Reload Your Starbucks Account With $10, Get 2 Free Drinks Or Snacks

Every few weeks we seem to see some sort of promotion involving the Starbucks app and a payment platform, which is a great opportunity to get big discounts on Starbucks purchases. For example, several weeks ago you could get a $10 Starbucks bonus card when you purchased a $20 Starbucks gift card through the Starbucks app with Visa Checkout.

Well, Starbucks has just launched yet another promotion, which has the potential to be pretty lucrative.

Starbucks Gold members can receive 250 bonus Stars if they reload their account with at least $10 through the Starbucks App using Chase Pay.


One free food or drink item costs 125 Stars, meaning that you’re getting two free items when you complete this offer. Those can easily cost more than $5 each, since they include sandwiches and super fancy drinks. Heck, you could probably get almost $100 worth of drinks out of it, if you’re so inclined. šŸ˜‰

There are a fewĀ major things to be aware of here:

  • You need to be a Starbucks Gold member to take advantage of this offer (though if you’re a frequent OMAAT reader then hopefully you are, sinceĀ a few months ago you could get Gold status after just one purchase)
  • You need to pay with Chase Pay through the Starbucks App
  • This won’t work if you have a Chase business card linked to your Chase online account, as there will be an error message; so this is an offer I didn’t take advantage of with my account, but did take advantage of with my mom’s account, since she doesn’t have a Chase business card

With that in mind, here’s how you can take advantage of the promotion:

1.) If you’re a Chase cardmember, but don’t have Chase Pay, tap Pay in the StarbucksĀ® app, then Manage. Then select Edit Payment Methods followed by Add Payment Method andĀ Set Up Chase Pay.
2.) If you already have Chase Pay, simply tap Pay, then Reload. Make sure that Chase Pay is selected as your payment method and follow the steps to load $10 or more.
3.) Receive 250 bonus stars within 24 hours.


Assuming you’re eligible (you’re a Gold member and don’t have a business card linked to your online Chase account), this is a super easy offer that’s worth taking advantage of, in my opinion.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this Starbucks & Chase Pay promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Travel With Grant)


  1. Why does Chase need to make this so complicated? Yes, I have a Chase Ink card and when tried to set up Chase Pay using my Chase Sapphire it gave me the error message and said I need to set up a new account with Too much work for $10.

  2. “donā€™t have a business card linked to your online Chase account” – my ink cards are linked to a different online acct.

    i did not get an email offer, wonder if it will work.

  3. No business card but get
    ā€œOur system cannot process your request, please try again laterā€


  4. I had an issue where I set up/linked my Chase Pay on my phone and it seemed like it should work but was getting an error message in the app. When I logged into my account on my computer then clicked the Chase Pay link at top I realized it never saved the primary/default card to use. Once I selected “set as primary”, I went back into the app and the transaction completed.

  5. It took me almost an hour and a half to get this sorted today. If you have personal cards and one or more Chase Business cards, for Chase Pay to work, the cards (business vs personal) must have separate logins. I went back and forth with Chase, Starbucks, Chase business department, Chase tech department until we finally ended up pulling one card out, giving it a separate login, signing up for Chase Pay, then closing that login account pulling my personal card back into the whole group.

    I guess it’s a good idea if you only have one or two personal cards, but with an entire stable of Chase cards, whether it is worth it to you for the hassle. But you will, if you have the business card issue, have to separate them in order to sign up for Chase Pay.

  6. I did mine last night using my BA Chase Card, points posted this morning. Can I use the same chase pay account for 2 different starbucks accounts? I got the bonus points for my account but I’d like to do the same thing for my mom’s account too.

  7. I was able to set up Chase Pay very quickly once I entered the code they provided. BUT, it’s been well over 24 hours have yet to receive the 250 stars. I’m thinking this is a DEAD DEAL!

  8. I was able to use my Chase Pay relatively easily once I input the code that that supplied. BUT< it has been over 24 hours and no credit yet. I'm thinking this deal is either DEAD or targeted and I was not the target.

  9. Worked for me as well. Added Chase pay yesterday, loaded $10 and woke up this morning to find two free drinks loaded on the app! Thanks Lucky.

  10. I wrote Sbux and they credited the stars as a courtesy (took 2 emails). I did not reload (since I couldn’t). I have 2 biz cards and didn’t want to spend 90+ minutes jumping thru their ridiculous hoops.

    I suggest everyone write in over this issue. Maybe they’ll think twice before running half-baked promotions next time!

  11. Thanks I got the points after 2 days. Wonder if I can get $100 of strawberries and bananas on the side haha.

  12. Over 2 days since reload, no stars yet…this isn’t the first time I’ll need to call them about a promo gone wrong…

  13. Well, I see that my points were finally in my account this morning – so about 60 hours later. I suggest you ignore the “24 hours” part and use this promotion because it does seem to work eventually.

  14. “you may need to set up a new user nam and password to use chase pay.
    “” thing is..I ALREADY HAVE IT SET UP.

    something about the starbucks app and chase pay not working

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