INSANE VIDEO: Man Drives Car Through Russian Airport For “Love”

There’s nothing quite like a love story involving an airport. Well, unless you’re a drunk driver ramming your way into Kazan International Airport to meet a lady friend and “fight for love,” while being chased by the police. Then you just get a 15 day jail sentence.

Check out the insane video footage from this past Wednesday:

While what he did was horrible and he shouldn’t drive drunk, at least he was a good driver!


  1. @Alpana Gupta maybe policemen were drunk too. In many parts of the video you can see them trying to stop the cars with their bare hands…

  2. That was hilarious! Like Russia’s version of Keystone Cops.

    That driver was amazingly skillful, buy that man a beer (or drink a toast to him).

  3. @Anne k – If you’re threatening endangering other people with a deadly weapon (a car in this case), lethal force is an entirely appropriate response.

  4. Yep. This was a lucky day for the motorist. The vehicle could have been packed with explosives. It was incredible that he was not shot. However, I bet the security will be unemployed.

  5. There’s no way a drunk driver would be able to do that. It was either staged or he was a Really good stuntman

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