SUCCESS: I Got Approved For A 5th Amex Credit Card

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Update: This offer for The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express is expired. Learn more about the best available offer here.

Historically American Express has limited each consumer to having four credit cards and four charge cards with them at any point, as I explained in my recent post about my 2017 American Express card strategy.

Many people have reported that the limit has been raised to five credit cards, though previously I didn’t find that to be the case. For example, last June I got denied when I applied for my fifth card, on account of having too many cards.

That led me to believe that my limit with Amex is four credit cards, though several readers insisted that the limit has been raised to five credit cards, so I figured I’d give it another try and apply for a fifth credit card.

Which Amex card I decided to apply for

I decided to apply for The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express, given that it’s one of Amex’s most underrated cards. I didn’t see much value in the card until I crunched the numbers recently. Until next week, the card has the following sign-up bonus:

  • 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points after making your first purchase on the card within the first three months
  • 10x points at U.S. restaurants on the first $2,000 in purchases for the first six months
  • 2x points on all qualifying purchases on the first $50,000 for the first year (an additional one point per dollar spent)

If you’re like me and plan on maximizing the sign-up bonus, you can earn an incremental 64,600 Membership Rewards points compared to the next best option for spend in those categories, which is incredible for a no annual fee card.

My experience applying for a fifth Amex credit card

I decided to apply for The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express a bit over a week ago. When I applied I got a message stating that my “application is pending further review.”

Moments later I got an email saying that a decision has been made, and that I was declined due to having the maximum number of American Express cards. I phoned up Amex, and told the friendly associate that I thought the limit had been raised to five cards, and she said she would submit the application for review and to be processed again.

The online application status page showed my application as being “in progress.”


Well, I was happy to wake up to an email this morning confirming that my application had been approved!


That’s awesome! I guess the limit on Amex credit cards has indeed been lifted to five per person, given that I was previously denied on account of that limit, but then after a review, was finally approved.

That’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to maximize the benefits on The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express.

The three reasons to apply for an Amex business card

If you’re in a similar position to me and were up until recently limited to four American Express credit cards per person, there are a few reasons to consider applying for an Amex card, and in particular an Amex business card:

  • Amex business cards don’t count towards Chase’s “5/24 limit”
  • Amex business cards are anecdotally among the easiest to be approved for
  • If you’re an existing Amex cardmember and end up not being approved for a card, you typically won’t get any sort of a pull on your credit report, as I explained in a previous post

Bottom line

I’m so excited to have been approved for The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express, and even more so, to finally have my Amex credit card limit raised from four to five.

Has anyone else had similar luck with applying for a fifth Amex credit card?

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  1. But honestly I’m happy you got approved! it’s an awesome card with $0 annual fee. And I love the fact that the bonus points (9X on dinning for example) post the next day after the transaction posts. Enjoy the card!!

    Would love to hangout at a Centurion lounge or something sometime. I learned a lot from you! Thanks for what you do

  2. I applied for a 5th Amex card over a week ago and I was approved within a day. I was just trying to see if I could take advantage of the Hilton surpass 100K points promotion, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of approval for a 5th card.

  3. Ben –

    Random question for you. How do you pick up new credit cards when they are sent, given that you are constantly on the move? Do you just make a stop at home periodically for things like that?

  4. Does the Business Platinum Card still count as a charge card if you signed up for the extended payment option to get the 10K points?

  5. What a generous promotion for a no-fee card! On top of what you mention, it comes with a 30% annual bonus on all spend.

    I noticed the Air France offer of 20K MR for $1K of spend which is also generous. Would have preferred to see that on my plat., but oh, well.

  6. I’ve had five since the everyday card 8 months ago, instant approval but only 5k CL

    I think five is really the number, they are just pickier. I tried to get blue and pended. Called up, spoke with a typical ignorant offshore person who said I’d have to close an account. Decided on SPG personal card, redundant ad I’m authorized user on wife’s and so easy to transfer points not to mention it’s probably being obsolete soon(boo). Asked to transfer CL to two other cards, Everyday incl, was told no problem. Then I would close it. Nope, can only do one I found out too late. After a few calls to international idiots and US told nothing can be done. I protested loudly but respectfully.

    Get a call from AMEX one day later, a Midvale, UT number it said on my phone. I was at my home in UT so answered. She said she was calling because of the issues I was having. I said, thank you. Long story shortish, she did my CL transfer(told impossible by three people) and approved my card for $15k. These people can help and I think can be contacted directly. Can I post a number?(not soliciting). These are smart Americans with power, best kind of people in the world….if possible start with them and never look back.

  7. I have 6 Amex cards and was approved for the Everyday Preferred last week. They called me within an hour and allowed me to cancel one of the six cards and replace it with the Everyday Preferred. The Blue is a good deal, especially considering the restaurant bonus. The EP is nice because they give a 50% bonus if you use the card 30 times in a month. Just put $1K on the card this morning so I’m looking forward to the 20K sign up bonus posting in the next week or so. So, if you are over the Amex limit, you can close accounts and replace with the new card. And, for me, they called me within an hour of my application.

  8. Hmm I should have tried calling. I applied for this card (which would have been my 5th Amex revolver) on Sunday 2/19 and was insta-denied for too many Amex cards, so I chatted and had them close my useless SimplyCash Plus, waited 24 hours and reapplied for an instant approval.

    Though… knowing that calling works to get a 5th card may be good if I want to pick up an additional revolver without closing my current 4 (SPG personal and business, Everyday, Blue for Business).

    Thanks for the tip!

  9. can i link this card with my business platinum cards membership reward stock, and leverage the points on the 50 percent bonus (like linking up chase cards)?

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