7 Reasons To Get An SPG Amex Business Card

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Update: The Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express has a limited time offer through 11/1/2017. Learn more about best available offers here.

Through April 5, 2017, there’s an increased sign-up bonus on both the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express. Both cards are offering a sign-up bonus of up to 35,000 Starpoints upon completing minimum spend, with the $95 annual fee waived for the first year.

I know a lot of people have just the personal version and not the business version of this card, so in this post I wanted to look at some reasons to also consider the SPG Business Amex.

In no particular order:

A killer business card perk — get Sheraton lounge access

While both the personal and business version of the cards offer great benefits, there’s one perk that’s exclusive to the business card. Specifically, primary cardmembers on the business card get access to executives lounges at Sheraton hotels. This is valid for all Sheraton properties, regardless of whether you’re paying in cash or points (you can only use the lounge in conjunction with a stay, so you can’t access it if not staying at a hotel).

This is a huge benefit that will more than justify the annual fee on the card after just one stay in many cases. See my previous post about this benefit for more details.

Access Sheraton club lounges with the SPG Business Amex

Amex business cards don’t apply towards Chase’s 5/24 rule

One of the major restrictions that many people consider is Chase’s 5/24 rule. Chase typically won’t approve you for a new card if you’ve opened more than five new accounts in the past 24 months. The exception is non-Chase business card accounts. In other words, applying for the SPG Business Amex won’t count towards that limit with Chase. So if it’s something you’re worried about, this is a great card to consider.

Get a boost towards SPG elite status

Both the business and personal version of the card offer two elite qualifying stays and five elite qualifying nights towards status annually. These benefits are stackable. This means that if you have both the personal and business version of the card, you’ll start every year with four elite qualifying stays and 10 elite qualifying nights towards status.

Earning SPG Platinum status requires 25 stays or 50 nights, meaning that with both cards that limit is really lowered to 21 stays or 40 nights, which is much more attainable for many.


If you apply now you can still get this benefit applied for 2017.

Amex OPEN Savings

The SPG Business Amex qualifies for the Amex OPEN Savings benefit, which gets you a 5% discount for purchases at select retailers. This includes select purchases at FedEx, Hertz, HP, Barnes & Nobles, etc. The savings at these retailers could quickly add up.


Amex business cards are generally easy to be approved for

Some issuers make it very difficult to be approved for a small business credit card, requiring you to be incorporated for years, have hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue, etc.

Meanwhile American Express is anecdotally great about approving people for small business credit cards. I’ve written in the past about getting approved for an Amex small business card as a new sole proprietorship with limited business revenue. Assuming your credit is good, you should have great odds of getting approved.

No credit inquiry if you get denied for the card

Keep in mind that if you’re an existing Amex cardmember and apply for a new card, you typically won’t get a credit inquiry unless you’re approved. That’s because Amex typically uses existing data they have on you to decide whether or not to approve you, and only once they’ve conditionally approved you do they pull your credit. So unless your circumstances have changed substantially since the last time Amex pulled your credit, you should only get an inquiry if you’re approved.

Up to 70K bonus Starpoints

The most obvious reason to consider the business version of the card is because it lets you earn a further 35,000 bonus Starpoints. You can potentially apply for both the SPG Business Amex and SPG Personal Amex for a total of up to 70,000 bonus Starpoints. You can apply for both cards same day, though one approval may be delayed by a few days.

Bottom line

The increased sign-up bonuses on both the personal and business version of the SPG Amex are extremely tempting. If you haven’t yet applied for either card, I’d recommend applying for both. However, I know a lot of people only have the personal version of the card, so there’s value in also considering the business version of the card, given that it can earn you more points and has superior benefits.

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  1. It’s so obvious when you’re pumping a credit card for commission (or whatever else you’re getting) – e.g., Ritz Carlton card last year. Instead of pretending to provide a service to your readers (like your reviews), why don’t you just come out and say that you’re pumping this card due to some contractual obligation or because you want to make money off of your readers.

  2. @charlie

    DO you just go around the internet bitching about things?!? If you don’t like it don’t fucking read it retard.

    Grow the fuck up and get out of your fucking mom’s basement. Get a job, go to anger mgmt workshops, you know, get a real life…


  3. @charles. Why spend your time trolling? Obtaining 35,000 starwood points is great. I am going to apply. After the spend I will be at 43,000. The last two summers American offered an extra transfer bonus. 20,000 spg points transferred to 30,000 AA miles. So assuming that special comes out again this summer. That’s a quick 63,000 miles which is more than enough to fly to Europe and back this summer.

    Last summer we went to Paris, this summer it’s Italy, now I am working on summer 2018. Oh ya these flights for four people cost me apx. $200 a year total (taxes). So who cares if lucky makes a buck, it’s good info all in one place.

  4. @Andrew @Mike

    Haha, it seems like you’re the one who’s trolling – responding to a message that wasn’t even directed at you. If Lucky feels the need, I’m sure he can respond to my question/post.

    The point of my post was that this is the FOURTH POST on the SPG new sign-up bonus IN THE PAST FOUR DAYS. The first post was important – yes, let readers know that there is a new sign-up bonus. Maybe even a second one as a reminder. But, FOUR POSTS IN FOUR DAYS on the same subject is crazy.

    Also, @Andrew, perhaps you need to control YOUR anger issues and your language.

    @Mike – I’m not complaining that Lucky is making a buck – we all need to make a buck. I’m simply stating that he is so repetitive with his content that benefits nobody (again, four posts in four days) other than himself via the commission or whatever else Amex/SPG is giving him.

  5. Reasons numero zero: commissions! Sure, let’s conveniently not tell readers about 5k referrals they can get.

    Sell sell sell!

    Didn’t you just regurgitate these same reasons in the previous post just a couple days ago? Along with all the other credit card shilling blogs (no, these are not travel blogs or avgeek blogs) out there?

    And the 70k reason is totally bogus. The post is about biz card, not about other cards. How about also getting a Prestige card? 120k bonus total!!!


  6. The Chase 5/24 is causing me problems for the next few months. If this is not recognized then I might get this for my second business. I have one for another.

  7. @everyone: I could care less about selling within a blog post. Nobody is making you come here to read.
    Everytime you get in a snit over what you perceive as a sales presentation, ponder this: “WTF” is not a thoughtful conclusion for adding more.

  8. @clonedaddy Good point. You should heed your own advice. Every time you see a comment directed at the author of the post (and not all the other readers) and then feel the need to respond, ponder this: “WTF” is not a thoughtful conclusion for adding more.

  9. @charles 35k for the SPG card is as good as it gets with a signup. No reason this offer should not be written about.

  10. AMEX wants a business name and an EIN when applying for this card.
    Is it appropriate to use the tax id and name of my employer when applying for this card?

  11. @ Rollo — Yes, you can enter your tax ID as the EIN. However, for business name I’d just use your own name rather than the name of someone you’re employed by, unless that’s actually the business for which you’re applying for the card.

  12. Anyone knows if this card will show on my personal credit report? I know regular Amex business cards don’t, but this is an Amex card with an actual credit limit.


  13. AMAZING Card. I’m off to Hawaii in a couple months in a confirmed Ocean View room thanks to it. If you’d like to apply, use my referral link here (first year fee waived!):


    SPG points won’t be around forever so get them while you can before the Marriott merger closes

  14. @Lucky: Are you sure about “…The exception is non-Chase business card accounts. In other words, applying for the SPG Business Amex won’t count towards that limit with Chase.”

    Any source for this info?

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