IT’S BACK: Biggest Ever Sign-Up Bonus On The SPG Amex

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Update: The below links for the Starwood Preferred Guest cards are expired, but you can learn more about the best current offers here!

Yay, it’s back! Last year American Express offered the biggest ever sign-up bonus on the SPG Amex, and it’s back again now, for the second time ever. The normal sign-up bonus on these cards is 25,000 Starpoints upon completing minimum spend. In the past we’ve sometimes seen 30,000 Starpoint sign-up bonuses. And now we’re seeing a 35,000 Starpoint sign-up bonus, which is the biggest sign-up bonus ever. These increased sign-up bonuses are valid through April 5, 2017.

SPG Amex sign-up bonus details

As stated above, at the moment we’re seeing a sign-up bonus of 35,000 Starpoints, which is the highest bonus ever. Here are the details of the sign-up bonus:

To me Starpoints are the single most valuable points currency out there — I value Starpoints at 2.2 cents each. So the 35,000 point sign-up bonus is worth $770 to me. That’s a very nice sign-up bonus, especially for a card which is actually worth holding onto long term.

I value Starpoints so much because of how flexible they are. You can redeem them efficiently for hotel stays, and also for points transfers to over two dozen airline partners. Points convert into miles at a 1:1 ratio, and you get a 5,000 mile bonus for every 20,000 points transferred, which means you’re essentially earning 1.25 airline miles per Starpoint.

Transfer Starpoints to Japan Airlines for redemptions in Emirates first class

SPG Amex card benefits

In addition to an incredible sign-up bonus, these cards offer some great perks, including the following:

Access Sheraton club lounges for free with the SPG Business Amex

Marriott’s takeover of Starwood makes this bonus even more tempting

Marriott has taken over Starwood, though for the time being the they’re continuing to operate independent loyalty programs. They say that they’ll merge programs as early as 2018. On many levels this makes this bonus even more tempting:

Bottom line

If you don’t yet have the SPG Personal Amex or SPG Business Amex, this is the best offer we’ve ever seen on the card, and I’d highly recommend applying. Not only is this sign-up bonus great, but the cards have long term value as well. My favorite perk is on the SPG Business Amex, which offers club lounge access at Sheraton properties. That’s a huge benefit for anyone who stays at Sheratons with any regularity.

Do you plan on picking up the SPG Personal Amex or SPG Business Amex under this offer?

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  1. This is great! I remember previously you could refer a friend for this increased sign up bonus but I just logged in for my referral offers and it’s showing only a 25k offer. Any idea where to find the referral? Thanks!

  2. I have the same question as X. I used to have this card but canceled it a couple of years ago because I pretty much use the Sapphire card for almost everything.

  3. People who want to generate a referral, do it through the SPG website.

    People who are looking for a referral, look the axp8 near the end of the link. Axp19 supposedly works too but mine is the first one

  4. Increased signup bonus is not a sign of devaluation. A typical sign I’ve seen is when they increase the amount of points/miles you can purchase into your account during a year. Increase signup bonus is not that, but it could be next.

  5. @RF I just chatted with Amex about the bonus. I had the (non-biz) SPG card a number of years ago but cancelled it. The agent (Shane — so I remember when they dispute it, lol) said there was no record of it and that I WOULD qualify for the bonus. I didn’t tell him I had the card before…but he seemed unequivocal. Any similar experiences?

  6. I signed up for SPG personal Amex five days ago under the $25k promo. If I call and request this new offer What is the chance of it being extended to me?

    I also have personal platinum, sky miles, and Hilton Amex cards. Not sure whether this would help/hurt my request?

  7. i’ve tried twice today to upgrade an SPG BIz card i opened two months ago. They were unwilling to upgrade the offer both times. Oh well.

  8. @Lucky

    When you use the card you get 1 point for regular purchases and 2 for SPG purchases from AMEX deposited to your account? Does it always come from AMEX to SPG? Curious how the points post over? Thanks!

  9. @ Marsh — The points post directly to your SPG account, as the card accrues Starpoints. This is totally different than the Membership Rewards program. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  10. I recently received the Business & Personal cards with the 25K offer. Called today and was offered 3K courtesy for the Business & 1.5K for the Personal. Supervisor mentioned that a note was made on my file and that if there is continued spend 60 days from now I would receive more courtesy points. I wonder if he was being truthful. Anyways, feeling a bit frustrated but better than nothing I guess. Any thoughts?

  11. Last year I had the SPG personal card but I no longer have it. I got a sign up bonus under that. Can I get this offer under the SPG business card if I’ve never had that one before?

  12. I just applied for the PRG last month from a targeted offer of 50k MR and spend 2k in 3 months oh which I was thrilled. I just now saw this and very much want to apply for the SPG card because of the sign up bonus, but i’m worried about taking another hard hit on my credit score, of which I already have excellent credit. When should I apply for this so I don’t get another hit? Thanks!

  13. I am thinking about getting this card. What kind of spend do you put on the card? Only SPG hotel spend? I have the Citi Prestige which offers the 4th night free benefit plus 3x points on hotels. Are 2 SPG points worth more than 3 Citi Thank you points? I don’t stay at SPG properties often enough to earn a meaningful amount of points from the card, so I would need to put non bonused spend on it to earn more SPG points. I definitely see the value in the sign up bonus but just wondering about long term value and the opportunity cost of earning SPG points vs higher amounts of other points. Is there something I’m missing?

  14. @ Tiffany – I called this morning and spoke with someone in customer service. I explained how I had applied for the card under the 25k offer and within a few days it changed to a 35k offer. He put me on hold, came back and began his response with the word “Unfortunately”…

    I asked for – and was transferred to a supervisor. While pleasant and professional, she declined to extend the offer to me (my card has not yet arrived) or offer me any form of recompense. She mentioned that if they were to change it for me they’d have to change it for everyone (sounds like bringing snacks to kindergarten).

    I also politely but firmly stated that I was “very disappointed” to hear this. I mentioned that I’ve been a cardmember for >20 years, many cards are competing for my spend and I will consider this interaction when I decide future spend. Still nothing.

    I got zilch, zero, bupkis.

  15. I’m wondering if they have opened this bonus up for those that had the card before instead of their “once per lifetime” rule. I went through the bonus offer terms and found nothing to exclude the bonus from those that had the card before. @Lucky, can you confirm or deny with your Amex contacts??

  16. Fred,
    Right after OFFER TERMS for both cards it states –
    Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

  17. Any other luck with supervisor? I tried 1 chat and 3 supervisors – Susanna, Amy… nothing. They said Amex doesn’t offer any match or courtesy points for this…

  18. I think it’s highly irresponsible to not caution your readers that this card has a once in a lifetime bonus opportunity. Many readers are not seasoned card churners, and they will read your highly glowing praise and titles in ALL CAPS and jump to apply for this. Yes, everyone should do their own research, but it would build a lot of trust and good reputation to warn readers about this pretty major restriction on the bonus offer for Amex. Otherwise it just seems like you get some benefit (financial or otherwise) from more people applying for the card given how skewed your coverage of the product is (I didn’t see one single negative point about the card in this post for example).

  19. I can email you referrals for
    AMEX SPG 25K
    Amex Everyday 15k
    AMEX PRG 30k

    Please email me at raysingh64 [at] outlook [dot] com and I will send you a referral link. Please note that I would be earning a referral bonus too. I’m budgeting for my wedding and saving for my honeymoon for which I do not make enough 🙁 . So it would be great for both of us.

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