Great Garuda Indonesia First Class Fares Are Back!

Last November Garuda Indonesia had a great “Black Friday” sale, with discounted first & business class fares between London and Asia. I took advantage of this offer and flew from London to Jakarta in Garuda Indonesia first class, and then returned from Jakarta to Singapore to London.


The flights were incredible, and Garuda Indonesia no doubt has one of my favorite first class products in the world (and perhaps even my favorite). I’ve never flown an airline with staff who were so consistently and genuinely friendly.


A few weeks ago Garuda Indonesia had a 90% off award sale (including for first class), though that ended up being a bit of a cluster, meaning that not everyone who was interested was able to take advantage of the offer.

If you still want to fly Garuda Indonesia first class, the airline has brought back some great premium cabin fares out of London. The fares are valid:

  • For tickets booked through January 25, 2017
  • For travel through December 24, 2017

So, how good are the fares? You can fly:

  • Roundtrip first class from London to Singapore for 2,367GBP
  • Roundtrip first class from London to Jakarta for 2,426GBP
  • Roundtrip business class from London to Singapore for 1,422GBP
  • Roundtrip business class from London to Jakarta for 1,416GBP


One-way fares are also available, though they’re a bit more than half of the roundtrip cost. For example, a one-way first class ticket from London to Singapore can be had for 1,391GBP.


Garuda Indonesia truly has one of the world’s best first class products, so if you’ve been wanting to try the product but haven’t had the chance yet, this is a great opportunity to do so. You’ll want to hurry, though, as these fares are available through tomorrow at the latest.

(Tip of the hat to zoqfotpik)


  1. There’s not much difference between ‘promo’ and standard fares. If you want flexibility and a refundable option better to go w standard as the ‘promo’ isn’t changeable or refundable (according to GA CSR). Also– keep it simple. If it doesn’t show a workable routing online don’t bother calling up GA to get it done. I promise you will regret it. LOL.

  2. Are the promo fares really non-cancellable/non-refundable? The website seems to say that they are subject to a payment of a fee.

  3. Thanks working on a European vacation and was wondering if I get a RTW trip out of it and this fare will do it. So far I have PHX-JFK-FRA-MUC, will take the train from MUC-LON, LHR-SIN, SIN-SFO-PHX.

    AA (paid F) PHX-JFK, SQ (Suites) JFK-FRA, train to MUC, train to London, Garuda LHR-SIN (paid F), SQ (J) SIN-SFO, UA SFO-PHX. With 2 weeks in Europe should be a relaxing vacation.

  4. Do you get paid $$$$$ by them for promoting them? It seems that you are overly excited about an airline that is not even allowed to fly to the U.S. due to their safety standard.

  5. @jackie, you are misinformed. GA has been cleared to fly to the US.

    With the many airlines these years cutting down on refurbishment and offering of the hard product (ie SQ and CX), not much differentiates airlines IMO. What does make a huge difference is the soft product. I’d take a good soft product over a good hard product any day. In the golden age it was MH that was offering stellar service. I agree with Ben 100% that GA offers a hard to beat service in our current day and age. It is genuine, unpretentious and discreet. And that applies even to Y.

  6. BEFORE ANYONE JUMPS AT ONE OF THESE FARES, please read this for a data point / reference.
    Garuda may be great IF everything goes ahead as planned and their plane does not break down at the last second, but if anything happens, please do not expect that they will be helpful or even be complying with the law.
    I bought a Black Friday promo First Class fare for travel (LHR to CGK one way) on 17 December 2016. After check-in, the lounge and everything, I was duly escorted to the gate, only to be informed there that there was a last-second technical failure of the aircraft, which surprised even the staff who escorted me. I was then escorted back to the lounge and told that the flight would not depart until “tomorrow morning” (which would have been a delay of about 13 hours – the flight ended up being delayed for about 18 hours as it did not depart until 2 pm the next day). I responded that I could not wait that long, as I had a job interview to attend which I would miss if I took the delayed flight. I then asked for my ticket to be refunded in full, in accordance with Articles 6(1)(iii) and 8(1)(a) of EC Regulation No 261/2004 (which has the force of law in the UK) – I should also note that these Articles mandate that the full refund be made within 7 days of the request. The ticketing desk’s agent promptly processed my refund request and reassured me that he had expressly remarked that the refund should be in full without any penalty due to the flight delay. Subsequently, I also claimed compensation under Article 7(1)(c) of the Regulation, in accordance with the European Court’s decision in the Sturgeon case.

    Fast forward and it is now 25 January. These clowns have been essentially ignoring my repeated e-mails asking them for an update of the progress of processing my refund, which was made over a month ago, which they are legally obliged to make within 7 days as aforesaid, and which I still have not received at all – and I am just asking for an update!! Not to mention my request for the prescribed EUR600 compensation – these clowns have claimed that since I did not take the flight, I am not entitled to it. This is utter nonsense: as interpreted by the Court in Sturgeon, the compensation is to be awarded by treating a severely delayed flight on the same footing as a cancelled flight – and the compensation, prescribed under Article 7, is primarily for cancelled flights (see Article 5) – so, if Garuda’s claim was correct, then every passenger whose flight was cancelled would not be entitled to any compensation as s/he would not have taken the flight, which is utterly wrong and nonsensical in view of Articles 5 and 7!!
    So, as of now, I still have not received a penny back (the ticket alone cost about GBP1,300). Frankly, I am astonished by their total lack of customer service (and respect for customers, let alone a First Class customer), contrary to Lucky’s fantastic experience in the air and on the ground.
    The take away point: if you believe that everything will go ahead as planned for your flight, do by all means consider buying one of these fares, but if not, then my advice is not even to touch Garuda at all.

  7. Not seeing what the big deal is with GA. Flew couple times in J over Xmas holidays and I much prefer other 4 & 5 star airlines. They kept making mistakes and slow in providing service in my two experiences, to the point that I was pretty upset at the end of the flight. It also seemed like there was pretty heavy kowtowing to military high ups. The hard product was also pretty meh. I’d understand if this was Thai or United, but for a supposed 5 star airline the service was quite lacking.

    I also flew EVA during the trip, which was just awarded 5 stars and they were fantastic. I’d much rather fly them along with other Asian carriers like JAL, ANA, KAL, and Cathay along with 3 gulf airlines than GA.

  8. @ Tom – this isn’t unique to Garuda, I have had similar experiences with “premium” airlines such as Qantas and Emirates in relation to the EU regulations for refunds and compensation. You should contact to fight the claim on your behalf (be warned – battling the airlines can take over 12 months before you receive your cash).

    Unfortunately it is a standard approach from many airlines to ignore the EU rules and hope you give up. Paying compensation for 300+ passengers gets expensive.

  9. If this was a sale from AMS, I’d grab it in a heartbeat. While I completely second Lucky’s 5-star review of the flight itself (once the actual Indonesian flight crew took over), my experience with GA’s ground staff at Heathrow and the No. 1 Lounge was not a premium experience at all. Will definitely fly GA again, but never again out of London.

  10. @Rob I can truly empathise. I flew with Garuda recently Business Class and it was a shamble. Dietary preference becomes mandatory unknown chicken meal forced on me; only female stewardess are actually doing any work at all. The male stewards are busy cruising for sex on apps and/ or social media (but in their reply they omit that and deny that there are any other male crew other than the pursers and the chefs. In short they implied that I lied, bloody clowns). They took forever to reply and when they do eventually it was treated as a ‘feedback’. When I pressed on further I was given half baked nonsensical replies as facts, as though I have never flew my entire life!! They rather not offend ONE customer and allow him to leave his windows open throughout the whole 13HOUR flight so my cabin was the only one brightly lit whilst the rest of the aircraft is darkened and allowed for resting. When questioned, the bullshit response they gave was they cannot ‘force’ a customer to shut the window. I beg to differ especially asking a few cabin crew and pilot friends. There is some regulation about it. What annoys me the most I think, with your experience is that: their service recovery is a joke and non existent and they honestly do not give a damn.

    And I do wonder with @Jackie if Ben is getting paid for heavily promoting Garuda which is fine as long as it is non biased and good for him that he did not receive the crap treatment and service both myself and Rob encountered.

    And pointless emailing the CEO in Indonesia. I managed to get his email from an industry contact and not a fart.

    You can’t polish turd.

    #GAExperience #5Star #Fraud #Rubbish #AvoidLikePlague

  11. Lucky,

    In your experience, how often do you see sales for GA pop up? I just missed getting in on this the other night an I’m now kicking myself.

  12. I bought a first class ticket LHR-CGK-LHR last Black Friday sale. And now I’m receiving an email that my CGK-LHR in July has been downgraded to J class. Anyone?

  13. I am sorry to hear that, Slowpoke. It sucks that the EC Regulation would not seem to apply to the return flight, as GA is not a EU carrier: Article 3(1)(b) of the Regulation. Otherwise, GA would be legally obliged to refund 75% of the price for the return portion within 7 days (although my experience above shows that they fail to adhere to such legal requirement): Article 10(2)(c) of the Regulation.
    Nonetheless, assuming that the air ticket is governed by English law (as indicated by e.g. the currency of its price and its issuing office), then you would arguably have the choice between (a) cancelling the flight and seeking a full refund of the return portion, and (b) flying Business Class as downgraded, and in either case claiming compensation (including the price difference for the return portion (for (b)), and (for either case) any other damage/loss suffered as a result (other than wholly exceptional damage/loss)).

  14. I’ve booked a one way ticket from London to Singapore while the promotion is still available. Couple of days later, which is today, I received an email from Garuda Indonesia saying my booking class has been changed from A to J. I emailed ebooking and they told me “we worry for the first class is not in operation. We suggest to make the process a full refund, if agree with this please inform us 4 last digit credit card number used for payment, card holder name, bank account name and billing address”. Strangely, I found the same flight GA87 shows available for booking for First Class on the same date on their website. Does this sound strange to you? Why can they sell me something then swap to another product without even giving a proper explanation? What are the ways I can fight for this? I know I bought a First Class on sale but it’s not fair for them to swap me a Business Class or try to refund me.

  15. Tim, I can completely empathise (see my posts above) and I also entirely agree with you that it is not right or fair for them to try to swap you a Business Class seat or to refund you without your voluntary agreement. The fact that you bought the ticket whilst on sale does not and should not matter: it is still a contract between you and GA, which they are legally obliged to honour.
    As to how you want to fight this, it depends on what you want exactly. If you are certain that the flight has a First Class cabin (rather than e.g. due to the error of their website’s booking engine) and they are trying effectively to dishonour the contract, your safest bet would be to complain to the relevant UK consumer protection authority (as it sounds like a case of trade misdescription or even deceptive trade practice).
    Alternatively, other than a full refund as suggested by GA themselves, you can try to fly Business Class and claim for refund of 75% of the price for the return portion within 7 days, under Article 10(2)(c) of EC Regulation 261/2004, which has the force of law in the UK and which applies to your flight as it departs from London, even though GA is of course not a EU carrier. If they refuse or neglect to refund you the 75% within the prescribed period, you can refer the matter to the UK Civil Aviation Authority or take them to court. As you can imagine, flying GA Business Class effectively for 25% of the price (on sale) you have paid should be a good deal.

  16. It’s true what Tim said above, I called the first class hotline and was informed that there was an equipment swap to 773. The thing is, no 773 could handle CGK-SIN-LHR-CGK.

    I also checked through their website and lo and behold…. they are selling my seat. I am able to book first class for the exact same flight.

    The hotline I spoke to promised me an answer within 1 week. I just hope that this is just a mere glitch in their system.

  17. I bought on Expedia US a first class (A fare) return ticket LHR-CGK-MEL. I have just received an email from Expedia announcing that my GA 86 flight (CGK-LHR) was downgraded from first to business. I checked on GA website and the seat is bookable in First – I have already had a few schedule changes this year with Garuda, most of them coming back to the original schedules – so they have little glitches in their systems – Is this downgrade thing a glitch again – any help?

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