Amazing Deal: Cheap Business Class Fares On The World’s Longest Flight!

Just a few days ago Qatar Airways launched the world’s longest flight, between Doha and Auckland. At over 9,000 miles one-way, it’s quite a haul.


On one hand I’m super tempted to try it just because of how long it is, though at the same time it doesn’t even feature Qatar Airways’ newest business class product, which makes me slightly less interested.

Qatar Airways 777 business class

Anyway, Qatar Airways is known for having incredible premium cabin fares, especially when they have fare sales. Just a few weeks ago they were selling roundtrip business class tickets between Los Angeles and Singapore (via Doha) for ~$1,750, which is probably the cheapest business class fare I’ve ever seen between the two cities.

Well, at the moment Qatar Airways has another great fare sale, though it’s only valid for travel out of select countries. It’s marketed as a Valentine’s Day fare sale, so you need to travel in pairs to take advantage of the deal (if it’s any consolation to the single folks, you don’t ned to buy a second seat for your hand, so…). It’s valid primarily for travel out of Northern Europe, and I’d say the most tempting fare is for travel on the world’s longest flight.

The promotion is valid for bookings through February 15, 2017, and for travel through December 15, 2017.

You can fly roundtrip business class from Copenhagen to Auckland via Doha for ~$1,775 per person.


Here’s a sample itinerary, though there are lots of dates with availability across most months:

QR-Fare-1 QR-Fare-2

You can also plan a longer or shorter layover in Doha, if you prefer.

This is an insanely good deal, and is in many cases only a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than the cheapest economy fare.

Given how tough it can be to redeem miles to New Zealand, I’m extremely tempted to take advantage of this fare sale… I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Queenstown, New Zealand

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)


  1. I’m currently sitting in the Qatar Airways lounge in Doha, having flown their A350 and 777 in the past week (yep, that $1700 LAX-SIN fare) and I just want to lodge my objection to the assumption that the 777 is an inferior product. I know you’re cray cray crazy for reverse herringbone, Ben, but I found the 777 seat to be more spacious, especially the bulkhead. The bed just feels more roomy. Also, their flights are rarely full so you’ve got a decent chance of an empty seat next to you if you ask nicely at check-in. So do not equivocate about jumping on this deal simply because it’s not an A350 or 787. Qatar’s service and catering is absolutely unparalleled, and I give the 777 a slight edge. (Now I just need to figure out how to get to Copenhagen…)

  2. @Josh

    definitely agree on the 777 vs. A350 seats. Most importantly, both seats go flat enough to give you a good nights sleep!

  3. @Josh – Looks like I missed you by a day – I just did that same flight Feb 6-7. Managed to use my Chase Sapphire Reserve’s $300 travel credit to bring the LAX-DOH-SIN fare down to $1400 R/T. I have to say – I did like the 777-200LR’s J seats. Lots of space, fully flat, great screen size. I did think the window bulkhead felt a little tight because of the video monitor housing. Compared to the A350 – I did feel that there was a lack of “work space” – the A350 felt like there was more surface area to spread work out.

  4. Seems like just one of these flight one could get British Airways top status. I know the award chart sucks but we use the award chart for short flights to Mexico and Central America from DFW. I’ve been looking at the tier points calculator.

  5. @Bob: how is using your CSR travel credit “bringing the fare down”? That’s money you already spent when you paid the AF, is it not?

    I get what you mean. But I’ve been surprised at how often I see the travel credit described as free money.

  6. @Damon: Just CPH-DOH-AKL-DOH-CPH on QR in booking class R won’t get you _any_ status on BA, let alone _top_ status. You would get 300 TP for this routing, which would get you the lowest (bronze) status with BA _if_ you fly 2 BA segments on top. BA’s medium (silver) status requires 600 TP plus 4 BA segments, their top (gold) status requires 1500 TP plus 4 BA segments.

  7. “if it’s any consolation to the single folks, you don’t ned to buy a second seat for your hand, so.”

    Now now Lucky! Keep it clean

  8. @Jonathan – yes, I see your point. Rarely do I have the need to pay extra fees for baggage, snacks in coach, etc. so, for me, I do see the $300 as “free money”.

  9. @Stuart: You are correct, my bad. Still not enough for BA’s top status, though. 4 BA segments needed for silver, 4 BA segments and another 900 TPs needed for gold.

  10. @ Ben — Re: “You can also plan a longer or shorter layover in Doha, if you prefer.” Greater than 24 hours?

  11. Hi all, this looks like a steal for sure. By my calculations you would earn $11986.8 (59934 miles round trip, R class earning 20% EQD’s per miles flown). That seems sort of insane, essentially AA Exc Plat on one round trip?! (Of course you need to also need your min segments on AA)

    Availability is pretty scattered, I wouldn’t call it ‘good’!

    As a Kiwi myself, I 100% endorse my homeland as a fantastic travel destination. Even in the ‘winter’ which is really like a SF summer 😉

  12. @Mosfet: My calculator comes up with 23794 miles flown for CPH-DOH-AKL-DOH-AKL. In booking class R, this would earn at AA: 35691 EQM (150% of miles flown) and 4758 EQD (20% of miles flown). Enough to get Gold at AA but nowhere near Executive Platinum.

  13. @Mosfet re:

    (Of course you need to also need your min segments on AA)


    I’ve heard AA ended this requirement on 1/1/17 due to them adding the EQD requirement. I am a total newbie to the AA Loyalty program, but I have a bunch of OneWorld flights in 2017 coming up that I am crediting to them and hoping to earn AA Gold without flying 4 segments with them in 2017.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?!

  14. This seat of the QR 777 is not that bad at all in my eyes. It comes in a 2-2-2 layout given the huge 777 fuselage, what means a nice width. There is further more no ‘tunnel’ for the feet, so getting up for climbing over the sleeping neighbour is not too painful. And It is fully flat, I always slept quite well in it.

  15. The J class seats on QR’s B777 win over in terms of space and you don’t feel like your legs are stuck inside a small tunnel or hollow of some sort compared to the reverse herringbone seats on their B787/A350/A380. However my only complain about the B777 seats is that they have very
    Iimited storage space especially if you are seated on a bulkhead seat. Anyhow both seats are flat enough to give you a good night’s sleep on board.

  16. @David & @Rich, I am in NZ now, have been hunting around but can’t see any similar deals going back the other way.
    I love Living in New Zealand but being in the middle of nowhere with limited airline competition makes this game hard.

  17. Hey Mario, Nick, sqldba .. let’s go!!… i am flying from lax but I can meet you guys in cph … let me know asap. Thanks!

  18. Just flew back 8th feb Akl>Doha in a fully booked Business Class.
    And 09th feb Doha>Muc (not my final destination but I wanted to fly A350)
    Also Mr Akbar Al Baker and CNN’s Richard Quest were on this ‘longest flight’ together with lots of aviation geeks. CNN was filming during the flight, which didnt bother me, but there were some people complaining about this to the cabincrew.
    Had a great flight & fantastic crew and agree with others that the B777 is more spacious than other types.
    But less storage and no privacy as a single passenger. And although its the ‘older’ product, I think its still one of the best planes to fly with.

  19. I’ve booked it for September, with my BFF and business partner. Leaving London and using 15,500 Avios plus £50 to get to CPH in Club Europe. We’ll be gone exactly 7 days and we’ll have a three night weekend in Auckland. $1750 but seeing that we will have a short business meeting and therefore tax deductible, there’s another 40% discount right there 😉 On a dollar per mile basis, that’s probably the cheapest business class flight I’ve taken in the past 20 years. Thanks for the heads up Lucky.

  20. What really would turn me off is the schedule eastbound. I mean the 2:30am depurture is quite ok if you connect into Doha the same night. But this is NOT the case in your itinerary, so you’ll have to kill a lot of time until the flight finally departs. Then, the 5:00am arrival (+1 day). You probably have slept enough by then (at least in J), but it’s another 10 hours to go until you can check in at virtually any Auckland hotel. Unless you book an extra night … There’s also no arrival lounge.

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