No, The SPG Amex Annual Credits Haven’t Yet Posted. It’s Not Just You.

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One of the reasons I hold onto both the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Card from American Express is because they help me requalify for Starwood status.

One of the perks of the cards is that they offer two elite qualifying stays and five elite qualifying nights towards status annually. Each of the cards offers that benefit, meaning that if you have both cards, you start the year with four elite qualifying stays and 10 elite qualifying nights.

Platinum status ordinarily requires 25 stays or 50 nights, meaning that you really only need 21 stays or 40 nights to qualify if you have both of these cards.

Historically the stays and nights offered through this benefit post within the first couple of weeks of the year. For example, last year the credits posted within the first week of the year.


I’ve received many messages over the past week or so from readers asking if this is still a benefit, and why the stays and nights haven’t yet posted.

Yes, the SPG Amex continues to offer this benefit, and the terms indicate that the credits will post by February 15. Here are the relevant terms:

Upon opening your Card Account and, by February 15th of each subsequent calendar year it is open, you will receive from Starwood credit for 2 stays and 5 nights towards your Starwood Preferred Guest® Elite Status. To receive this benefit, your Card Account must be linked to an SPG Member account in your name. This benefit is limited to one annual credit per Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card Account (“Starwood Consumer Card Account”), and one annual credit per Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card Account (“Starwood Business Card Account”). You will not receive additional 2 stay or 5 night Elite Status credits if you have multiple Starwood Consumer Card Accounts or additional Cards, and you will not receive additional 2 stay or 5 night Elite Status credits if you have multiple Starwood Business Card Accounts or supplemental Cards. However, if you have both a Starwood Consumer Card Account and a Starwood Business Card Account, you can receive a maximum credit of 4 stays and 10 nights. Credits and status are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the SPG program.

Having the SPG Amex can give you a fast track to SPG Platinum, which comes with suite upgrades

So to all those who have been asking, these credits haven’t yet posted for anyone. I suspect they’ll post in the next couple of weeks. Even though they’re posting a bit later than last year, we’re still over a month from when SPG promises that these credits will post.

Also keep in mind that if you don’t yet have the SPG Personal Amex or SPG Business Amex, you can still sign up for the cards and get the credit this year (and subsequent years, at least as long as the SPG program sticks around). There’s no requirement to have the cards at the beginning of the year to take advantage of this benefit.

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  1. Lucky, have you noticed that lifetime nights now show as 0. Weird but do you think this has anything to do with the merger of the loyalty programs in 2017? Will lifetime nightsnot carry over to the new program? Are you seeing the same? Would love to hear your thoughts

  2. Thanks for the always useful info. Does anyone know if these SPG personal Amex card stay credits will lead to the Uber stay requirement being fulfilled? My first actual SPG stay will likely not be until April.

  3. I was wondering too why my credits hadn’t shown up yet, thanks for posting this.

    @CoreyL: yes they count towards the total nights requirements for lifetime elite status.

  4. if you sign up for the card after Feb 15th of the year, will you still receive the credits for that year? or will you not be able to receive credits until the following calendar year ? It’s July now, I want to know if I sign up today, will I get the 5 nights credited this year…

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