More Details About Singapore Airlines’ New A380 Suites Class

In May of 2015 I wrote about how Singapore Airlines was planning on introducing new Suites Class & Business Class products in 2017, when they take delivery of their next batch of A380s. We didn’t hear much about the supposed new product for a while, though last March we learned that the Suites Class seat count would be reduced when the new product is introduced, which should come as no surprise.


Well, it looks like there are now some more updates about Singapore Airlines’ new A380 Suites Class, per AusBT. We still don’t know what exactly the new product will look like, though we have a better sense of the timeline for when it will be introduced, how many seats there will be, etc.

What do we now know?

  • Details of the new Suites Class product should be revealed in the second quarter of 2017
  • The first A380 with the new Suites Class product will be flying in October 2017
  • When the new product is introduced, each A380 will have 6-8 Suites, rather than the current 12
  • Singapore Airlines may be moving the Suites Class product to the front of the upper deck, while it’s presently on the lower deck

Singapore Airlines was the launch customer of the A380, and their Suites Class is still one of the world’s best first class products. However, over time there’s no denying that other airlines have introduced some pretty innovative amenities that make them pretty competitive with Singapore, if not better in some respects.

For example, the bars found on Emirates and Qatar Airways are a fun place to pass time.


The showers on Emirates and Etihad don’t suck either. 😉


Meanwhile Etihad’s new A380 first class hard product is pretty spectacular, and if nothing else, the most visually stunning product in the sky, in my opinion.

Etihad-A380-Apartment - 79

Singapore Airlines has long been an innovator, so I suspect they’ll come up with something really impressive for their newest A380s. I’m very excited about it, though not excited about the implications it has on award availability, given that Suites Class award availability is already really tough to come by.

2017 could be an exciting year for new cutting edge airline products — in theory Qatar Airways should be introducing their new “super business class,” and Emirates should be introducing their new first class product as well.

However something tells me that at least one of those products won’t be launched this year, if not both.

What are you expecting from Singapore’s new A380 Suites Class? 


  1. I was just re-reading your post from March 2016 and @SMK77 made a comment that refelcts everything in your post. How did he know?

  2. Was on a suite flight last night from SIN to CDG and the head attendants said the new configuration would have suites upstairs. All economy down. Take it for what it’s worth.

  3. The bare minimum should be matching EY Apartments, if not beat them. Otherwise, the current product is already fine as is for a standalone suite with a door.

  4. This would probably explain why availability has been terrible looking at the end of the schedule on SQ25/26. They’re probably already restricting availability in anticipation of this change.

  5. If SQ want’s to up the game this is the time. Upstairs makes sense. Put in a bar for Suites and J class. Maybe pop in a shower and the food has to improve. SQ catering has never been a strong point.

  6. SQ should keep the suites as is and add seamless curb-to-curb first class experience ala Garuda. Their current hard product and airborne soft product are good as-is.

  7. Maybe they’ll have a bar between 1st and business class. What would help then is if there were automatic doors (preferably with a foyer) to keep the noise out of the seating areas.

  8. Bob –
    Seamless curb-to-curb means more money to spend and SQ doesn’t like it. Besides, they already have loyalists who won’t mind as long as the hard product still over the top

  9. One thing to be aware of if the Suites are put on the upper level of the a380 is that it’s narrower up there than below. That’s why Etihad’s single isle solution makes sense.

  10. If SQ is moving suites class upstairs and switching to a single aisle, then they’ve got to be doing something similar to Etihad. They’ll simply make the wall completely drop down between the opposing facing suites, thus allowing couples to construct the signature SQ full double bed! Maybe they’ll put a bar/sitting area in one of the front corners of the cabin.

  11. @Bill, why stick with a double? There’s far more flexibility once you’ve reoriented the sleeping position. How about 2 twins adding up to a king?

  12. I also booked a PVG-SIN-JFK suites flight in Jan 2018. Really hoping it is the new Suites product. It also shows 12 seats currently. This route will switch to a nonstop A350-900 ULR possibly with no First Class sometime in 2018. Sad.

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