How Quickly Does The Amex Business Platinum 35% Airline Bonus Post?

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Update: The Pay With Points benefit on The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN has been reduced from 50% to 35%. The examples in this post have been updated to reflect the new values.

In October we learned about some major changes being made to both The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN. Specifically:

Historically I’ve considered the best use of Amex points to be for airline mileage transfers, though with this change, I think redeeming them for 1.35 cents each towards the cost of an airline ticket can represent a great deal. You’d still earn miles for the tickets as you usually would, so it’s especially good for those looking to requalify for status.

How the 35% points rebate benefit works

Getting the 35% refund when using the Pay with Points feature is pretty straightforward.

The benefit applies on your designated airline, which you can choose once per year. On top of that, it applies for first & business class tickets on all airlines. So first you’ll want to select your airline, assuming you’re redeeming for economy. Personally I see there being a lot of value in this benefit for the purpose of booking discounted premium cabin tickets.

Then you’ll pay the full points price for the redemption — typically you’re charged one Amex point per cent of airfare.


So you need all the Amex points required for the redemption at the time you ticket, and then after the fact you’ll get a refund of 35% the points.

How quickly does the 35% refund post?

The terms of the Amex Business Platinum Card state that the 35% points refund should post within 6-10 weeks of when you make your booking:

Extra points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account approximately 6-10 weeks after charges appear on your billing statement.

That’s a long time to wait to get those points back, especially if you want to book another ticket with those points.

Well, my friend Robert made me aware that points are posting much faster than that in practice. The Amex Business Platinum Card 35% points refund seems to be posting within 1-2 days in practice, rather than taking 6-10 weeks. (Note: This example shows the previous 50% refund)


That’s fantastic, as it means you can reuse those points again pretty quickly.

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  1. Why isn’t this offered with the personal card? Seems like such an easy modification so that card can compete with the CSR.

  2. @Rb This is to entice you acquire another card from amex plat thus charging you another $450 annual fee. since im assuming you already have a plat.

  3. Ive done this,several times recently and can vonfirm the 1-2 day credit. The real delay is the 5x earning. You have to wait to end of billing cycle and then wait for that payment to post. On tne chase sapphire reserve as soon as the billing cycle posts, you get the points.

  4. Can also confirm the points are credited back much quicker than the stated times. My airline charge and the points credit actually happened the same day. Can’t get much quicker than that.

  5. A point of clarification:

    Lucky, you say: “So you need all the Amex points required for the redemption at the time you ticket.”

    However the Terms say “If points redeemed do not cover entire amount, the balance of purchase price will remain on the American Express Card account.”

    So partial redemptions work.


  6. Even though you’re ultimately paying with points and not dollars, is there a temporary charge on the card that gets zero’d out — ie, such that the ticket purchase counts towards the $10k spend requirement? Thanks

  7. My last rebate took the full 6 weeks I called and chattted several times before it was posted. All the other points posted within a couple of days. Love that perk!

  8. One fact that almost all agents I talked to did not know is that the 50% back promotion will work for ALL airlines if you purchase business class via the amex travel sites using your points. Unfortunately I had to call for my points after 7 weeks of wait.

  9. @Paul it does post as a purchase and then is refunded but I don’t think it would count towards the 10k since it is refunded in the end.

  10. Just used this perk to purchase tickets for my honeymoon. I was pleasantly surprised the credit and points rebate posted the day after the purchase posted to the account. Purchase made via AMEX travel on 12/27, credits applied 12/29.

  11. If I use the Amex points to book “a ticket” that involves some leg of my selected airlines and some legs other airlines, do they rebate 50% on only those legs? How would they divide “a ticket” (as the legs are not individually priced)?

  12. Yesterday, I booked economy flights for 2 to New Zealand with 3 legs operated by United and the other 3 legs with United flight numbers but operated by Air New Zealand. I had previously designated United as my AMEX Business Platinum airline.

    I specifically avoided flights/legs listed as “multiple airlines” under the AMEX travel portal to avoid the possibility of not getting the full 50% rebate. Today, my account showed the $ amount billed as “United Airlines” for the full amount with nothing showing up as Air New Zealand.

    Hopefully the rebate with show in the next couple days like others have seen.

  13. I have AMEX Business Platinum Card. If I purchase economy ticket for a selected airline not only for myself but for my family and pay with MR points, will I get 50% points back for their ticket as well or does this benefit apply to only card member ?

  14. The 50% MR Points back on flights are for Business Platinum cards only. You have two ways to get 50% Membership Rewards points back on flights booked using your points. You can pay with points for all or part of a flight(ANY CLASS SEATS) as long as it is with your (SELECTED AIRLINE) and receive 50% of the points back. Previously it was 30% of the points back. The second choice is pay with points for all or part of your flight(FIRST OR BUSNESS CLASS) ticket on ANY airline and receive 50% of the points back (no enrollment required). These points are credited back within 6-8 weeks.

  15. I got my 50% points back within three business days. Considering I was able to book transcon on one of my favorite premium classes (Jetblue MINT) for 22,410 AmEx Membership Rewards points AND will pick up nearly 4,000 KrisFlyer miles (far more valuable to me than TrueBlue points), I’m officially a fan of this very cool feature of the AmEx Business Platinum. Hat tip to Ben deserves a hat tip for calling attention to it.

  16. Doug mentioned booking United with Air New Zealand with United code share for return flight. Did you get the points back. I am having the same situation. Flights going from Detroit to Delhi are all united but coming back it is Lufthansa with United code on it. I want to confirm getting points back this way as ticket is way cheaper if I take Lufthansa on return and not UNITED flight. I see the same flight on United website for sale.

  17. In short, yes, I received the points payback quickly (within about 48 hours in fact) for my flight. All my flights were either: 1) United owned/operated or 2) Air New Zealand operated with United flight numbers.

    I have not attempted to book a trip with any flights that are wholly Air New Zealand. I’m still interested if anyone has been successful with this because for my case, I had to dig around with times/dates to get flights associated (at least in some part) with United. There were many other options that did not meet this criteria, I just didn’t want to “risk it” with such a new program.

  18. I’m experiencing a delay in the posting of the 50% rebate points. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  19. Fyi, a 35% rebate does not mean your points are worth 1.35 cents each. Example, a $100 flight would normally cost 10,000 points so your points would be worth 1 cent each. If you are refunded 35% then your total cost in points is actually 6,500 points. That makes each point worth just about 1.54 cents each.

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