Roundtrip Transcon Virgin America First Class Tickets For 15,000 Miles

Several weeks ago Alaska announced that they were introducing some new discounted distance based awards. Specifically, there are discounted awards available if flying a distance of less than 700 miles, a distance of 701 to 1,400 miles or a distance of 1,401 to 2,100 miles.


As I explained at the time, this presented some incredible opportunities to book one-way awards for 5,000 miles including a stopover.


While not directly related to this type of award, there are certainly other opportunities to take advantage of discounted distance based awards. Per The Points Guy:

  • When flying on Alaska flights, Mileage Plan prices the cost of these distance based awards based on the origin and destination, and not based on the intermediate points
  • When flying on partner airlines, Mileage Plan prices open jaw tickets as one-ways based on the origin and destination, assuming all travel is in one day

These types of awards won’t always price ideally, but they sometimes will.

To give an example, for 7,500 miles in economy or 15,000 miles in first class you could fly same day from Los Angeles to New York to San Francisco on Virgin America.


Now, admittedly most people probably don’t want to fly roundtrip to New York and back the same day, though I’m guessing that’s not how many people would intend to use this (unless they really want to try Virgin America’s first class product, in which case it could be fun).


This opportunity with the Alaska booking engine has been around for a long time, and personally I wouldn’t have written about it, because I think this will now be shut down. However, that’s happening either way now that The Points Guy has written about, so as many people as possible might as well take advantage of this great opportunity while it’s still available…

My general philosophy with these deals is to always maximize the greatest good for the greatest number of people, and at this point I think writing about it is the right thing to do.

So I’d recommend playing around with the Alaska website for award bookings and seeing what’s available. Like I said, there are some fantastic opportunities to be had, both on Alaska Airlines and partner flights. I doubt they’ll last.


  1. My philosophy is if a blogger writes about it they have figured its more lucrative to monetize their readers than to actually use the opportunity themselves anymore.

    I am sure TPG reached that point for this deal but not the others they haven’t revealed yet.

  2. Alaska is telling me 25k for a first class ticket LAX-SFO one way non=stop. I don’t know how it ever got 15k.

  3. I don’t mind you posting about this because who would really do this? It’s not a very useful loophole.

  4. I actually needed to get back from LAX in May so I just booked this, thanks a lot.

    My question is, why can’t I have my stopover in NYC? Do you think with my MVP Gold status they will let me change the date of the 2nd flight?

    And if, JFK cannot be my stop over, what stop over can I add to this ticket to make it even better ?

  5. does anybody have any experience dropping legs on an Alaska Award Itinerary? Does anyone know if Alaska takes action against somebody who does this?

  6. Really Ben? You’ve posted this kind of thing first before so you can’t pass the buck to Brian. Nice try.

  7. @Sean First of all its dead so you cant. Second its a LAX-SFO booking which is why you cant stop-over, third Partner awards do not allow stop-overs on domestic itins

  8. Sorry for the multiple posts. These “were” are only good if you want to try the VX F product. I have a killer 15,000 mile domestic Y run later this year and on the way home I booked PDX-JFK via HNL in VX F for 25K

  9. cdking, thanks !!

    What do you think about a date change (MVP Gold), I’m thinking maybe it re prices when they reissue the tickets for a date change ?

  10. I tried in early June and didn’t check out but I tried again in late May and was able to book it for 15K miles and $5.60.

    I was also wondering about a date change since I just randomly picked a date, but might just leave it alone.

  11. It will error out of you try to change it. I’ve never dared to call but AS reps use the same booking tool as the forward facing website so if it errors out online the same will happen on a phone call.

  12. I love everyone criticizing the bloggers as though every one of the ones upset about it being gone discovered it for themselves.

  13. I successfully changed the date of my flight.
    It looks like this may not be completely dead, and certain dates will book successfully.

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