Qantas’ Beautiful (But Also Long And Predictable) New Safety Video

Over the past few years, safety videos have become a marketing tool of sorts for airlines, as we’ve seen airlines come up with cool, fresh concepts that keep passengers engaged. Air New Zealand is perhaps best known for their creative safety videos, as they generally have a new video every quarter. Millions of people who have never flown with Air New Zealand have seen their safety videos, which is pretty incredible.

Well, Qantas has just unveiled their first new safety video of 2017, and it’s stunning. The video shows images from all over Australia. It’s great for an airline to not only be able to highlight their own product, but also the beauty of the country they call home.


Here’s how Qantas’ CEO describes the video:

“What we’ve found is that it’s a lot easier to grab people’s attention with something that’s interesting to watch,” Mr Joyce said.

“We know the combination of beautiful landscapes and laid-back Aussie charm really cuts through.  It’s also why this video doubles as a perfect tourism ad.

“Finding smart ways to reach new audiences is a priority for Qantas and the whole Australian tourism industry, and we’re looking forward to rolling the video out as part of our strategy to keep visitor numbers growing.  We’re confident it’ll strike a chord with travellers from around the world, not to mention Australians thinking about holidaying at home.”

However, my one major issue with the video is how long it is. It takes 6min22sec, which is really unnecessarily long. It’s a good 2-3 minutes longer than it needs to be. Maybe that’s not annoying to someone who flies Qantas once or twice a year, though I imagine it will quickly become annoying for frequent flyers.

Here’s the video:

While the video is well produced, the concept as such isn’t original. Just recently both Middle East Airlines and Oman Air released similar videos, highlighting the beauty of their respective countries:

What do you make of Qantas’ new safety video?


  1. Looks good to me. In terms of originality I’m not sure how original it could possibly be considering it’s just a refresh of last year’s video rather than a completely new concept.

  2. The actual safety video is three minutes long, as stated in the press release. The one on youtube is the marketing version.

  3. Too much time in the air?needing a full night’s sleep in your own bed?
    Video too long???
    You whine too much of late!

  4. As a frequent Qantas flyer I can confirm that even the shortened version makes me want to die now. I’d go John Travolta any day over this one!

  5. Yes, it’s a little long and definitely a little cliched. But as an Aussie living in the UK, getting on a Qantas flight and being welcomed by this video is just wonderful!

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