Great Deal: Qatar Airways Business Class From LA Or NY To Singapore For ~$1,900

Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

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I’ve written many times about Qatar Airways’ exceptional premium cabin fares, which are a great way to earn oneworld miles while flying one of the world’s best business class products. However, the catch is that usually these excellent fares don’t originate in the U.S. — instead they’re typically valid for travel from international destinations to the U.S.

Qatar Airways A350

Well, Qatar Airways has just announced their latest global fare sale, called the Qatar Airways Travel Festival, and we’re seeing some great fares globally, including for travel originating in the United States.


The basic terms of this fare sale are as follows:

  • Valid for bookings through January 16, 2017
  • Valid for travel between January 11 and December 15, 2017
  • There are further blackout dates and some minimum stay requirements, but they vary be region
  • Fares are often cheaper when traveling in pairs
  • In theory there’s a further 15% discount if using promotion code VISA, though in practice it doesn’t seem to work on most premium fares; it’s something that’s worth trying, though

So, how good are the fares? For travel originating in the U.S., the best deals I see are from New York and Los Angeles to Singapore.

You can fly between New York and Singapore (via Doha) for ~$2,050. If you travel as a pair, the fare is even $100 cheaper per person, and a total of ~$3,900 for both passengers.

qr-fare-1 qr-fare-2

For the fare between New York and Singapore, you could fly Qatar Airways’ excellent A350 the entire way, featuring what I consider to be the best business class product out there.

Qatar Airways A350 business class

We actually saw a similar fare last November, though it was a bit more expensive, and also required traveling as a pair in order to get that price.

If crediting these flights to American you’d earn:

  • 150% elite qualifying miles
  • 100% redeemable miles for segments in the “R” fare class
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • 20% elite qualifying dollars (elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)

This ticket covers a distance of ~21,122 miles, meaning you’d earn 31,683 elite qualifying miles, 4,224 elite qualifying dollars (more than double the usual elite qualifying dollars you’d earn for a ticket of that amount), and as an Executive Platinum member you’d earn 46,468 redeemable miles.

But it gets even better than that out of Los Angeles. You can book two people from Los Angeles to Singapore via Doha for ~$1,900 each.

qr-7 qr-8

That would earn you 36,488 elite qualifying miles, 4,865 elite qualifying dollars, and 53,515 redeemable miles.

There are some other fantastic fares for travel originating outside the U.S. as well. I’ll just highlight a couple of them.

For ~$1,000 roundtrip you can fly Cairo to Philadelphia in business class:


Or for ~$2,000 roundtrip you can fly business class from Oslo to Auckland, with the Doha to Auckland flight being the world’s longest flight:

qr-5 qr-6

These are some great deals, so be sure to check out the Qatar Airways Travel Festival page.

Bottom line

Qatar Airways always has great business class fares, though at the moment we’re seeing some especially good fares, including out of the United States. Under $2,000 roundtrip from New York to Singapore is tough to beat, as are some of the other fares.

If you do book one of these fares, be sure you maximize your points on the purchase. You can pay with The Platinum Card® from American Express to earn 5x points on airfare, or pay with a card like the Citi Prestige® Card to earn 3x points and get great travel protection.

Anyone considering one of these great Qatar Airways business class fares?

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  1. Yes trying to get KUL/BKK/SIN to anywhere in Europe where I can connect with BA to London, solo.

    But can’t see anything less than USD 1,600. Fares quoted in excess of USD 2,000.

  2. @ Lucas — Have you actually been able to get the discount applied on business class fares? Hasn’t worked for me on the above fares, but I could be doing something wrong.

  3. Ben, it actually worked almost fine. Just tried LHR-DPS, leaving on April 26th, returning on May 1st. Without the promo code, final price is 3106GBP. With the VISA promo code, the final price goes to 2972GBP. Not even close to 15% though. With the 15% discount, final price was supposed to be 2640GBP.

  4. I’ve tried in a few other routes, and it seems to only work on Business Saver/Value/Flexi fares, not on Business Promo. There are routes that are even cheaper without the promo code, like JFK-SIN. =/

  5. Just booked OSL/DOH/SIN and return in business for two in October and the visa promo didn’t work out

  6. It’s too good to be true, business class SIN-JFK for USD 1k?? Tried the website and youll see what I mean

  7. I booked this morning (nov) Ams-Doha-Bangkok in Bizz €1193 excl visa discount and €1069 incl visa discount.

  8. I booked ARN-AKL-ARN for about $1850/person (2 adults, 1 child) today. ARN-AKL-OSL would have been about $100 cheaper per person, but availability was gone for the day we needed until I finally booked.
    Thanks to the 5x miles promo and the AKL promo (10k extra per leg), both adults are now looking forward to earning ~167k QMiles each. Thank you, QR!

  9. @ Lucky – This is great. Thanks for the heads up. Do you know of an easy (?) way to search flights by airplane type (A350 vs 777, for example)? If I am going to fly Qatar business, I would prefer it to be an A350 all the way around.


  10. @Max- booked it on QR website. At that moment only 2x seats in R-class available. Fyi not so many bizz seats available during summer period either. I checked availability in july and november during the whole month (I was flexible with my travelplans) from Ams-Doh-Bkk vv , but all other dates were more expensive or not available.
    Bkk always has the cheapest bizz fares (during QR sales) in South East Asia and its easy to travel elsewhere from there. Hope you found something in the end.

  11. JFK-SIN dropped down to $1600 pp RT when I booked three last night (Feb/March). With the VISA code it was actually higher. Thanks again for the heads up!

  12. two questions please:
    have you noticed the trend to price two travelers at a lower price than solo travelers. As you mention above: “Fares are often cheaper when traveling in pairs”

    i see this everywhere on cruises, hotels, vacation packages, but most recently on airfare.

    this must be discriminatory. I have tried to have any advocate challenge the 2 for 1 pricing on cruise lines, but no one is interested.
    I shall just have to book one of the sailings and show up solo to see what they do

    second question:
    what is the best way (airlines or cards) to earn oneworld miles?
    as i liquidate all my delta points I want to purchase my business class ticket on an airline and with a card that will give me the best results.

    thank you

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