The EVA Air Hello Kitty Experience In 10 Pictures

After flying EVA Air’s incredible 777 business class between Los Angeles and Taipei, I was very much looking forward to the connection on one of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty planes.

This wasn’t my first EVA Air Hello Kitty flight — years ago I took Hello Kitty flights from Tokyo to Taipei and Taipei to Los Angeles.

For those of you who still have no clue what I’m talking about, EVA Air has a partnership with Hello Kitty, and they have a handful of planes that are Hello Kitty themed. Everything about the experience incorporates Hello Kitty, from check-in, to the gate, to the plane’s livery, to the onboard experience. It’s sort of crazy and amazing.

So I intentionally booked a Hello Kitty flight between Taipei and Singapore while enroute to Bali. I could have flown nonstop, but what’s the fun in that when you could instead hang with Hello Kitty for a few hours? Boy was the experience something, alright…

There was a dedicated Hello Kitty check-in area at Taipei Taoyuan Airport.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 1

Then there was a special Hello Kitty gate.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 2

Next to the Hello Kitty gate was a Hello Kitty store, perfect for some retail therapy.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 3

The flight was operated by a 777, which was identical to the one I flew from Los Angeles. However, this one had Hello Kitty flair.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 4

There was a Hello Kitty pillow, Hello Kitty slippers, Hello Kitty barf bag, Hello Kitty napkins, etc.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 5

There was a Hello Kitty video playing during boarding, and even Hello Kitty artwork on the bulkheads.

After takeoff I was served Hello Kitty snacks and Hello Kitty champagne (okay, maybe it’s not actually Hello Kitty champagne, but they do serve rose champagne in Hello Kitty’s honor).

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 6

The food had Hello Kitty touches, and the cheese cube was even made to look like Hello Kitty herself.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 7

The lavatory had Hello Kitty toiletries, and even Hello Kitty toilet paper.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 8

If you’re in the mood to shop, there’s a special selection of Hello Kitty goodies for sale. I purchased a Hello Kitty apron (the same one worn by the crew) and Hello Kitty model airplane. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have put on the apron during the flight, and may or may not have taken a picture with the entire crew wearing matching aprons.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 10

The crew took note of my Hello Kitty enthusiasm (I was the only person visibly excited by the whole thing), so they gave me Hello Kitty playing cards, Hello Kitty pens, etc.

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 9

I asked the two flight attendants taking care of me if they loved Hello Kitty as much as I did. Their answers?

  • “I did like Hello Kitty… before I started this job.”
  • “Mmmm, to be honest, no.”

If you haven’t yet taken a Hello Kitty flight, you absolutely must. Right now the only destination in the U.S. with Hello Kitty service is Houston (which seems like an unusual market for Hello Kitty). I regret not routing through Houston in order to be able to enjoy 16 hours of the Hello Kitty service. It’s such a cool experience.

What do you make of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty service — do you love it as much as I do, or is it your version of hell?


  1. Several years ago, I booked three Business class tickets on EVA for my family, specifically to experience the HK flight from Taipei to LA. At the last minute, there was an aircraft change to a non-HK plane. I complained and received a HK model plane. As my husband stated, it’s like promising someone an ice cream cone and then giving that person a picture of an ice cream instead. Not pleased.

  2. It must be a very small overlap on a Venn diagram with circles containing people who fly premium cabins and people who like Hello Kitty.

    The author of this blog notwithstanding of course.

  3. I could care less about Hello Kitty in general, but I am a fan of all weird things when it comes to aviation. So yes, EVA Hello Kitty experience is very high on my wish list (I would be overjoyed if they flew it JFK-TPE, but that would only happen when hell freezes over).

  4. I am taking the Hello Kitty flight from TPE to IAH in April (in Business). I did one from TPE to ICN back in March last year, but in Economy. It’s less hello kitty themed than I thought. (Not that I am crazy about the whole thing even being an Asian female)

    Lucky, if you do want to experience the long 16 hours Hello Kitty flight experience you’d better hurry – EVA will discontinue using the themed planes between Taipei and Houston starting May 30 this year.

  5. Ben, EVA doesn’t have a partnership with Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a fictional cat with no mouth.

    EVA does have a partnership with a corporation called Sanrio, however.

  6. @Moon

    Luckily for Lucky, the HK experience isn’t leaving the US yet. HK switches to TPE-ORD from TPE-IAH on May 31.

  7. I have not previously been interested in these flights, but I must have a Hello Kitty barf bag. Now to figure out what reward currency I can use to make that happen most efficiently …

  8. Hello Kitty barf bag indeed….

    Are these flights clearly labeled when you book? Do the planes rotate so that one day it is Hello Kitty and the next day a regular plane? I think the novelty would be fun for 2 hours but would get old pretty quick on a 16hr flight.

  9. We need an adult version of BR’s Hello Kitty themed flights.

    Let’s see….oh! I know!


    Yes, we need an airline to offer up Archer themed flights. The flight attendants would dress up as Mallory (perfect for AA’s matrons) and Pam and Wodehouse. Every beverage would be alcoholic. None of that sissy water on an Archer flight! Disruptive passengers would get body-slammed by an onboard Lana. The IFE would be a Cheryl lookalike singing nothing but country. Absolutely everyone would be encouraged to join the mile high club in a beautifully decorated 60’s suite featuring Archer themed condoms (we must play safe!) items. Every seat would have a Babou the ocelot stuffed toy.

    What fun!

  10. @François and @Jessica THANK you so much!!! I am so happy that Kitty US service will still be available. I was so sad when EVA announced no Kitty service to IAH (although I do agree with Ben that Houston is weird market for Kitty) without mentioning the alternative service. I am 100% taking the ORD route.

    BTW there are guys who like Kitty and simultaneously fly premium cabins besides Ben. Like me.

  11. I have to smile at this, as it’s a nice reminder of your first Hello Kitty trip report all those years ago, when the blog and the commenters were a little more fun and lighthearted.

  12. @Amy exactly the same thing happened to me in November: a last-minute plane change after I’d planned my trip specifically so I could ride the Hello Kitty plane to my cousin’s wedding. The FAs felt bad and managed to scrounge up some HK swag for me to take home and were super apologetic. Beyond that disappointment their Royal Laurel class was quite nice. I did a full write up of the trip but I think my next attempt at Kawaii-flying will be to get on the Gudetama plane 🙂

  13. I love the idea of Hello Kitty Champagne. I love this post so much! I love hello Kitty and EVA Hello Kitty Jet. I am willing to fly in this Hello Kitty pod for the whole day If I could. I am always shopping like crazy on this hello kitty jet for their limited products.

  14. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was little. I’ve been dying to take one of the Hello Kitty flights ever since I saw your write up from your first time. She just makes me happy 🙂

  15. @Imperator ARCHER themed fllight? SIGN ME UP!!!!

    @Lucky, whatever floats your boat man….hahhh. As of me, I’ll pass on Hell-No Kitty!

  16. Hi, I am a travel agency owner and booked the Hello Kitty flight from IAH to Taipei last year. I confirmed multiple times and actually contacted them before I booked to confirm the dates even after looking at the Hello Kitty Eva Air website. They cancelled the Hello Kitty jet next month on the date I am departing. When I called them to inform them that I had planned on selling groups on this plane and that they needed to give me something else to sell in the form of an upgraded ticket for premium economy or laurel class, they said they would get back to me and let me know but the complaint had to go to Taipei. One month later after a dozen emails and calls, they tell me that there is nothing they can do . Terrible bait and switch to present one product and then cancel the flight and replace with something else.

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