks like you have to register (not fly) by March 31, then you have 30 days to fly – so that makes the bonus good until Apr 30, right? This helps me, as I already have a reservation on April 16

  2. Just signed up…used link for new members and confirmed the referral code was in. current point balance: 0

    Anyone else not receive the 650 points?

  3. I have an Business Extra account and I got the email about the bonus as I was waiting to board a flight. I registered for the promo once I was in my seat on the plane. Do you think that flight will apply?

  4. Hi – Is it possible to add the Business Extra number retroactively (flights taken in the past 3 months or so)? And secondly, can the number only be added to AA flights or OW flights as well?


  5. I signed up for this promo yesterday thinking it was “buy” a ticket in the next 30 days but not fly once. I don’t plan to fly until April. Shoot! Wonder there’s a way to un-register.

  6. 1. It appears this is targetted.
    2. It is only usable on the more expensive coach fares.
    3. Upgrade space needs to be available.

    I myself will pass on this one. But thanks for the info.

  7. @Tar_00, AA, BA, and IB flights only

    @Paul, anyone

    One note also, some fares are excluded. For example, an under-12 child fare on BA will be excluded from earning Business Extra points.

  8. Can you explain, or do you have a blog post about, BXP1? I would love to know how you book using these codes. Also, do you have a blog for that shows exactly how someone can benefit from these programs, who doesn’t travel as much as you (400K miles a year is so out of my reach)?

  9. Are there any issues crediting the normal EQM to Alaska while double dipping to this Business Extra?

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