Two Weeks Of Unlimited Flying In Norway For $398

Norway is quickly climbing my list of favorite countries. The entire country is basically one big national park. Or rather one big national park where every food vendor is a farm-to-table restaurant.

So the scenery is gorgeous and the food, all of it, seemingly no matter where you dine, is fresh, natural, and real. It seems they just don’t tolerate crap in their food like we do back here in the states.

OK, so the place is a little on the expensive side. But it’s actually a lot cheaper — at least for Americans — than it was a few years ago thanks to the strengthening of the dollar. When we visited Bergen in 2013, some of the prices were just plain silly. Now they are just on the expensive side, kind of like if you were visiting New York City.

Anyway, Wideroe is back with their annual fly-all-you-want around Norway for a fixed cost in the summer of 2017.

bergen family
Travis with his family in Bergen

At least during the summer months, they have a really compelling offer. Fly All You Can for two weeks for a fixed price with an Explore Norway ticket.

Explore Norway 2017

The offer is pretty similar to those of the past except with slightly different dates. This year, travel is valid from July 1 to August 31.

The country is divided into three zones and you buy the pass based on the number of zones you want to travel within.

Explore Norway zone map

So you pay $420 for the first zone of travel, and then about $70 for each additional zone.

Explore Norway pass prices for 2017

You might want to play around with various currency conversions to find the best deal. For example, it seems that paying in NOK would be better than paying in USD, at least if you can book it on a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

Paying in NOK might be a better deal

The base pass is good for two weeks, or you can buy an additional week. Your travel needs to occur between July 1 and August 31, 2017.

Widerøe doesn’t have many international flights, but they do fly from Aberdeen, Gothenburg (Goteborg), and Copenhagen (Koberhavn) and you can include that inbound and outbound segment as part of the pass.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to do this, be sure to study the terms and conditions, which actually seem fairly straightforward:

  • You may fly as much as you like, but not more than 4 times between the same city pairs (e.g. Oslo-Sogndal).
  • Except for the first flight, you are free to change your itinerary within your travel period. You can book up to 2 hours before departure, but note, availability might be limited on the most popular flights. We advise you to book early.
  • The ticket is not refundable after the first flight is booked, and name change is not possible.
  • Children 2-11 years old get 25% off when they travel with a parent or grandparent (children under 12 years can not travel alone).
  • Connecting flight to/from Norway from/to one of our international destinations are included in the price for zone Southern Norway. Note: Only as first and last flight on your Explore Norway trip.
  • EuroBonus members are eligible to Basic EuroBonus-points as follows: 1 zone 3390 points, 2 zones 3990 points, 3 zones 4590 points, extra week 2000 points. The points will be registered when your journey is completed.

Booking Your Explore Norway Ticket

I’ve never flown Widerøe but I have booked tickets with them. If that sounds odd, it’s because about three years ago they sort-of-not-mistakenly sold United tickets at a huge discount. So I booked a few and ended up interacting with the Widerøe staff to clean up some schedule changes and whatnot.

While Widerøe has some strange call center hours, they provide absolutely fantastic web support via an instant message window on their website.

I would not hesitate to do business with Widerøe as their employees seem to genuinely care about helping their customers and making sure that everyone has a fantastic experience when visiting their country.

Bottom line

Norway is an amazingly beautiful place.

We’ve now spent long weekends in Bergen and Oslo, with tentative plans to hit Stavanger and maybe Tromsø over the next year. Hopefully we’ll be able to take advantage of the Explore Norway deal one of these years.

Oslo in winter is lovely

Have you ever bought an Explore Norway ticket?


  1. They should increase it to $800 to include unlimited fly, eat, drink, stay for two weeks and I will bite.

    Paas it on to them.

  2. Scandic (hotel chain) had a offer last year where they gave two weeks of free stays in norway for 4000 NOK (470 USD), to add to Widerøes “Norge Rundt” ticket. Hopefully they will come up with this for 2017 as well.

    Living in Northern Norway I have taken advantage of this a couple of years ago, and I know a lot of people who do this every year as a holiday. It’s a fantastic (and easy and cheap) way to experience Norway.

    Funfact: 2015 and earlier each flight gave a qualifying leg in SAS EuroBonus (Widerøe is part of the loyalty program of SAS) and people qualified to SAS EuroBonus Gold and Diamond (which both give Star Alliance Gold) just by flying around like crazy for two weeks. This gained some interest in Norwegian media, and from last summer and onwards they instead give a fixed amount of legs and points regardless of how much you actually travel.

  3. Damn, I was thinking I could game this to get EB Gold via the segment qualification but then saw Ole’s post above.

    Always late to the party!

  4. Does it similar to Air Asia’s Asean Pass? Which (in theory) you could fly between Asean countries. Although a lot of review on seat availability for the flight using this pass are so scare. However when look up on normal fare there are still plenty of seat available.

  5. Travis,

    I am based in Stavanger. Just let me know if you will visit Stavanger. If you wish, I can share some useful tips and trick to explore this beautiful city :).

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