Even Cheaper: Qatar Airways Business Class To Singapore From $1,750

Earlier I posted about the great business class fares Qatar Airways published out of New York and Los Angeles to Singapore with their latest fare sale. Since Qatar Airways is a oneworld member, flying them is a great way to earn miles with any oneworld loyalty program, including American AAdvantage.


Earlier I wrote about a ~$2,050 business class fare from New York to Singapore, and a ~$1,950 fare from Los Angeles to Singapore. Fares were marginally less expensive if booking in pairs. However, it looks like it gets even better than that.

You can get 15% off your ticket price by using promotion code “VISA” and then paying with a Visa card.


The 15% off promotion was already published earlier, but best I could tell the discount didn’t apply to Business Promo fares. It looks like the discount now works on Business Promo fares, which are the cheap fares you’d want to book to take advantage of this offer.


Do keep in mind that the 15% discount is on the base fare, so it’s not actually a full 15% reduction on the ticket cost.

So, how much better are the fares with the 15% discount?

You can fly roundtrip business class from Los Angeles to Singapore for $1,789:


Or you can fly roundtrip business class from New York to Singapore for $1,815:


Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an additional discount when booking a second passenger using the 15% off Visa offer.

In terms of earning American AAdvantage miles:

  • The New York to Singapore ticket accrues 31,683 elite qualifying miles, 4,224 elite qualifying dollars, and 46,468 redeemable miles as an Executive Platinum member
  • The Los Angeles to Singapore fare accrues 36,488 elite qualifying miles, 4,865 elite qualifying dollars, and 53,515 redeemable miles as an Executive Platinum member


This is an incredible deal, so head over to the Qatar Airways fare sale page to see what’s available…


  1. Trying to pair this with an AA RT HKG-LAX-JFK and use a couple SWUs. Book RTs on QR and AA. Outbound on QR to SIN and return on AA from HKG, then have my return on AA to HKG start another trip later this year and my flight home be on QR from SIN. Prices from HKG-LAX-JFK on AA are going for $550. 2 longhauls in J and only 2 SWUs used for $2300 hopefully.

  2. You can get the fare as low as $1588pp without using the Visa promo code. Fare actually jumps if you use the code.

  3. On Qatar’s website. Just need to play around w/ dates. You may have to book for multiple people to get that price, not sure. I was searching for 3 people.

  4. I am curious always about this. Am I allowed to buy these tickets online and fly from Singapore to LA and then the return is LA to Singapore.

    Or it has to be LA to Sin and then Sin to LA.

  5. Ben – I understand the miles accrued with differ for someone who isn’t executive platinum, but will the EQD vary depending on the passenger’s FF status?

  6. Thanks Ben!
    I live Singapore as its a great jumping off place for Southeast Asia.
    Gonna see what I can get for March.

  7. The website states 2x Qmiles for privilege club members, and that we need to register for the offer under “My Offers” on the dashboard page.

    I’m not seeing this in “My Offers” – anyone facing the same issue, and how do I register for this? I’m already a privilege club member and have booked RT business class JFK – SIN as part of this promo.

  8. Hi Olivia, –the prices are still there. You’ve got to book in “Business Promo” and not just Business Saver.

    I just booked LAX to SIN, Mar 15 – Mar 28 for $1717.51 USD. That was without the VISA promo code.

    WITH the VISA promo code, the same booking was $1782.51. A $65 increase.

    Needless to say I used my AMEX Platinum and got the 5x bonus points.

  9. Even better, if you are in the Middle
    East you can get business class refurn to Johannesburg, from Sharjah (SHJ) returning to Dubai (DWC), for $1,824 for two people, or $912 pp. This gets you on the 787 starting in March, as well as both Al Mourjan and Al Safwa lounges so you can do a compare and contrast! Also get to check out the airport at Sharjah

  10. Concur that the VISA promo code results in a higher price quoted. I unfortunately didn’t check before and ended up booking with the VISA promo code. Which sucks even more because I have Amex Platinum!! I’m sure many here have done the same thing as me, so I’ve written a complaint to Qatar Customer Service stating that this could constitute deceptive marketing and asked for an explanation and at the very least a refund of the fare difference. Will report back.

  11. Qatar’s IT department is notoriously awful. I can’t remember the last time they had a sale go off withiut technical hitches (deals not loading for hours, promo codes not working, missed time-specific special fares, mistyped fares on the offers page, etc. etc.)

    Definitely check that the promo works correctly before booking. Wouldn’t hurt to check in Incognito mode on your browser though. I ran the same search on two different tabs within 30 seconds of each other, and got different two different fares on one leg. Now how did that happen?

  12. Booked this yesterday, HKG-HEL for HK$15000 each, using the Visa promo code (which saved about HK$2000). Business class tickets to Europe ex-HKG are usually at least HK$23k, so I usually book somewhere in south-east Asia and fly back into HKG. This was even cheaper than doing that. Between looking at fares yesterday morning at work and booking them last night at home, most of the special fares had gone. Am very happy with this deal.
    The technical hitches AS mentioned were evident – couldn’t do any open jaw itineraries, regardless of the destination there was an error message. QR’s HKG office are also quite useless, with very poor phone manner in English, so I elected for a simple round trip booking online.

  13. Booked JFK-SIN in August for $1,750 r/t, didn’t use promo code. 3 legs are A350, 1 leg is 777-300.

    Any ideas where to go from SIN for the best beach weather? Bali? Ko Samui?

  14. Booked a pair of tickets JFK – SIN with a 2 day stop over in DOH . $1773/pax no promo. Played around with the dates and some combinations showed availability with a slightly longer layover in DOH. Just a thought for those who can’t find availability for short connections.

  15. The promo is still available. Already booked 2 flights and in the process of booking one more from JFK (just working on the dates), but the promo fares are still available (2 tix for $3517).

  16. Ben, Trying to figure out your calculation for RDM. LAX-DOH=8306 and DOH-SIN=3857 so the total R/T is 24325. How are you arriving at 53515? As info, I used GCMap dot com for the mileage flown. From AA’s website, EQMs and EQDs are calculated based on a percentage of the distance flown as determined by the booking code. Elite bonuses do not apply to EQMs or EQDs.

  17. Managed to grab LAX-DOH-SIN for Jan 30-Feb 7 at a total of $1724 ai. Used my Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and used the $300 travel cred to bring the price down to $1424 ai. In face, was paying bills over the weekend and saw that the Chase credit already showed up on the statement! Thanks Lucky for the tip on the Chase credit!

  18. Ben, are you out there? Still awaiting a response

    Gary Kaminsky says:
    January 20, 2017 at 11:54 pm
    Ben, Trying to figure out your calculation for RDM. LAX-DOH=8306 and DOH-SIN=3857 so the total R/T is 24325. How are you arriving at 53515? As info, I used GCMap dot com for the mileage flown. From AA’s website, EQMs and EQDs are calculated based on a percentage of the distance flown as determined by the booking code. Elite bonuses do not apply to EQMs or EQDs.

  19. @ Gary — The roundtrip ticket covers a distance of 24,325 miles. As an Executive Platinum member you earn 120% bonus, for a total of 220% of distance flown for redeemable miles.

  20. @lucky – are you sure that is correct? When I look at the QR earning table, it’s only 100% RDM’s for this purchased fare class (R). What am I missing?

  21. @Lucky – Thanks for the help on this. Completed the trip last week and everything posted for the r/t LAX-DOH-SIN legs: 36,484 EQM’s + $4,866 EQD’s + 53,510 RDM’s.

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