Deal On iTunes Gift Cards: 15% Off + 5x Points

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While I try to keep the blog pretty strictly points and travel focused, there are some deals that I think are worth sharing. For example, for me any discounts with Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks are more or less good as cash, as I’d spend money with them anyway (of course there are limits to how much “credit” I want with iTunes or Starbucks, but I spend a good amount with Amazon).

Anyway, since I’m always on the road, I get all my entertainment through iTunes. I download shows and songs to entertain me when I’m flying onto my iPad/iPhone, rather than relying on what the airline provides.

While you can usually earn 5x points on iTunes gift cards by buying them at an office supply store with the right credit card, at the moment there’s an opportunity to stack that with 15% off.

At the moment Staples’ website is offering 15% off iTunes gift cards. Specifically, you can:


The offer is available through January 21, 2017, or as long as supplies last. You can buy up to three of each type of gift card in one transaction online, so if you max out this promotion you can get $450 worth of gift cards for $382.50. The gift cards are physical ones, though shipping is free.


When you combine the 15% off and the 5x points you’re potentially earning, that’s like getting more than 20% off the cost of iTunes gift cards.

This is a deal I’m taking advantage of myself, so I suspect others will be interested as well.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor of Credit)


  1. Can iTunes gift cards be used for other purchases at Or are they only good for iTunes purchases?

  2. Is this actually what a good dealnis for iTunes cards in the US? Wow, that sucks. In Australia, theres at least one store a fortnight flogging iTunes giftcards at 20-25% off and that’s before you tack on the frequent flyer portals as well.

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