Why It’s Too Soon To Get On The #BoycottDelta Bandwagon…

Earlier I posted about how a YouTuber allegedly got kicked off a Delta flight from London to New York for speaking Arabic. While I’m appalled by the number of times that people do get kicked off planes due to other peoples’ ignorance, this is a case where I’m giving the airline the benefit of the doubt, at least for now.


Well, I feel I need to expand on this a bit further, as I’m amazed by the number of otherwise rational people who are already condemning Delta for what happened. Right now the number one trending topic on Twitter is #BoycottDelta, which is in response to what people assume Delta did here. Let me start by saying that I’ve written about many instances of people being kicked off the plane due to racism, etc., and have always sided with the victim.

So why am I giving Delta the benefit of the doubt here? In addition to the guy lying about having just shipped himself in the cargo hold of a plane, take a look at some of the other videos he has made specifically about being Arab and flying:


He’s a prankster and clearly looking for attention, so I have a hard time imagining he was the victim here. C’mon, a video, where you’re counting down in Arabic on a plane?! He’s clearly doing that to provoke people, and should be ashamed of himself. Even if you counted down in English in a nervous or loud way, people might be concerned.

He’s a smart guy and knows he’s provoking people, and is hoping to get a reaction.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that speaking Arabic should get you kicked off a plane — quite the opposite, I think that’s horrible. However, there are limits to free speech on planes, and airlines have an obligation to address problems before a plane takes off.

Based on this guy’s past baiting attempts and even lies about pranks, I’m certainly not ready to blame Delta just yet. Delta may end up being in the wrong, or they may not be. But for those of you on the #BoycottDelta bandwagon, maybe hold off a bit and let’s watch this unfold…

Like I said, people get kicked off flights all the time for racist reasons, but in this case we’re talking about a self proclaimed professional idiot who has made several videos trying to provoke people on planes. This time it caught up with him…

(Tip of the hat to @joescibelli)


  1. So based off your explanation if a white person started counting down in English or Asian started counting down in Chinese or Korean – they would be asked to leave the plane as well?

    While waiting for facts is legitimate. I still see an element of racism that helps fuel the provocation

  2. @ Lai S. — Potentially. Whether it’s right or wrong, “free speech” doesn’t really apply on planes, in the same sense that you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Since 9/11 flight attendants have a LOT of discretion in terms of whether or not passengers should be allowed on planes. Sometimes that’s unfortunately used for racism, while other times it’s used to kick off passengers with bad attitudes, who are unruly, etc.

  3. @Ed and others saying Twitter / FB have fake news. It may sometimes be true re. fake storie. However, even if it is fake in this case (I said IF. It well may be transpire as a true prankster thing), I am amazed at how people support this “smart” person…

    Left a comment in the previous post:

    “” I’m actually rather angry / upset. Especially after what happened in Berlin this week, I don’t understand how can some one find this funny or even tolerate this as a prank stunt and “oh he did similar things before, so no reason to take this further; let him be; ignore him”. Well, I hope he wont be ignored by the authorities… Not sure what he deserves, but certainly, in this day and age, to scare the general public……””

  4. I hope this guy is just put on the no-fly list – he’s not on planes for anyone’s benefit (including his own)

  5. @Lucky
    I know you’ve been on the #boycottdelta bandwagon before it was cool…. for a slightly different reason

  6. I am fiercely loyal to Delta (for domestic travel) but I will be seriously dismayed–and will reconsider my loyalty–DL does not ban this asshole for life.

    Discrimination against Arabic speakers is painfully real. It’s not a joke; yet, this social media wunderkind turns it into a source of entertainment.

    This guy just further proves that social media is nothing more than a cesspool. It’s just gnawing at me that he has scored a big win.


  7. I was watching a movie in YouTube yesterday “u be dead” about a woman making false rape allegations, how she is given the benefit of the doubt even if having a history of psychosis and how the victim fights back against the false accusations.

    All are the same: feminists, Muslim terrorists, republicans etc. All dangerous people.

  8. Screw this guy, attention whoring at its finest. His friend kept yelling “do it again, do it again” this was planned and its sad. Im an ExPlat on AA and want to give Delta some business after how they handled this.

  9. You must recognize your privilege as a white cis male; you must because if you didn’t you wouldn’t fly all over the world as you do.

    You also must recognize the platform that you have with thousands of people reading your stories and instead of condemning racist behavior as you should with your platform and privilege you side with the racists.

    There is no reason ever to be kicked off of a plane for speaking your native tongue. I don’t know if you wrote about what Delta did with the racist who didn’t get kicked off the plane but that was them exercising their discretion to uphold the racist system.

    This person’s pranks may be pranks but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic. Delta exposed itself.

  10. Lol you know his message was going to be complete garbage the minute you got to the phrase “white cis male”

  11. Agreed !! Couldn’t have been sayed better ! The only thing that I might be really upset about if he was actually innocent which we will find out i guess soon !

  12. @Tea,

    You should know that if you begin a statement with condemnation of someone based on being a “white CIS male”, you’ve already lost your argument. Lucky plainly laid out facts and, as he mentioned, presented an unbiased version of how we should investigate before condemning. And that applies to both sides. But invoking Lucky’s gender expression, gender identity, and natural-born sex in a completely unrelated circumstance makes you look like a complete fool.

    Please take your SJW, flame-baiting nonsense to a forum/Tumblr where it’s more appropriate.

  13. #notmyairline Common’ people. Boycott Delta and protest outside their terminal today. You know you wanna .

  14. I think racism comes out when people are allowed to speak their minds. They can be taught to change.

    Unlike the middle east, where your head is cut off if you speak your mind. Hard to change people if you don’t have a head. All your BS would be more believable if the middle east kingdoms and their religions were themselves bastions of tolerance. They are not. Even before isis, the Arabs were the most racist assholes. Treating people from Pakistan, India and south east Asia as non humans. So cut your crap. You are not believable.

  15. I’m still not sure I understand the premise of Ben’s article. That if you are brown, look Muslim and mistakenly speak Arabic on board a plane you are asking for it? Folks in the back waving and shouting bye giddily means that Adam definitely deserved to get booted?

    I’m no fan of youtube “pranksters”, but something is amiss with your reasoning.

  16. @ David — No, the premise of what I’m saying is twofold:
    1) We don’t actually know what happened. We don’t know if he was kicked off for speaking Arabic, or if he was kicked off for something else altogether, given the things he tries to pull off on planes.
    2) Anyone who is counting down from 10 to 0 on a plane in any language with the purpose of getting a reaction and doing a “social experiment” is “asking for it,” in my opinion.

  17. @Justin H
    What do you me by “Common”? There’s absolutely nothing common about what is going on here. Or do you mean “Come on”?

  18. Wow! This was just on the noon news. Making Delta look bad. I do NOT like the airline but this guy was asking for it. No one knows for sure he was talking to his mother. He is looking for a lawsuit. Asshole.

  19. So Ben, to clarify, you don’t think the First Amendment applies to people speaking Arabic on airplanes? The veracity of this particular claim notwithstanding, of course.

    Not trying to attack you, but like some of the other people who have commented on this pair of articles, I do call into question not only your rationale for having taken such a contentious stand on a polarizing issue like this, but also your underlying beliefs.

    I mean, it’s no secret that you have a lot of Log Cabin Republicans (and even some proud Trump supporters/general racists) among your readers, but I always imagined you waxed a bit more progressive than that.

  20. @Ben – I actually watched the video you posted of him counting down on a plane. It’s called a click-bait headline. Adam was holding a camera in front of him the entire time, talking non-stop and aloud and clearly making a youtube video.

    He had already passed through security checkpoints, passed the scanning of no-fly list, TSA cleared him to be on the plane and the plane hadn’t even taken off yet.

    Let alone I would simply be amazed if non-Arabic speakers would even be able to know what he was saying or let alone that he was speaking Arabic.

    I don’t doubt his background is suspect, but you are saying fears can drive rational folks to racist actions? I only hope one day you or someone you know isn’t on the receiving end of racist fears and simply are not given the benefit of the doubt.

    You are arguing that these fears are justified, if you can’t see that as a problem, then you are part of the problem.

  21. Ok….from a Flight Attendants POV…..

    In the briefing before a flight at my airline (BA) we are told by the captain that we are the last line of security…be on the look out for anyone acting suspiciously or behaving in a weird manner.

    This guys behaviour – along with his friend – is EXACTLY the kind of thing we would flag up. Not just the counting in ten from arabic (personally I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was arabic or hebrew or what) but the whole filming themselves, looking shifty the friend looking even more shifty.

    Generally what would happen is we would take people in these kind of situations somewhere more private (ie the galley) and say ‘hey…what’s going on. You are acting a bit weirdly and seem to be drawing attention to yourself’. This guy would obviously have been uncooperative at this point, And I would imagine most airlines would do the same thing….if he’s no bags checked in, get him off, work out what his problem is on the ground and put him on a later flight.

    The aircraft is still on the ground – I personally would have issues with departing with this guy. Because I would think he is a terrorist? No. Because I would predict he could be disruptive in flight and possibly under the influence of something. It’s too late to sort this kind of crap out when in the air.

  22. But see, using phrases like “looking shifty” already makes you lose credibility. In this day and age, people film themselves doing stupid shit all the time and everywhere. I’m inclined to believe you think these young men look “shifty” because of their dark skin and facial hair, not because they were acting like assholes or filming it.

  23. He should be kicked off flights for watching Snapchat videos without headphones like he did in the video after counting down in Arabic. At no time ever on public transportation should anyone be listening to anything without headphones in. It’s rude and obnoxious.

  24. Robert I have dark skin and hail from the same ethnic background as these two jokers.

    When I travel on a plane i’m fully aware that just because of my race I will stand out. And I acknowledge why that is and the history of terrorism generally in recent years and especially following 9/11. So when I get on a plane I generally don’t act the goose. There is simply no need.

    Yes it is these guys ‘right’ to do what they did. It’s also the airlines ‘right’ to say ‘there is something not quite right about these guys and we have 300 other passengers to consider’.

  25. The fact that you feel you somehow need to compensate for your ethnicity speaks to the same sad truth about our country as this incident (and the reaction to it, from all sides) does.

  26. @ Robert

    “In this day and age, people film themselves doing stupid shit all the time and everywhere.”

    Next time I get on a plane, I’l be sure to count how many of the 300 people are “filming themselves doing stupid shit”…I’m willing to bet it’s not going to be as many as you are claiming.

  27. Cross-posting from the other post Ben had about this topic…

    If the Tigerair hoax was the ONLY bad thing this guy had done, maybe we’d be more likely to believe him. But he’s very specifically lied about being racially targeted in the past….here is what happened in 2014:


    I’m more inclined to give him a pass if it was only the Tigerair incident, but he has a track record of lying about the very thing he’s accusing Delta of doing this time…sure, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he actually is genuinely being discriminated against, but if he wanted me to take him seriously today then he shouldn’t have been using it as an act the first time.

    This also happens on the heel of the Baruch College student in NY who also made up a report about harassment last week.

  28. @ Robert Schrader — The First Amendment does not apply to people speaking anything on airplanes. Like all those enumerated in the Bill of Rights, “freedom of speech” is part of the contract between the United States Government and its citizenry, and does not apply to interactions between a private company and a private citizen.

    That Trump supporter calling people “Hillary B******” on a plane the other week? Not exercising any “free speech” that needs to be tolerated or protected, much less on an airplane. Just being disruptive, and it seems pretty much everyone here agreed that he shouldn’t have been allowed to fly.

    (Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine. There’s a trend of claiming “free speech” as permission to be an asshat that I find disconcerting, and fear will desensitize people to actual violations of their rights. It’s the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that you’re looking for here, if anything.)

    Now, should Delta (or any other airline/business) be called to account for treating people differently based on how they look? Absolutely. And Ben has.

    But this might not be that simple, and it seems fair to consider that too, right?

  29. @Tiffany What is simple is that Delta has a history of allowing racial discrimination on its planes. By preemptively giving Delta the benefit of the doubt, Lucky not only implies that someone’s onboard behavior should be better or worse depending on how they look, he also invites criticism and questioning from a group of people who usually have no reason to doubt his authority on what he writes about. A lose-lose, raw pageviews notwithstanding.

  30. @ Robert — I’m not sure how Delta has a history of “allowing racial discrimination?” As much as I rag on Delta, they’re an incredibly diverse airline. Sure, they’ve had some incidents, as most airlines have, though I’m not sure what you’re referring to that suggests they somehow condone discrimination on a corporate level? Quite to the contrary, look how Delta handled the situation with the African American doctor after the fact, to the point that they changed their policy to learn from it. So I think Delta is rather progressive.

    As Tiffany pointed out above, there isn’t “freedom of speech” on planes, just as Delta banned a guy for life for harassing other passengers about politics.

    In this instance it’s entirely possible he was discriminated against, as we’ve seen that happen a countless number of times before. However, it’s also entirely possible he was acting like an asshat, and we’ve seen a countless number of people kicked off planes for that as well. Or it’s entirely possible that he was acting like an asshat and his race/language escalated the situation. The point is, we don’t really know. And the fact that tens of thousands of people are “boycotting Delta” when we don’t have the facts is ridiculous.

    Why do I give the airline the slight benefit of the doubt? Because the guy has a history of lying about being racially targeted, and also a history of lying about what transpired on planes.

    That’s all I’m saying…

  31. Pranks are FAKE

    Racism is REAL

    When it comes down it, this was just wrong.

    @lucky, I don’t even know what you’re thinking…

  32. Robert, your reply to Tiffany’s thoughtful, insightful post was classic sjw tripe. Nice job Tiffany.

    Instead of just letting it go and leaving everyone to suppose you are a moron, you, of course, replied and confirmed it.

    Your first sentence is an out-n-out lie. Period, end of story. Thus, every written word after is invalid. Delta is a huge proponent of diversity and inclusiveness. That is a fact. But when a flight is ready to commence, then their #1 priority is the safety/security of EVERY passenger on that plane. I’ll forgive them for not giving the benefit of the doubt to some punk, ass hat that wants his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of the comfort of EVERY other passenger on the plane who paid their fares with the expectation they wouldn’t have to deal with the Arabic version of “Jackass.”

  33. @Alex, and you are not getting it either, are you? Such a prank should never be deemed as normal, regardless who the person performing it is. This is not about discrimination, but about flight and safety of all on the flight. There is a comment above from cabin crew member. Please be so kind to re-read it, in order to understand how cabin crew feels in situations like these, and about their responsibilities- it’s not only the DL crew how have to deal with similar cases. Also, not every one has the time to follow YouTube, twitter, Facebook etc., in order to recognize a silly prankster from a potentially dangerous passenger. Again, This, has Nothing to do with discrimination in regards to religion/skin color/gender etc.

  34. @RobertSchrader
    Delta didn’t remove this guy because of his appearance and Lucky didn’t imply that. In Delta’s statement they said he was bothering 20 other passengers. Delta did the right thing. If you feel Delta is a racist airline – don’t fly them. And if you think Lucky and those who support his blog are racists – well, don’t read his stuff.

  35. Yes, I wish people who were “offended” by this would #BoycottDelta so I wouldn’t have to deal with them on my flights! The idiot in question was intentionally trying to get kicked off the aircraft. Now Delta (and the other US carriers) need to ban him so he can whine that he’s not allowed to travel after being an idiot.

    Granted, hashtag advocacy has probably a 0.01% efficacy, so I doubt Delta would notice.

  36. I just don’t understand why people instinctively jump to outrage mode rather than, as I think Ben is suggesting, waiting until we have adequate facts. Here’s where I am:

    – It is unacceptable for anyone to be removed from a plane because of their race or the language they speak.
    – Airlines have in the past been found to have engaged in the above-mentioned unacceptable practice.
    – However, in this particular situation, there are some strong indications that other factors were at play: the alleged victim’s apparent thirst for publicity, his past stunts, and his previous dishonesty seriously undermine his credibility.
    – When we react with outrage to situations before we have all the information (in this case, what transpired before the video began recording), it dilutes the impact of the outrage we *should* express in circumstances that actually warrant it.

  37. Robert, please stop engaging in discussions that you obviously don’t have the capacity to follow properly. It is true what Egen writes above: you just don’t get it.

  38. @ Robert — I’m not sure I follow. 99.999% of the coverage of this incident on social media had people jumping to conclusions and saying they’re never flying Delta again. The point of my post was to tell people to slow down and reserve judgment until all the facts emerge, given this guy’s history, which a lot of people weren’t aware of. And if you don’t see the value in that, take a look at the people who shared my post on Twitter, Facebook, etc., saying “wait a second, there might be another side to this.” So I think it was successful in limiting outrage, at least on a small scale.

  39. @Lucky By wading into a contentious dispute without, as you acknowledged, any evidence to back up either side, you invited controversy onto your blog. And, contrary to the request from the person above you that I step out of the discussion, I am far from the only person in the comments sections of these two posts to question either your judgment or your intention.

  40. I always find the comment section entertaining!

    “If Ben’s aim was to limit outrage, he should’ve abstained from posting in the first place.”

    @Robert, I’m “outraged” by the fact you’re still replying to everyone on this post, lol. You already made a point, just let it go.

  41. Andrew says: “I just don’t understand why people instinctively jump to outrage mode rather than, as I think Ben is suggesting, waiting until we have adequate facts.”

    Look buddy, if you are not outraged by either Delta’s racism or Adam’s idiotic behavior, you need to get with the times. It’s 2016.

    If you need help getting there, I suggest you use this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonculver/855554308

  42. Great post! I agree, it’s too soon to be calling for a boycott of Delta. Due to this man’s past stunts, you have to at least do a thorough investigation into what happened before placing blame on Delta. I say let the investigation take place and see what comes of it before jumping to conclusions.

  43. As was the case with the ATC EVA air incident, as was the case with the disfigured 3 year old who was allegedly kicked out of KFC for a disfigurement, and as the case with many (but not all) police shootings in the last couple years: when a story like this comes out, everybody blindly accepts what they’re told and what they are preprogrammed to believe without questioning it. Then when facts come out, everybody rejects them, because that would mean they are wrong, and they have too much pride to admit it. And eventually, when and if this is proven to be simply a media stunt, -like in all those other incidents, everyone who is currently screaming in outrage will decline to apologize and crawl back into their respective holes.
    And who gets hurt… well those KFC employees were harassed and received death threats.
    Ignorance is not limited to racism. You are ignorant if you claim racism when there is none.

    Seriously, I am not taking sides until the facts are presented.

  44. >So Ben, to clarify, you don’t think the First Amendment applies to people speaking Arabic on airplanes?

    I don’t. Delta has every right to kick him out, in fact I feel safer knowing they did. If his own country had any infrastructure, he would be welcome to go see what his woe-is-me stunt leads to there.

  45. To the SJWs…

    If ANYONE on a plane causes a disturbance to over 20 passengers, they’re going to be removed…especially if they’re videotaping themselves.

    Just sayin’

  46. If facts are your mission I would like to point the fact that you’re using old videos to make your point, some dated back in 2015. One happened 4 months ago neither videos that I watched is as bad as a Trump supporter standing up and yelling for 20 mins. He is a YouTube personality that does social experiments from time to time but you shouldn’t assume this moment was one of those times. I imagine this is where we like to ‘blame the victim’ because due to past behavior he brought this on?

    This senerio to me is about the same dismissive attitudes towards sexual assault victims. Its the victims fault, what was the victim wearing, does she have a history promiscuity? How many men has she slept with? Things like that. So basically we are going to invalidate their rights because of past behavior?

    I think he has a case here and if you want to invalidate his claim on discrimination based on his history I would ask you about Delta allowing Trump supporters to stand up and berate flyers while the flight attendants did nothing. I would also ask you to look into the flight attendant that was harashed while doing her job and called racial slurs but wasn’t removed. This incident alone didn’t put me on the boycott bandwagon because I was already there. This just another clear example of white privilege. If he were speaking Italian or German no one would bat an eyelash. I’ve never heard anyone say this is America speak English when Italians speak.

  47. Now… what do you think the chances are that an American will know that someone is counting down in Arabic? If someone were counting down next to me in Arabic, for all I know they could just be saying their A to Zs. Who cares? And I’m not you’re average under-educated American dope.

    Also: So what if someone is counting down in English on a plane? I’d look at them and probably just think she or he were a knob. Maybe I’d look for a knob they were about to press too. But if I didn’t see one, yep, they’re just a knob or maybe not… Maybe they’re just having a little bit of fun about something I couldn’t possibly know about. And so why assume the worst? Because they’re going to explode a plane in this day and age, after clearing all the checks!? Poo-fa.

    Really, you’re going to side with this (perhaps) bozo because he counted down in Arabic. Not quite the same as yelling ‘fire’ in a theatre. Nope.

  48. Hey lucky. Thanks for providing your side of the story. You provided some needed context to this issue and I think I agree with you.

  49. I already boycott Delta for over ten years for running a pyramid scheme scam like FF program
    Professional idiot won’t change anything for me.

  50. Just to clarify the First Amendment states that the government (In this case, the government of United States) should not…

    It doesn’t say anything about private companies or person. Delta is not the government, but a private company. If they choose not to do business with someone, they have every right to and it is the job of the US government to protect that right.

    I am not here to judge if what Delta did is right or wrong, but I hope those Americans that are arguing on the basis of the First Amendment understands what it actually says.

  51. Great points Lucky — was thinking the roughly the same thing when I saw the story broke. There’s way too much of a rush to outrage signal. Nice to see a blogger I read regularly standing up to it.

  52. @Lucky, you keep saying that you don’t know what really happened, but at the same time say Adam did something wrong and Delta was right. Your logic makes no sense. Sounds like you just wanted to post some click bait, I guess it worked. Taking pointers from Trump I see.

  53. @Nick: the comments section makes the facts confusing. He was not kicked off the plane for his countdown in Arabic. That was a seperate video that Lucky used to highlight the types of pranks he plays.
    Fact is, other than what we are told – Adam’s claim that it was just for speaking Arabic and Delta’s claim that he was causing a disturbance- we don’t actually know what happened.

  54. Just for the record from someone who knows that both parties were f’ed up… Congrats to those of you who know how to turn anything and everything into a Trump reference. You’re soooo clever.
    Ironically, the same kind of people who can’t come up with anything more clever than a Trump reference/insult are the people clever enough to put him and Hillary as the main contenders to begin with. What a boatload of s*** you all handed us.

  55. @John Macgyver
    “but at the same time say Adam did something wrong and Delta was right.”


    Lucky says:
    “Delta may end up being in the wrong, or they may not be”

    Again, bigger issue than who got elected is the citizens who don’t understand that there are grey areas in life (probably why we ended up with the two polar crap extremes for our choice) You hear what Lucky says and your brain can’t process that he has not issued a final judgement. “Delta.. may not be (wrong) is NOT equal to “Delta was right”.

  56. @Robert Schrader I have to assume your fervor and tenacity is more of a means of exposure for your own travel blog and “travel coaching” business. How about your self promote via some other way… repeatedly posting on Lucky’s blog is bad business for you since your stance is starting to look a bit troll-ish.

    No one should feel uncomfortable on a flight. I’m sure if you, Robert, were on this flight, as noble and “progressive” your stance might be, you might be a *little* uncomfortable yourself. Bafoonery has no place in an airplane. Amongst those who are vacationing are those who are flying for work, or have a fear of flying. Nothing needs to be added in terms of stress and anxiety for the good people who simply need to fly as a means to an end.

  57. Put him on Air Koryo and tell him to do a prank. Moron. Lucky, stop posting about this garbage please. Let’s read about Garuda First, yes?

  58. Ben,

    Whitesplaining and Euro/white-normativity will never fly now, or in the cpcoming years.

    Speaking Arabic in an aircraft should not raise a suspicion, except amongst ignorant, prejudicial Americans.

    For you to excuse this is beneath you based on many of your literature which I have enjoyed.

    In my view, the person who reports the alleged “infraction” or “discomfort” should be removed from the aircraft as well. Otherwise you’re going to have too many stories like this based on some middle-America, unexposed, “they’re different from us” flat out racism.

    Remove BOTH or ALL parties, and sort it out. Or let everyone fly.

  59. Professional prankster? That is a good title.

    Why doesn’t he try this prank? Go to Kabul and walk down the street carrying a drawing of Muhammad in one hand and a crucifix in the other. I am sure that that would give him some thoughts about how people react to pranks. Being banned by Delta for life is less punishment than what would happen to him with crowd in Kabul.

  60. Trying to provoke people can land anyone in an unfortunate situation. But support the racism of kicking someone off of a plane by speaking another language is just wrong. Doesn’t matter what they were doing. And Delta does deserve to be shamed by the incident. Although the prankster may have been pulling one of his pranks, he did show the ugly face of people who would otherwise throw him away and did show the ugly side of Delta.

    I definitely don’t call him a victim. And I won’t agree with his actions, but he did bring to light just how much hatred and ignorance exists here. Kudos to him for bringing this up.

  61. I think his twitter post sums it up pretty well. It wasn’t about what happened, it just stated: New Video is Up!
    Sure sounds like it was to get views, and with how it’s taking off like wildfire, he accomplished that. After all it’s how he makes his money.

  62. This article was clearly written by an individual who has lived a privileged life and has little capacity to relate to the human struggle that comes with racism. I’m sorry that you feel this way, Lucky, but I guess that you’re just exercising your freedom of speech.
    Your rationalization of this situation is flawed. You are pretty much saying that this man does not deserve as much sympathy as others who have been discriminated against because he’s a prankster, is completely absurd. If that’s the case, then it’s okay for a man to rape a prostitute, because hey she has sex with men all of the time so no one is gonna care if one man violates her rights. Right? Wrong! And I’m sure you’re probably thinking that my example is quite an exaggeration, but that is exactly how absurd your explanation sounds. Like I said, you must live a very privilege life considering that you are a white man that speaks English and travels the world for free. So privilege that you ate incapable of sympathizing with this particular struggle. You’re probably the type of person that thinks that poor, inner city, black people live the way the do because they want to. You probably think that all they need to do is k work hard, go to school, learn a skill, get a job, and all their problems will be solved.
    Life is not that black and white, Lucky. There is a huge gray area to consider, and when we consider that area we need to be mindful and respectful of everyone’s rights. If you don’t agree, then maybe you should go and steal from a thief. According to your way of thinking, he’s a thief, he shouldn’t be taken seriously because he steals, so you can steal from him and get away with it. Just like those white folks on the plane got away with stealing this man’s freedom to speak his heritage language.

  63. Shajaira,

    You clearly can not rationalize what he is saying with his article. Also jumping to the conclusions that you have, shows that you are not capable of having an unbiased opinion. All he is saying is lets not jump to conclusions. This is someone that has falsified his acts before to get views on multiple occasions. So lets see what the evidence that comes out shows. So far multiple people on the plane have come out and said his race or language had nothing to do with it. But the were yelling with fists in the air, causing a situation. If that is the case, then they most deservedly should have been kicked off the flight. His actions after as I said, also don’t show the actions of someone that was discriminated against, but someone seeking attention and marketing himself.

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