One Day Left For Increased Bonus On Great No Annual Fee Amex Card

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Update: This offer for The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express is expired. Learn more about the best available offer here.

We’ve seen a lot of great American Express sign-up bonuses come and go lately, and yet another one will be ending tomorrow.

Since late October we’ve seen an increased sign-up bonus on The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express, which will end tomorrow, February 1, 2017. Update, this offer has been extended until February 22nd.

This card has no annual fee, and while the upfront sign-up bonus on the card isn’t huge, the earnings potential on the card is.

Amex Blue for Business increased sign-up bonus details

There are three parts to this sign-up bonus:

  • Earn 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points after making your first purchase on the card within the first three months
  • Earn 10x points at U.S. restaurants on the first $2,000 in purchases for the first six months
  • Earn 2x points on all qualifying purchases on the first $50,000 for the first year (an additional one point per dollar spent)

On top of that, as an ongoing benefit this card offers a 30% annual points bonus based on the past year’s purchases on your Blue for Business Card. That counts for base points earned, meaning you’d earn an additional 0.3 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent.

In other words, you earn 2.3 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent for the first $50,000 you spend within the first year. You’re also earning 10.3x points at restaurants.

That’s a massive amount of value to get out of a card.

Crunching the numbers differently

Let’s say you don’t have this card, but would in fact spend $2,000 on restaurants and $50,000 on everyday spend. How many points would you earn incrementally?

  • The 10,000 points sign-up bonus
  • 14,600 points from dining (10.3 points per dollar spent, minus the opportunity cost of triple points on dining through other cards)
  • 40,000 points from everyday spend (2.3 points per dollar spent, minus the opportunity cost of earning 1.5 points per dollar spent on everyday spend on cards like the EveryDay Preferred and Freedom Unlimited)

In other words, I view the incremental bonus on this card as being 64,600 Membership Rewards points. That’s an insanely good deal if you fit in the above category, especially given that this is a no annual fee card.

Bottom line

The increased sign-up bonus on the Blue for Business Card is ending soon, and this really is a very compelling card. Assuming you’ll spend $50,000 on the card and $2,000 on dining, the incremental bonus earned on this card will be 64,600 Membership Rewards points, which is fantastic.

I’ve never crunched the numbers that way, but now that I think about it, I’m very tempted to apply…

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  1. Picked up the card in December and have been using it regularly. My MR points totals are updated just about daily which is nice. These are flex points I think so you need an AMEX card that has a MR benefit to use them fully as MR points? Perhaps someone could clarify this. At some point I’m going to transfer these to Delta so I think I’ll use the card ongoing for now. I had a $600 Ticketmaster purchase and was offered an MR option, but the value was only .5 per point so I didn’t use it.

  2. I have a Platinum Charge card. I know that this card earns MR points that do not transfer. If I have a card that does indeed transfer, will that make the MR points on the Blue Business card transferable to airlines?

  3. @Kevin: Yes- that is correct. The points from the Blue card just show up on your MR point totals automatically. The “flex” part is that sometimes you can use the points to pay for items at the point of sale. I took my grandson to McDonalds and used the Blue card. It came up with an option to pay for the transaction with points. That’s the flex part at least as far as I can tell.

  4. I just picked up this card. I’m not going to run 50k through it, but the way I feel is its a non-AF card, I’ll pick up an easy 10k points, I spend a decent amount on restaurants so the x10 on that spend will be nice and maybe I will make it a general spend card for the first year. Since its a business card it won’t impact me 5/24 for Chase or show up on my reports. Seems like a no-brainer card to pickup if you want some Amex MRs and you don’t have any high priority apps coming up.

  5. Ben–thought I missed this but clicked on the link and it looks like the offer has been extended to 2/22

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