Did You Get 10,000 Free Alaska Miles?

As of later today (January 9, 2017), it will be possible for Virgin America Elevate members to link their accounts and match their status to Alaska Mileage Plan. This follows Alaska’s takeover of Virgin America closing a few weeks ago. While we don’t yet know all the details of what the future combined loyalty program will look like (or the future combined airline, for that matter), this is certainly a step in the right direction.


However, leading up to this new linking opportunity, many Alaska Mileage Plan members are reporting 10,000 bonus miles appearing in their account with the description “SPECIAL SERVICES ELEVATE MEMBER OTO 10K BONUS.”

Unfortunately it’s not entirely clear what’s triggering this. It’s obviously somehow related to Virgin America Elevate based on the description, though beyond that it’s anyone’s guess.

Based on the FlyerTalk thread discussing these miles appearing, there doesn’t seem to be much consistency. In other words, there’s not a single consistent metric that seems to be causing this, be it elite status in one program or the other, having a certain credit card, etc.

A couple of weeks ago select members received an email inviting them to link their accounts, though even that doesn’t consistently seem to be leading to the 10,000 miles posting.

Did you have 10,000 bonus Alaska miles post to your account within the past 24 hours?


  1. Yep! I got em! Woo hoo!

    I don’t remember seeing an email inviting me to link my two accounts, but I might have done it so quickly that I forgot about it.

    Thanks for the tip Lucky!

  2. Got the 10k bonus. I’m not particularly active on either carrier. In 2016, I flew VX once (SFO-LAX) and AS twice (SJC-SEA x2, SEA-SJC) on revenue tickets. (Also had an award ticket for LIH-OAK on AS, booked through CX.)

  3. Just confirmed that I received the 10K bonus as well. Don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I will take them! BTW, I have not linked the SPG and Elevate accounts nor have I received any communication about this bonus. Sweet!

  4. Just checked…20170108 @ 2341 PST…I got them. I’m Alaska Gold thanks to the status match they did a while ago. Have very few earned miles – in the low hundreds – but lots of purchased miles for various planned trips in the distant-ish future. Like in 331 days and such. So I’m clearly not a frequent flier with them. Curious…

  5. Got them! I only ever flew with Alaska once and even this was an award ticket (MXP-DXB-SEA stopover SEA-ANC). Never flew with Virgin America and got their Gold status through a status match.

  6. Got the bonus. Live in Australia and last flew Virgin America in October. Never with Alaska.


  7. Bummer, I didn’t get it; based in SF so I fly Virgin regularly but that certainly didn’t help in my case. I didn’t connect my Alaska and Virgin accounts though so that could be it.

  8. Me: 10k bonus, yes. New AS MVPG 75k in 2016 (qualified entirely on BA and DL paid J and F flights), VX base member.

    FCQ: 10k bonus, no. New AS MVPG in 2016 (qualified entirely on BA and DL paid J and F flights), VX base member.

  9. My husband and I are both MVP Gold (1st time Gold for both of us, but I’ve made MVP for many years; 1st time for elite status at all with him) and neither of us have received the bonus.

    Given that we redeemed a bazillion miles (all flown or earned with credit card, none purchased) for EK F right after the surprise devaluation, it sure would have been nice to get a few miles back. 🙁

    Who’s going to be the first one who didn’t get the bonus miles to call and ask for a “me too”? 🙂

  10. Well, I take that back! I just noticed that I have 8 Gold Guest upgrades now — 4 from making Gold this year with an expiration of 12/31/17, and 4 that have an expiration of 12/31/18 — presumably those are a gift?

    And I also received 2 Board Room day passes.

    My husband received nothing. He does have an Elevate account, but it has a 0 balance. I have an Elevate account with a 50K balance (the miles transferred in from SPG for the Jet Blue match… lol).

    I wonder what determines whether you get miles or the Board Room passes and upgrades, or nothing.

  11. @Alan — did you really get 4 Board Room passes? I’ve only heard of folks receiving 2 (including myself).

  12. Another data point
    – Got 10K point bonus
    – Have been a member of both AS and VX loyalty programs (for several years)
    – Was MVP last year and MVP gold this year
    – Flew on both airlines last year
    – Don’t have credit cards for either airline

    My wife, who is MVP this year, and not on VX program did not get 10K bonus.

  13. @ Ben — Also just noticed that I received 4 additional board room passes expiring 12/31/2018 and 4 additional guest upgrades expiring 12/31/2018. FCQ got nada.

  14. I got the 10k bonus. Literally just signed up for AS 2 weeks ago. Bought something to get 1.5k Miles. Never flown AS.
    Have elevate card and miles from spg transferred to elevate last week for an AS trip next year. Never flown VX.

    Guess I timed it right.

  15. My husband has an Elevate account, no Alaska status, a mileage balance with Alaska and got the 10K. I have both accounts, no balance with Alaska, no 10K.

  16. I got the 10K bonus. I have never flown either airline, but did get the Alaska credit Card last year and transferred some SPG miles to both.

    Nice way to start New Year 🙂

  17. Nada for me. No status with either airline, but I hold miles with both. Been a good few years since I have flown AS on a paid ticket. I live in FL.

  18. I got them.
    – No credit card with either (had Alaska about a year ago).
    – 0 revenue travel on either carrier. I’ve had an Alaska account since 2014 when I first got the BOA card. I opened a VX account about one or two years ago when there was an Airbnb host promotion.
    – Did not receive an email to link accounts, nor did I do it myself.

  19. I got them and have never even flown with either AS or VX. Only transaction with either was buying AS miles and redeeming for EK.

  20. https://www.alaskaair.com/elevatemember/activate.

    Believe this is where the story is – the terms and conditions say “Choice of 10,000 bonus miles or $100 discount is valid only for active members of Virgin America Elevate as of December 5, 2016 who were not members of Alaska Mileage Plan. Only one offer can be selected, and choice of offer cannot be changed after account activation. Qualifying members will have through January 31, 2017 to make their selection. Any individual may receive a maximum of one offer, even if they hold multiple separate Elevate accounts. Your welcome offer will be deposited in your account within 24 hours of activation”

  21. I received the 10K miles.

    I did transfer SPG points to my Elevate account for the JetBlue promo.

    I have not flown either airline. Only one paid American flight last year that I credited miles to Alaska.

    I live in NV.

  22. Got the 10k, even though I had 0 miles with AS and only 250 points with VX.
    I did link the two from the email, and I feel like people with any VX balance might trigger it.
    SEA based fwiw.

  23. I checked all my household account did not receive any bonus. No status with AS and no VX account. Have BOA Alaska air and Amex SPG card.

  24. I didn’t get them, but my husband did. Both of us have nearly identical VX and AX accounts… same credit cards, and balances.

  25. Just called Alaska to see why my account did not receive 10k points (earned MVP Gold last year, currently have Virgin account with no status or miles) yet my partner’s did (had no status or activity in either account for past 6 months). The first agent said it was because he had linked and transferred transferred points between his accounts, however my partner did not make any transfers so I asked that she review his account history. She became confused and then transferred me to a manager. The manager said it’s been a very hectic morning- apparently the miles were not supposed to credit to accounts until after an email explaining the bonus was sent out. She said that every Alaska member who also had a Virgin account (had to have been opened on or before 12/5/16) will receive the 10k points. She said she could see them as “pending” on my account and said they will be credited within the next few days. So for this who have not yet received the bonus there is still hope!

  26. I got the 10K, longtime MP member. No status this year though, was a low frequency AS flier in 2015 and 2016 due to being out of the country a lot. Several reservations and flights taken on AS already in 2017. Small pile of VX points from short trips over the last few years, about 80,000 mile balance in MP. Alaska MP credit card holder as well. Makes no sense to me but I will certainly take the miles.

  27. Hi,

    Where did you see the Board Room / Lounge passes?

    I have 4 guest upgrades but I assume that is normal for Gold (matched with Virgin so not 100% familiar)

    Weird all these different outcomes

  28. Mine were posted yesterday. Alaska put out a statement today that all Mileage Plan and Elevate members will get the 10K within a couple days as a celebration gift.

    My take: seems like a 10K bonus to entice Elevate members to create a Mileage Plan account and get ready to eventually have Elevate fold into Mileage Plan. BUT, that might piss off Mileage Plan members, so Alaska lets everyone score a goal and feel good about the entire thing. So miles for everyone!

    Not a bad loyalty investment (or damage control, depending on your perspective) given the disappearance of our special end-of-year thank you gift and all the other changes that appeared so abruptly…

  29. I got them! I only signed up to elevate miles in February, just to get those free miles for signing up to emails. I got 2,250 free miles from all those email signups. Just transferred them over to Alaska miles at a 1.3 rate and got 2,925 Alaska miles. Then I see the 10,000 welcome miles was added to my account yesterday. So for opening a Virgin America Elevate account for free miles, turned into 12,925 Alaska miles. I love this game!

  30. Mine were credited to my Alaska account on 1/8. I’m a member of Virgin and Alaska but my combined balance in both accounts before the transfer was about 8,000 miles.

  31. Kory, I’m in SF and I got the 10K. Did you get an email from Alaska inviting you to give your Elevate details? I did and responded so I guess that’s what does it. I have 20K or so with Elevate but 0 with Alaska before this.

  32. I have never flown Alaska or Virgin Elevate. I had a mere 890 Alaska miles earned from a Hainan Airlines flight many years ago. I also had 1250 Virgin Elevate points that I earned through several free point offers. I linked the two accounts when I received the email, and now my Alaska account shows 10,890!!!! Woo Hoo! But my Virgin Account still shows the 1250 points. Will these eventually be transferred as well?

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