Earn Bonus Miles For Transatlantic Travel On American

American AAdvantage has just announced a promotion for earning bonus miles on transatlantic travel. The promotion is similar to ones we’ve seen in the past. Through this promotion you can earn up to 40,000 bonus miles for transatlantic travel this winter, as follows:

  • 5,000 bonus miles per roundtrip in economy (fare classes Y, H, K, M, L, W, V, G, Q, N, O or S)
  • 10,000 bonus miles per roundtrip in business class (fare classes J, R, D or I)
  • 20,000 bonus miles per roundtrip in first class (fare classes F or A)


Registration is required using promotion code NAS17. Furthermore, booking and travel is required between January 19 and March 31, 2017. In the past American counted previously purchased tickets towards the promotion, though they’re not doing so this time.

In terms of other important terms:

  • Only flights between the U.S. and Europe marketed by American are eligible, though they can be operated by American, British Airways, Iberia, or Finnair
  • Bonus miles can be earned for a maximum of two roundtrips

Iberia-Business-Class-A340 - 1
Travel in Iberia business class will qualify, as long as the flight is marketed by American

Bottom line

Ultimately this is a nice bonus for anyone planning a transatlantic trip, though I don’t like that previously booked tickets don’t qualify, unlike in the past. I understand the goal is to generate incremental business, but you shouldn’t penalize those who choose to book early, in my opinion.

Ultimately I wouldn’t change my travel plans around this promotion, but it’s an easy way to pick up 5,000 bonus miles on most economy fares, and even more miles for business and first class fares.

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. And then do what with the miles? Wait for the two days a year some great option comes along and hope you were paying attention? American miles are officially now worse than skypesos. I suppose the business travelers they are targeting, who don’t use their calculators to decide if an occasional 12.5k mile redemption from Chicago to Des Moines is worth it, won’t care. But I’m at the point where I wouldn’t go out of my way for 5,000 AA miles, let alone fly transatlantic for them if there’s a better option. I’m really not sure how American is going to be able to continue to sell miles to citi in large quantities or to use them as bait for promotions when they curtail their usage so dramatically.

  2. @Larry

    Book with the oneworld partners and Etihad…that’s where the only value is. The award chart was devalued (as a result of promotions like these) but award availability to the rest of the world remains pretty good on some pretty fantastic partners (QR, EY, CX, JL, QF namely)

  3. Why only Europe? Upcoming trip from South America & cant take advantage over this promotion. So stupid, American. Way to ignore half the world worth of potential business.

  4. amen Larry, amen. I only earn miles with AA just to keep my account active. Anything more than that is a waste of time/money.

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